5 unexpected movies that make a successful TV show

When a movie really touches the audience, they often want to see the continuation of the hero’s journey, explore the created world and discover more stories similar to the movie they love. In this case, launching a TV show that continues the plot of the movie or adds a little twist to it is the perfect way to do it.

While some movies spawn TV shows due to their popularity (and creators’ desire to fully benefit from that popularity), some films simply don’t have enough. movie time or resources to reach their full potential, something savvy directors are lucky to realize. However, More often than not, many TV showsDespite their solid premise and strong source material, they failed to live up to audience expectations – on the contrary, the films below continue to deliver films that are not only successful, but generally well-liked. than the original movie.


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Michael J Fox as Teen Wolf 1985

Long before Tyker Posey follow sunset passion and taking on the role of a teenage werewolf on MTV, Michael J Fox plays an ordinary high school student in a sweet ’80s comedy that revolves around his desire for fame and achievement on the school basketball team. The stakes are much lower than saving the townspeople’s lives, and the protagonist accepts his wolf nature rather than concealing it in the traditional way, but the film is heartfelt, portraying the main character of the movie. Realizing teenage anger and showing the character’s moral growth resolves in a happy ending and he marries the right girl.

NS Teen werewolf only, which debuted in 2011 and ran for six seasons, is loosely based solely on the original series and follows in the footsteps of many other vampire/werewolf series such as Diary of a vampire and Real blood. It’s spooky, full of monsters and devoid of romance, and is generally well received, scoring 81% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Robot from sci-fi movie Westworld

Twenty years before Michael Crichton introduced Jurassic Park with its dinosaurs running amok, he wrote and directed this futuristic sci-fi film showing a western-themed amusement park where lifelike cyborgs will captivate their visitors. Westworld was well received and launched the entire franchise, eventually leading to the highly successful HBO series of the same name. Interestingly, an earlier attempt at adapting the film to the small screen in 1980, was titled Beyond Westworld, failed spectacularly and lasted only five episodes.

HBO’s 2016 Incest Westworld is one of the network’s most popular shows (with its first season becoming the most-watched of any HBO original) that has won nine Emmy Awards. It has stellar performances, impressive visuals, and an interesting story, well-deserving of its original, and is getting a fourth season soon.

Stephen King's Original Movie About The Deadlands

This sci-fi thriller by David Cronenberg, based on the Stephen King novel of the same name, Christopher Walken stars as Johnny Smith, a school teacher who awakens from a long-term coma with new-found psychic abilities that allow him to see the future of a people by touching them. At some point, Smith shakes the hand of a prestigious candidate for the United States Senate (played by Martin Sheen) and has a vision of him becoming President and causing a county carnage. personal – the future Smith vowed to prevent, no matter the cost. The film was a hit with both critics and viewers and has an impressive 90% score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Stephen King Dead zone The TV show, released in 2002 and starring Anthony Michael Hall, followed a similar apocalyptic central plot but focused on the protagonist’s ability to solve crimes. It was generally well received and ran for six seasons on the US network.

A Stargate in Ancient Egypt

This sci-fi classic revolves around The story follows a group of scientists, accompanied by a retired soldier (Kurt Russel) who discovers the Stargate, an ancient alien teleportation device. It takes them to an ancient Egypt-like planet where people worship a corrupt alien, Ra. The film (which grossed $197 million worldwide) went on to kick off a hugely successful franchise that included numerous series, movies, video games, and comic books.

Stargate SG-1, sci-fi sequel series was created by Brad Wright and Jonathan Glassner in 1997, taking place one year after the events of the film. The US government discovered that Stargates could be used to access different planets through this network of devices and sent an Air Force team to explore the galaxy and defend Earth against threats. from aliens. The series ran for ten seasons (with over 200 episodes), received numerous awards and nominations, and had a 90% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer 1992 movie

Before Sarah Michelle Gellar picked up her first wooden stake, the cheerleader from the Valley transformed into a vampire assassin played by Kristy Swanson, with her lover, Pike, played by Luke Perry. presently. Although written by Joss Whedon, the film was stripped of most of his distinct jokes and initial dark scenes, following 20th Century Fox’s decision to turn it into a light comedy for teenagers. Whedon distanced himself from the project, which turned out to be a massive and serious box office disappointment, and ended up rolling out a darker and more mature TV version of the killer’s adventures. people.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer series, as well as the role of Sarah Michelle Gellar. follow success like Angel, making it one of the most notable and beloved television adaptations of all time.

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