5 worst TV moments of 2021

2021 offers some great TV moments, but it also has its fair share of truly awful moments. It’s time to put aside the good to consider the bad and utterly ugly moments the small screen has to go through this year. Featuring repeat offenders as well as some unexpected entries from often-favorite TV shows, these moments range from criminally bad, to so-so bad-they-almost good.

Shows with some of the worst moments shared this year range from teen dramas to supposed horror stories. Whether they leave viewers scratching their heads or asking, “What is that?” are some of the worst TV moments of 2021 that deserve to be remembered before being buried forever. After all, gaining fame is not so easy.

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The CW . Teen Drama Riverdale known for its absurd storylines, but this one succeeds. Season 5, episode 14 of Riverdale (colloquially known as the “rabies episode”) follows some of its main characters as they encounter… difficulties. Archie (KJ Apa) goes through PTSD and starts hallucinating “Mothmen” and dead soldiers, Betty (Lily Reinhart) goes rogue and captures a serial killer, and worst of all, Jughead (Cole) Sprouse) became a cannibal and contracted rabies.

As the story goes, Jughead was working as a writer in New York City when he became addicted to alcohol. When Betty didn’t show up for her book launch, Jughead went into a whirlwind and, after a night of drinking, days later landed herself at A&E with rabies. At his AA meeting, Jughead recounts falling into a sinkhole and meeting “Rat King” during his AWOL trip – a mystical being that turns out to be just a hallucination caused by rabies (whoever he is). would be surprised if it didn’t). Not intentionally hilarious, “Chapter Ninety: The Night Gallery” presents the best of RiverdaleThe craziest and worst TV of 2021.


Like Riverdale, Amazon Prime’s New Series I know what you did last summer also someone who enjoys many bad moments; its the worst of them all after the chain stopped working. Here, in an attempt to wrap up eight loosely-valued episodes, Margot (Brianne Tju) explains her motives for killing her friends and details exactly how she carried out the murders. Granted, this is required; Although the series is a killer most of the murders happen offscreen and so the viewer has no idea how they happened. The point is, a synopsis of the series shouldn’t it is in necessary.

The decision has been made, however, and there may have been at least some laughs at the cost of it. In short, Margot speaks with such speed that one has to change their playback settings to understand whatever is said. And even then, they will have trouble processing the information. For example, during the Q&A-style segment, Margot explains that it was her bodyguard Kyle (Jason Lee Hoy) who pushed her through the window, on her orders. But if the attack was staged, why was she really afraid of the “intruder”? Because she’s alone, she has no reason to act scared, so why? Such inconsistencies lead to the same question of final credits.


The Morning Show’s the decision to kill Mitch Kessler (Steve Carell) was erroneous for two notable reasons; one is that it’s a big cop. TMS marketed itself as a series about the #MeToo movement and devoted the first season to exploring sexual misconduct in the workplace. More specifically, through frustrated news anchor Mitch, it examined the consequences of being exposed as a sexual predator. Season 2 cuts this exploration short, however, and instead of addressing the question of what should/should happen to sexual predators, Apple series + TV Exempting itself by letting its villain commit suicide in episode 7. Instead of deciding the future for Mitch, they give him nothing. Unfortunately, this is not surprising; for a series where the fanciful is itself awakening (if not controversial), time and time again it has proven powerless to walk.

Moreover, TMS‘Decisions with Mitch (or lack thereof) are at best morally questionable. All over TMS Mitch has never faced any real consequences for his actions – in fact, losing his job led him to Italy and romance – and now he never will. position. TMS writers, however, do not see it this way; as showrunner Kerry Erin said The Hollywood Reporter, “The test of it was not to get a hand in sympathy… We never vindicated him.” While the ending was planned from the start, many viewers found Mitch’s death sudden and thought the character deserved more. Punishment, that is.


FX’s American Horror Story can share the same manufacturer as its predecessor American Horror Story but it’s nowhere near success. Struggling between boredom and horror, seven episodes have been released online, with “The Naughty List” garnering much criticism. The fourth episode in the anthology series offers 30-minute bad moments and follows a series of profoundly influential people who do terrible things to get views. This includes – in a nod to Logan Paul’s “Suicide Forest” video – filming a “jumper” while chanting “Bro house! Bro house!” and sexually harassing a house elf in the mall While it’s (obviously) intended to parody YouTubers who “would do anything to get famous,” that’s not funny at all.

And for a horror series, it’s not scary either. It’s only for the last ten minutes or so for the brethren to get what’s coming to them in the form of a man impersonating a murderous Santa Claus. And he wasn’t even introduced until halfway through. “Come on, it’s Danny Trejo!” is all people have to say about it. Elsewhere, others have criticized the acting in this episode, but if anything the actor did too It’s good to play super-masculine brothers, and that can be the problem. Do viewers really want to be reminded of these terrible people?


Speaking of lack of escapism, Netflix’s Friend guilty too. Although Touted as one of this year’s best series, season 3’s flimsy commentary doesn’t go down too well. Not because people disagree, but because viewers don’t want to be reminded of something they’ve spent the best part of a year trying to get over.

It is true that COVID-19 did not play a major role in the season; Briefly mentioned in the first episode, it wasn’t until baby Henry came into contact with an unvaccinated family and contracted measles. Friend began to make its claims, and even then, it was made through metaphor. However, if there’s one thing the 2021 TV show has taught audiences, it’s that subtly or not, the pandemic plot is not a good idea, and when 2021 is over, they also.

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