5 Tips To Watch Horror Movies And Series Fabulously

Are you wondering why people love to watch horror movies? While these films are scary, the adrenaline rush it gives to our bodies is fun and thrilling. Horror movies allow us to encounter ‘safe risk,’ but some of us experience the fear more intensely than others. Therefore, preparing ourselves beforehand helps us enjoy the movie even more. 

If you are not sure which horror movie to watch, The Call, Choose or Die, Dark Shadows, and Army of the Dead are the most popular Horror movies on Netflix in Canada right now. If you are scared about watching them, imagine enjoying them with your friends, being scared together, and screaming your hearts out, isn’t that fun? 

Following the tips to feel emotionally and mentally comfortable when watching these movies can make your experience exhilarating.  

Here are the five tips to watch horror movies and series fabulously without being much scared. These tips will change your terrifying experience of watching scary shows into a thrilling one. 

Watch horror movies at home:

While horror movies are a lot more fun when watched at the cinema on the big screens, it would be too much for you if you are not into the scary scenes. When you watch them at home, you are at your comfortable place and can leave the room for a while if you need to. 

After watching the horror movie, turn on the TV show that makes you feel happy and enjoy watching. 

Comedy and entertainment shows are good options but movies that give you flashbacks of happy childhood moments or fun times with friends are the safest options. They will change your mood in no time and will make you forget about the appalling scene in the horror movie you watched a while before. 

Watch it during the day with your calm friends:

Take advantage of the daylight and your comfortable couch when you decide to watch a horror movie. If you are a horror film virgin, watching them alone at night might be too intense. When watching it at home, you are free to pause it whenever you want, take a deep breath and proceed. 

Watching them with your friends who enjoy scaring you isn’t good. Instead, gather with those friends who are relaxed and calm and will make you feel comfortable when you are scared during the movie. 

Keep your comfort snacks and favorite pillow with you:

When watching horror movies, keep something near you that you can grip tightly or hide behind when the screen gets brutal – scary scenes, spine-chilling echoes, blood-curdling attacks. It could be your blanket or your favorite pillow or cushion. 

Moreover, prepare a bowl of salty-crunchy snacks that you can enjoy during the movie. The comfort snacks will help you keep your nerves calm. It may be popcorn, peanuts, chips, sauteed veggies, crackers, pretzels, etc. 

Read the Synopsis:

Before you begin to watch the next horror movie, read its synopsis. As you will know all the big moments and daunting twists, the film will make you feel less terrified. It will prepare you emotionally and mentally for all the petrifying scenes. 

Most importantly, it is essential to know your limits. Some people can not handle highly intense movies. The demons and the spirit keep them up the whole night. Read the synopsis to know if the film is for you or not. If you feel you cannot handle the one, stay away from it until you build more tolerance toward the horror-struck scenes. 

Some movies are less creepy, like Ghostbusters, Monster House, or Coraline. You may take a start with the mild ones. 

Keep the brightness of your TV high and volume low:

Usually, we like the balanced brightness on our screens. However, when it is so, the darker scenes become scarier to us. On the other hand, turning up the brightness makes everything on the screen visible to us, even those dark black scenes. 

Moreover, what makes you feel horrified in movies like The Conjuring is the sound than the images and characters. Yes, the real power is the loud, terrifying sound in these movies that makes your hair stand and gives you goosebumps. 

The horror sound is the central part of the movie that makes everything intense – unsettling tones, creepy voices, dramatic scary echoes, and heart-pounding beeps. Turn the volume of your TV to the point it is audible but not loud. It will help you in decreasing the fear of scary and intense moments. 

Wrapping Up: 

Horror movies are great to watch. But not everyone can handle the intense sounds and dark scenes in these shows. 

If you are beginning to watch some horror shows, you cannot directly opt for Sinister. The movie has terrible special effects and shots that would disturb you if you are less experienced in this genre. 

We recommend starting with less spooky movies like Hocus Pocus or The Addams Family. We hope our tips will help you enter this genre with ease. You will have incredible fun once you start watching scary movies. 

Huynh Nguyen

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