5 Things We Love About Solar Ash (& 5 Things We Don’t Love)

Solar ash is an exciting new adventure from the developer behind Super illuminator. The game puts the player in A cosmic journey into a crazy and exciting environment. There are so many things to love Solar ash, from the breathtaking scope and art design to the compelling story. Each of these elements is well thought out and necessary, creating a great experience.

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Which says, Solar ash Its not without its flaws. While the game is fun to play for the most part, it stumbles in a few notable ways that can detract from the overall value of the game. Here are some of your favorites solar ash, and some things are not very well liked.

ten Favorite: Boss fighting mechanics

a large black creature with white bones and a rusty sword crouching

Boss battles in Solar ash is one of the most exciting of any video game to date, evoking the scale and ferocity of the giants of the game. Shadow of the Statue. The main character, Rei, is forced to wrestle on the backs of terrifying monsters known as the Remnants, and slide along their bodies while attacking various targets before finally dealing damage to them. .

It’s a frenetic dance that combines every element of mobility the game has at hand, requiring precision and careful timing to get it right. The satisfaction of successfully taking down one of these bosses is one of the best feelings in gaming.


9 No love: Mobility issues in boss battles

a large, worm-like creature with black, swarthy and white skin, bony and one eye hovering between skyscrapers

As discussed above, boss battle in Solar ash is one of the best content in the game, but they can be a bit punitive when they make a mistake or don’t know what to do next. Challenging is part of the thrill, but the game’s own mechanics can get in the way of that enjoyment.

The final stage of each boss requires extreme precision. Even a single up slide will result in having to start the level again, which can be frustrating when those slips aren’t the player’s fault. As the protagonist’s jump cuts through all momentum, clearing large gaps becomes even more difficult than necessary.

8 Fell in love: Crossing the world

a small figure skater on green cloudy terrain with cliffs and trees in the distance

The main character of solar ash, Rei, is on a mission to discover a black hole known as Ultravoid and find a way to prevent it from destroying her home planet. To do that, she is equipped with a specialized set of boots that allow her to skate on Ultravoid’s cloudy terrain.

Moving through Ultravoid was like a dream, with Rei gliding smoothly from one area to another. She can skate anywhere and navigate the world Solar ash Being a high-tech roller skater is as exciting as it sounds. It helps that the world is designed to take advantage of Rei’s abilities and contains many interesting secrets to uncover.

7 Did not fall in love: Short grappling range

a glowing blue character that jumps towards a black enemy with a tile around it and a prompt button that says R1

Along with a specialized boot that allows her to slip through the Ultravoid, Rei is also capable of grappling to specific points in the world as well as approaching enemies from a short distance. While this ability comes in handy throughout the game, its normal range is very short and doesn’t deliver well.

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Messy grappling has an add-on skill that allows Rei to slow down time and extend grappling’s reach, but even in this mode it often feels too short. It would be nice to remove the time-shifting ability altogether and just give it a longer range.

6 Loved: Story

A glowing, white feminine figure with shards of her arms and torso and a large golden needle through her heart gazing at a small silhouette in her hand.

Solar ash features one of the most compelling stories of any game this year, offering plenty of mystery and intrigue, well-reputed characters to encounter. Rei crashes into Ultravoid unsure of what happened or where her team is. Over time, the player can Unravel the mysteries of Ultravoid and the civilizations it has destroyed through side quests and diary entries.

Players can also delve deeper into the culture and society of Rei’s planet and learn about the origins of her mission and where the rest of her team went. There are many different story themes to go on, and each one is equally compelling as the last.

5 Don’t love: Uneven level design

a man in purple robes looking out over the foggy, ruined city

While many areas in Solar ash feels purposefully designed to get the most out of Rei’s abilities as a Voidrunner, all of which fail to the same extent. Some areas feel very well designed and easy to navigate, while others are choppy with healing options and don’t give clear indicators of how to progress.

One of the earlier regions, Broken Capital, is a prime example of this. While the area is fun to explore at first, its emphasis on verticality can tire you out after falling multiple times and struggling to find an unmarked shortcut back to higher levels. It also doesn’t have many healing boxes on the ground, which becomes a more pressing issue in the area’s boss battles.

4 Favorite: Art direction

a black and white character with purple accents flying backwards through a tunnel of black and white stripes

Sun Ash To be a breathtaking feat of open world game design, has some of the most striking scenes and eye-catching environments while playing the game. Each area of ​​Ultravoid boasts a unique aesthetic that is visually distinct from the last, to the point that it’s hard to believe they exist in the same game.

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Example: The Broken Capital is a gray, bombed city that seems to be sinking into the cloud surface it rests upon, while the Garden of Eternity is a murky, murky botanical kingdom with a haunted church in the dead center. The game is often so thrilling that it’s a pity that it doesn’t have a photo mode.

3 No Love: Limited Combat Options

a figure standing on a cliff looking down at two tiny, bony enemies in a puddle of green liquid

It feels great to move through the world of Solar ash that go in Clashes almost always feel like a chore. Rei doesn’t have much fighting ability; she mostly revolves around a winged energy weapon that can take down most enemies in a few hits.

There’s also no dedicated ranged combat option; instead, there’s a combat app for the grappling shot that pulls Rei closer to the targeted enemy for a quick attack. Add to that that defeating the enemy doesn’t yield any kind of tangible reward, and the battle ends up being like a stumbling block to the fun part of the game.

2 Favorite: Voice acting

a character wearing a white mask and purple cape talking to another person in a red robe with a technology screen in front of them

It’s surprising Solar ash with voice acting, since the previous Heart Machine title, Hyper Light Drifter, even without legible text. But not only is there a lot of voice acting in the game, but it is all very interesting.

Rei is voiced by Fryda Wolff. Rei’s interactions with Cyd, voiced by Pilar Uribe, often convey strong emotions that both voice actors find confusing.

first No love: Maximum health loss

a white silhouette with body pieces cut out and a gold needle through her heart angrily looking down at the purple robed figure with the black cape in her hand

When playing over an open world adventure game like solar ash, Many players expect to improve their characters over time to make movement and combat easier. However, Solar ash don’t offer many unlockable upgrades, instead they choose to punish the player every time they defeat a boss.

The strange, ethereal quirk known as Echo will crush one of Rei’s health units after each boss encounter, reducing some of her max health until she can collect. enough plasma to repair it. Video games often reward players for defeating tough enemies, so receiving punishment for that feels out of place in the video game experience.

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