5 underrated 80s horror movies

The ’80s was a decade where horror movies completely changed. The advent of special effects and better technology has helped create more gruesome and extreme images. Thematic issues are also greatly expanded, creating more diverse scares for well-intentioned audiences. Some of the most iconic and genre films were also released in the 80s. Movies like Dead Devil, A Nightmare On Elm Street, Child’s play, and Friday the 13th they all go back to the ’80s and create horror icons that continue to live on and still have franchise entries and spin-offs made to this day.


The ’80s also produced a number of underrated films that, while able to achieve cult status, were not as well known as they are today. Movies are gates for young viewers or doomsday gates or striking waxworks come to life to wreak havoc. This list looks at 5 of the horror movies that should be worth the bid.

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Released in 1987 and starring 14-year-old Stephen Dorff in his first film role, Gate swing 2 young men have accidentally released a minion of Hell from a hole in their backyard. There is a certain atmosphere of Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter Is Dead naughty style Gate, though with the devil. The children, left alone at home while their parents go out for the weekend, must battle the forces of evil to save themselves and the world. Despite its kid-friendly friends and rubber-clad monsters, the film has some truly heartbreaking images and moments.

After the initial open the gate, one of the children hugs what he believes to be his deceased mother. Instead, the apparition was that the dog belonged to his friend and the dog died instantly. Several monsters and demons attempt to capture the children, rendering cartoon corpses through walls and in some cases stabbing eyes. The film spawned a sequel, with a remake originally slated for release in 2011, which has since been quiet.


1988 remake of Blob is a completely gruesome affair than the 1958 original but follows the same general plot. A meteorite fell from space carries a blob of jelly-like life form that can devour anything in its path. Cue lots of scenes where people are slowly and horribly dissolving completely or inside out as Shawnee Smith and Kevin Dillon try to convince the rest of their town that sentient jello is trying to obliterate surname.

What made the 1988 film stand out, aside from the thin realistic effect, was the strong performance of the main cast. Both Smith and Dillon deliver great performances of exasperated opposites thrown together to save their town. Another standout is Del Close, who plays the Reverand Meeker, a man slowly descending into religious fervor who believes the blob is the one to bring about a Biblical Extinction Events.

wax figure-1988

While Waxwork may lack the menacing atmosphere of other wax-based horrors, such as wax house, it has zany energy that makes it more like an adult Monster Squad. A group of college students, led by Zach Galligan, visit a strange wax museum that displays 18 works of history’s most evil and despised figures. The catch is that once they get past the rope fence surrounding the exhibit, they’ll be pulled into a pocket space where the exhibit lives and it wants them dead. Waxwork is a movie for monster fans, there is one the best werewolves committed to the movie.

The movie is over the top, suspenseful, and features one of the favorite storylines of the ’80s: witchcraft makes everything come to life. Along with the comedy elements, there’s a fair amount of gore and clever characters that can beat conventional horror movie protagonists.


Xtro To be alien abduction movie it was an annoying, hallucinogenic special effects performance. Filmed upon release but since finding an audience among horror fans, Xtro is the story of Sam, a father abducted by aliens and returned 3 years later. When he returns, however, it becomes clear that Sam is nothing like him. What follows is a slow-burning nightmare of grisly alien murders and transformations as Sam works to transform his son and create his next. Sam just hinted he’s going back to his family’s life, who have gone on without him, and beginning to exert his influence over his son.

While Xtro not one of the best action movies of the ’80s, it’s remarkable in that Sleepy qualities leave an impact and shivers down my spine long after watching. The recent blu-ray release also featured an alternate ending in the UK that was deemed too abrupt compared to the original release.

Prince of Darkness

Released in 1987, Prince of Darkness directed by Horror Legend John Carpenter. The movie is the second part of what Carpenter labeled his Doomsday Trilogy, the first being Thing and the third creature In Mouth of Madness. The film’s plot follows a group of students who are tasked with investigating a vial of a strange liquid found in the lower rooms of a monastery. It turns out that it is the liquid form of Satan, which immediately begins to spray on anyone it can and possesses them. As night falls, the city’s homeless begin to congregate outside, locking them in the church as survivors begin to experience a shared dream, a warning from the future of the arrival of Antichrist.

As well as Satanic green liquid, Prince of Darkness ooze atmosphere and fear. People turn to bugs, others begin to decompose, and all while warnings from the dim future about survivors are almost guaranteed for their deaths. Alice Cooper also appears as a member of the homeless population that prevents survivors from escaping.

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