5 Worst Marvel Moments of 2021

Among all the great things the MCU has accomplished this year, there are definitely some moments that stand out from the rest. It’s no secret that audiences regularly disagree with the folks at Marvel Studios running the show when it comes to some of the choices they’re making, although it’s absurd to expect that they’ll be able to entertain. everyone’s heart.

With that said, the top 5 worst moments from 2021 won the title for a number of reasons, not necessarily because of poorly written or boring footage. In many cases, the worst MCU moment This year is simply too heartbreaking to be considered some of the best.


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Wanda gives her vision and her children

WandaVision ends the kiss Vision disappears

Arguably, the destruction of Hex is not a good thing. Wanda definitely needs to free the innocent people of Westview from her accidental prison world. It is undeniable that Wanda keeps a small corner of the universe trapped in a fantasy designed specifically for his own happiness. However, see Wanda lost both her son and Vision for a moment is one of the most tragic scenes Marvel has to deliver in 2021.

Wanda’s goodbye to the world she believes in is one of the MCU’s worst moments, simply because it’s so sad. Having lost her parents, brother, and half of the superhero team she was just starting to join, being forced to abandon the rest of her family is undoubtedly one of the worst things that can happen to anyone. any of them MCU Hero.

Loki kisses Sylvie

loki and sylvie ep6

There is a lot of ambiguity about who and what, exactly, Sylvie is when Loki premieres this summer. TVA and even Loki himself have referred to her as a variant several times throughout the series, although Sylvie denies being a variant of Loki. Despite her objections, she and Hiddleston’s Loki share the same brother, the same mother, and are both children of Asgard. When the two kissed, it created a divide among fans, with quite a few people taking to social media to express their thoughts. Some are purely for the sake of the relationship, while others are outright opposed to it, nevertheless both sides have good points.

Admittedly, their relationship played an important role in teaching Loki how to care for others. However, Sylvie seems to be a variant of him, despite her objections, and for a character trying to work to be less involved in himself, it’s odd that Loki chose to be on the side. a person who is basically just himself. Marvel has never excelled at giving fans compelling on-screen romances, and Loki’s kiss with Sylvie was also rather brief.

John Walker’s Captain America Murder

John walker bloody shield

When John Walker used Captain America’s shield to kill people in cold blood, he went against everything Steve Rogers and represented by Sam Wilson. Unlike the first two moments on this list, the vast majority of MCU fans agree that John Walker was never and never will be worthy of the title of Captain America.

The senseless violence is what got everyone into the mess The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, so even though John was assigned to stop it, he ended up making matters worse. In the original Captain Americas movieSteve said the reason he signed up for the army and agreed to drink the serum was because he hates bullies. John is the very definition of a bully, using both his political prowess and his newfound serum-related power to literally defeat the flag slayers.

Not only is John a bully seeking power and using violence, he doesn’t have the same level of commitment as Sam does with the shield. Sam’s first move in a fight is never his fists, but his words, as his sole goal is to make real, positive change in the world. When John transformed into a “shoot first, question later” guy and killed the wrong person, he proved to his fans. It’s just how he doesn’t deserve the shield and tarnish the legacy Steve worked so hard to build.

Valentina Allegra de Fontaine’s Black Widow Lie

The Black Widow The post-credits scene is among the worst MCU moments of 2021 for a reason – Valentina. By lying to Yelena about Natasha’s end, Val forced Yelena to see her sister’s death in a different and completely bogus light. Instead of knowing that Natasha made a noble sacrifice to give the one she loved a second chance at life and redemption, Yelena now thinks that Clint murdered Natasha on Vormir.

Yelena deserves to begin her grieving process properly and sanely, not being sent into a wild goose chase to kill Clint Barton because of a trickle-down effect that begins with Valentina, an even woman. should not be involved. As fans saw in Hawk Eye, Yelena is now missing her chance to find a friend in Clint, as Natasha did, and move forward together. Val’s lie had a long string of consequences for Yelena, but most importantly, she turned a potential ally of hers into an enemy.

Monica’s Feud With Captain Marvel

Monica Rambeau, WandaVision

Although the details are not clear, Wandavision make it clear that Monica Rambeau wants nothing to do with Carol Danvers. Not only having lost her biological mother, Monica now wants nothing to do with the woman and hero who was by her side when she was growing up. Fans found that the Rambeau family was very close to Carol in the first season Captain Marvel but that relationship will require some healing in the sequel, according to Wandavision. A lot of fans were thrilled to see how Carol and Rambeau managed to stick together from thick to thin, so losing that bond was devastating indeed.

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