5 underrated movies that combine science fiction and horror

Science fiction and horror have long gone hand in hand. Science fiction is a genre that deals with the future and uncertainty facing humanity and the planet while horror aims to strike at our most primal fears. Naturally, when the two genres meet on screen, the product can be intimidating. The Alien The franchise became one of the highest-grossing franchises of all time, permeating popular culture and influencing many films that followed.

What about movies that don’t resonate? movies like Alien did? With so many releases each year, from theatrical blockbusters to straight-to-home videos, it’s easy for some movies to get overlooked.


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Released in 2009, Pandorum failed at the box office. The plot is somewhat typical of many sci-fi movies, with the Earth running out of natural resources, a spaceship is built, containing 60,000 people on a mission to explore a distant planet. . The journey is set to last more than 100 years, and their helmsman has a rotating crew, who gets out of stagnation? It’s their turn to steer the train. When Lieutenant Payton (Dennis Quaid) and Corporal Bower (Ben Foster) wake up to change their shifts, something goes wrong and they show up with partial amnesia and find the ship wrecked. periodic power surges due to a faulty reactor.

Where Pandorum stand out is the plot twists, the inclusion of space mutants, and the stellar performances of the two leads. The movie is oppressive and creepy comment on human nature and mental illness with its interesting set designs and tense scenes have begun to find larger audiences in recent years.


Based on the 2014 novel of the same name, Destruction Natalie Portman stars as an army veteran and cell biology professor Lena, who is investigating a phenomenon known as The Shimmer. The Shimmer is a strange region realized at the site of the meteorite impact, where all the flora and fauna within were transformed. A year after her husband disappeared on a mission in The Shimmer, he reappeared at their home and quickly began to deteriorate. This leads to government intervention, and Lena agrees to investigate The Shimmer.

After release, Destruction did poorly at the box office. Still, it’s a film that deserves a second chance. The special effects are equally beautiful and terrifying, with an interesting premise and creepy plant and creature designs. The series explores difficult ideas and themes and leaves a lot of answers or open endings for the audience to decide.


Directed by Steven Kostanski, Space is a Lovecraftian horror film has amazing realistic effects. Set in a small town hospital, The Void follows a group of people trapped in the hospital by cultists who surround the building and try to kill anyone who leaves. The only problem was that what was already inside the hospital could be much worse than the threat outside. Inside the hospital, people are changing and spinning, both physically and mentally as the barriers between worlds begin to break down.

All practical effects are crowdfunding on Indiegogo and the film was well received upon release. With an ’80s feel, heavy gore, and rather creepy body, Space back to the original videos but also update them and make the video seem new.


Starring Kyle MacLachlan as a strange FBI agent, leaving his role in Double top as a strange FBI agent, hunting killers across the country. The difference with this case is that the killer is a jumping slug-like alien and Kyle MacLachlan’s Gallagher character is also an alien, even though an alien cop has traveled across the galaxy to catching a murderous alien suspense criminal. The film itself has a lot of action and some dark comedy elements that make for an enjoyable and thrilling cinematic experience overall.

Unheard of today, The Hidden Set in a strange world in between genres with sci-fi, horror, action and comedy rolled into one but each element works together to create a cohesive and fun film that leads. led by great performances that deserve more audiences.


Written and directed by David Cronenberg, Existenz stars Jennifer Jason Leigh as game designer Allegra Geller and Jude Law as Ted Pikul. The world of Existenz is a place of biotechnology virtual reality gaming became commonplace, with game pods that could plug into ports in the player’s spikes. The two main companies compete for market dominance, while a group known as the Realists battle both roles against the distortion of reality. Geller is being targeted by assassins and Pikul is the one to come out for her. The Gellers game pool contains the only copy of the new game Existenz, and she joins Pikul in the game to test its integrity.

What follows is a horrifying journey of the body, bioweapon, and bending coming at the same time as Matrix and ask many similar questions about virtual reality. What is reality, and does it matter?

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