5 Tips for Completing the Normans . Campaign

In Age of Empires 4, Operation Normans gives players a taste of what they can expect from the rest of the game. It provides an ideal collection of scenarios for Beginners learn strings. Overall, nothing was too difficult in Operation Normans.

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However, there are certain times throughout the campaign that can be a bit challenging. Players still need to be proactive when managing their economy and military forces. A few tips and strategies for the busier times of the campaign that are sure to come in handy for those walking in with wet feet. Age of Empires 4.


There are always soldiers lining up to replace losses

Mission from North to York from Age Of Empires 4

This tip can be applied to pretty much any situation during Operation Normans. Players should definitely keep this in mind during the second mission, “North to York.” At the start of this scenario, the player will start with a substantial force already at their command. Rebel towns could be swept aside without fuss.

However, the ultimate goal of regaining York is a bit more difficult to crack. No matter how formidable one’s military force may seem, you’d better get in the habit there are always troops in the queue. Attacking a fortified position is very expensive. Better to have the army is constantly being brought into a war than risk it all and have to start over if things go south.

Take your time and purchase upgrades

Bayeux's Falling Quest from Age Of Empires 4

Since the action in campaign scenarios can often be dramatic, it can be tempting to plunge into the thick of battle. Take the time to build one’s force and buy all available upgrades is a viable strategy. This advice can be applied from the third scenario, “The Fall of Bayeux,” onward.

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Upgrade increases melee / ranged damage and armor rating should be purchased whenever possible. Make sure that a The army is equipped in the best way can really save time in the long run. Build defenses, such as Keep, to prevent the side raiding the enemy. Then, slowly, maximum population limit while applying the upgrade.

Recruit diverse forces in the “Battle of Tinchebray”

The Battle of Tinchebray from Age Of Empires 4

The fourth scenario, “Battle of Tinchebray,” works slightly differently from the rest of the campaign missions. No villagers or economy, players need to collect piles of gold scattered over enemy posts. That gold can be used to buy regiments of soldiers in the form of lance soldier, Archers, Man’s arm, or Knight.

The final battle between Duke Robert and the player serves as the climax of the scenario. Duke Robert possesses a diverse force that includes all four types of units. If the player recruits too many regiments of the same type, they can I find myself at a disadvantage. It’s much better to mixed recruitment and deploy them strategically in the final battle.

Prioritize Longbowmen & Cavalry in “Siege of Wallingford”

Successful Siege from Age Of Empires 4

“The Siege of Wallingford” can be quite challenging because it requires a bit of speed and multitasking on the player’s part. From the very beginning of the mission, fans will under constant attack from the enemy. Striker and Siege Tower cause frequent discomfort. What’s worse, The player’s starting force is very little.

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Recruitment Longbowmen and placing them atop stone walls is a great first step. Let them take care enemy infantry. Meanwhile, recruiting more Light Cavalry jettison siege device. When friendly reinforcements arrived, Eliminate at least one enemy outpost to relieve pressure. Attacking more than one outpost when reinforcements first arrive is very risky. It would be safer to station them inside the base as a reserve while the more important forces were being recruited.

Build defenses quickly in “Siege of Rochester”

Siege of Rochester from Age Of Empires 4

In the ninth mission, “The Siege of Rochester”, the player has two missions: destroy Rochester Keep and defend their base. The second mission is a bit tricky as the enemies will start sending raid groups almost immediately. With limited space for a facility, Construction needs to start on the Barracks, the Archery Range and the Stables.

Enemies can attack from North side or more stealthily, from East. Build a few stone walls surrounding the player’s base in the east and stationed a number of Longbowmen are encouraged. inside North side, construct at least two Keeps, with infantry/cavalry support, should keep the area quiet.

Rochester is extremely difficult to conquer in just one attack. Free use Trebuchets to knock down gate, tower, the walls, and military production buildings. Mangonels able to destroy infantry and cavalry clusters. Put Assembly point from one’s production buildings to frontline to ensure a steady supply of reinforcements. Destroy Rochester Keep as soon as possible to finish the mission.

Age of Empires 4 was released on October 28, 2021 and is currently available on PC.

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