5 Tell-Tale Signs A Casino Bonus is a Gimmick

Gimmicks can be fun – like useless gag gifts you can buy your friends – but some gimmicks can leave you feeling like you just got grifted. From the impossible to knock over pins at the traveling fun fair, to an online casino where you never seem to win, it’s all about knowing where to play and when. In this article, we take a look at how to spot a bonus that’s more of a gift horse than an actual gift.

Everyone loves a good bonus, apart from the fantastic gameplay fantastic operators like WildCard City Casino offer, it certainly doesn’t hurt to increase your chances of a good win. But, as the saying goes, not all that glitters is gold, and some casinos promise a lot but fail to deliver on their word.

1. A large wagering requirement aka playthrough number

See, up there in the terms and conditions where it has a wagering requirement? You will see a number that says something like ‘2x’ or ‘50x’.  Here, the higher the number, the more unlikely you’ll see any actual results from your bonus.

Say, for instance, you get a $50 bonus if you deposit $100. If the wagering requirement is 2x, this means that you’ll need to wager $200 first before you unlock that $50. If it’s 40x – well, then you need to wager $4000. Do the math before you put any money down.

2. A bonus that only exists on a certain game

While it’s not necessarily a deal-breaker, some bonuses are only available on one, or a handful, of games. So, let’s say you go to a casino that has a great looking bonus and you really want to play some blackjack or poker. Then you dig into the details a little and realize the bonus is only available for playing through three of their slots machines.

Take a look at which games the bonus is available on to avoid disappointment. You can be sure that games like roulette will not count towards your bonus, so if this is your favorite game to play, forget that bonus and just have fun.

3. A bonus that only works on a certain type of monetary deposit

Not everyone wants to use their credit card to play at an online casino. While many casinos offer plenty of different ways to deposit your money – such as bank transfer, Paypal, and Skrill – you may find that these alternative types of payment don’t qualify for a bonus to trigger. Always check which types of money transfers qualify for a bonus.

The other thing to note about different deposit types is that some of them will take longer times to clear – either on your end of the transfer, or the casino’s end. If you want to play straight away, check which method of transfer has the fastest clearing times.

4. Long payout periods

How long does it take the casino to pay you out? If you’re looking at something like a month for withdrawals of any winnings, then you need to be uber careful. While everything might be legitimate and by the board, if you need your cash in a flash and they have long holding periods – well then you need to skip over that casino.

If you’re happy just playing for fun, and not necessarily looking to pull out your winnings, this may be acceptable if they are your favorite games to play.

5. Poor casino reviews

Want to know the easiest way to spot a casino that’s too annoying to actually catch their bonuses? Look up their reviews online. Much like you can spot which are the best restaurants in your area by checking out their Google reviews, you can take a stroll around the internet and do your research on the casino you’re considering. One star reviews across the board? Avoid that place like the plague.

Bonuses at online casinos can be a good way to get a little kick back on top of the games that you play, or it could just be a way to lure you to a casino you wouldn’t usually play at. Take care to read the terms and conditions carefully, ensure you’re able to play in your region, and read the reviews. And remember – that it’s all about the fun that you have at the end of the day!

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