5 underrated sci-fi movies A24

A24 studio has quietly made a name for itself in the last few years as a respected producer of genre films. Recent releases like Macbeth’s Tragedy, minari, and Green Knight has cemented the studio’s reputation for quality, variety, and themes. The stylistic innovation that has become a trademark of the A24, showcases directors like Robert Eggers and tells their unique stories.

Upcoming release Anything Anywhere Anytime and After Yang two very different approaches to the sci-fi genre, the former looks more action-packed and effects-packed while the latter seems much lighter. With a setting that has introduced exciting sci-fi features, this list looks at 5 of the studio’s best and under-seen sci-fi films that can prepare audiences for the new medium. upcoming release.


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Directed by Denis Villeneuve, known for its stylish and dense sci-fi features, Enemy is a psychological thriller, often described as puzzling but wonderful. Jake Gyllenhaal plays Adam, a man who, after renting a movie with an identical actor, becomes obsessed with the man. What follows is a story of obsession, self-discovery, and denial all permeated by a jarring soundtrack and less subtle visuals.

There are many ways to decipher Enemy. Adam and Anthony can be 2 sides of the same personality manifesting as a coping mechanism, they can be random the pair was thrown at each other by accident or something else might be going on. The film is open to interpretation, which is what makes it worth watching more than once. That and women with tarantula heads.

High life

Acting as the English-language debut of director Claire Denis, High life stars Robert Pattinson and Juliette Binoche and shows us a future where criminals are sent into space to conduct experiments and missions deemed too dangerous. Binoche plays Dr. Dibs, who focuses entirely on her artificial insemination experiments while Pattinson plays Monte, a prisoner Dibs is intent on seducing. This is all just a prelude to the story of Monte and his newborn baby Willow being the last survivors of the mission and how Monte struggles to balance raising her and her family. keep ship for repair.

High life covers some heavy topics. Sexual assault, grief, murder, childbirth are all mentioned. The film is a reflection on humanity, what happens when it is lost, and redemption. Bringing new life into the world is hard enough, but being at the edge of a black hole and alone becomes a terrifying prospect.

Into The Forest 1 Cut

Starring Elliot Page and Evan Rachel Wood as sisters, Go to the forest, Set in the very near future, where a continent-wide blackout threatens their way of life and the world they know it. Initially living an idyllic life with their father in a cozy house in the woods, the two sisters found themselves fight to survive after the mass breakdown of technology brings out the worst in man. After losing their father, the girls must face the new world alone.

Clear and intimate, Go to the forest is a post-apocalyptic drama that is more about substance than style. There’s no big-budget sci-fi action or aliens, but it’s an insight into life when the status quo of what exists is suddenly reversed and the brutality of what is human. who can become.

Movie equals

Kristen Stewart and star Nicolas Hoult in Is equal to like Nia and Silas where in the future all emotions and sexual activity are outlawed and citizens are nothing more than emotionless robots going about their mechanical lives on a daily basis. Procreation is carefully managed by artificial insemination, where women are summoned for nourishment as part of their duties. When Nia and Silas meet and begin to develop feelings for each other, it seems that there is a storm breaking out of feelings among the population and the people in charge are looking for a cure to maintain order.

Visually outstanding and beautifully lit, Is equal to reread a familiar sci-fi story starring actors, especially Stewart. Called the epidemic of emotions SOS is probably a minor issue, and the story is nothing new, but Is equal to Offer enough in the character work to satisfy.


When the director debuted, Ex Machina is one of the best. Alex Garland’s feature debut stars Domhnall Gleeson as Caleb, a coder working for a leading search engine vendor who is summoned to his boss’ house for the Turing Experiment about his latest AI Oscar Isaac as Caleb .’s boss Nathan with ecstasy and passion, a deeply demanding man who only cares about wine and his creation, an Ava, brilliantly played by Alicia Vikander. While interacting with Ava to determine her true intelligence, Caleb becomes smitten with her, offering to help her escape into the real world where they can be together.

Focusing on human mechanics and deception, Ex Machina Ask questions of credibility and answer them in unexpected ways. Sterling’s performance from the main cast elevates what could easily have been another “AI becomes sentient” movie in such abundance. Along with a stressful and involved scenario, Ex Machina is one of the triumphs of modern science fiction.

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