5 sci-fi movies with underrated scenes

When it comes to sci-fi movies, there are different types of movies. Some are about completely new technology never seen before. Sometimes movies about a brand new brand take on an old form. Other times, the sci-fi movie is aimed at scaring people about what might happen if a disease that never happened gets out, other times it’s something more like an invasion. alien strategy or a robotic takeover. There are also all sorts of different ways to tell this story but it seems that movies with found footage are becoming more common when it comes to both. Science Fiction movies and horror movies both.


In fact, horror is found and science fiction is becoming so popular that there are times when it feels like some movies have been left in the dust. There are a lot of movies that use this particular approach, and some are pretty good but get left out because there’s so much to see. There are a lot of underrated sci-fi movies that use the found shot approach that needs a second chance.

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One of the reasons that Isolation such an underrated film is actually an Americanized version of an Italian sci-fi thriller called Rec. While the original is probably better, partly because it gives a really original shot of the zombie movie, the US version is actually pretty good too.

The film revolves around a news group that goes into an apartment building to investigate something completely different but gets caught up in what appears to be an outbreak of some kind of rabies variant that leaves everyone very confused. very ferocious. As reports of this new illness began to spread, the news team found themselves shut down in the building when the disaster struck. Isolation there’s an extra bonus of playing the lead role DexterJennifer Carpenter only three years after she actually introduced herself to horror movie audiences in Exorcism by Emily Rose. This is easily one of the best sci-fi horror movies to be found on the market and it is often overlooked.


flying movie

The Bay is not only one of the best sci-fi movies, it’s also one of the best best eco-thriller to ever be created. Partly because this movie isn’t about some monster lurking around the corner or dead people rising from the grave. This time, the horror film is based on a water-borne insect that infected the people of a Maryland town one summer night.

The organisms appear to have changed slightly due to contamination of that water source by dumping of chicken manure and other chemicals. The film was supposed to be everyone else’s home movie, as were the news bulletins that were confiscated by the government but ended up being released by someone who had a hand in the tape. The film is underrated despite the fact that the story of nature and science against the townsfolk is so well done that viewers may be reluctant to think that this is actually a documentary.



This 2010 movie might be the weirdest movie on the list. Lunopolis is a movie that combines time travel with a group of people who appear to have lived on the moon for decades. There is also an organization that is working hard to ensure that no one on earth knows such a colony exists.

The whole movie merges into a story that is horribly chaotic and quite hallucinatory at points. Part of the reason this movie has gone largely unnoticed even though it’s the first of sci-fi movie genre is because it doesn’t really include any of the actors or directors that people have heard a lot about.

take note

take note

take note is one of those sci-fi movies whose footage might be underrated but certainly found an audience at the time strong enough to Chronicles 2 is said to be still at work. The film revolves around a trio of high school boys who stumble upon a hole in the ground that somehow grants them superpowers. At first, the boys are just having fun with the new kind of powers they develop but eventually the movie turns into a movie that seems like a superhero origin story. One of the things that makes this movie so good is the fact that the stars are on the rise when this movie is released with the appearance of Dane Dehaan and Michael B. Jordan.

Josh Trank is also the director and he ended up making the big bomb Great quartet restart, he is still considered one of the best young directors in the industry today. Aside from a few high school kids trying to get superpowers, the movie is believable for what it’s supposed to be, thanks in large part to Dehaan becoming a nerd kid at school who everyone picks out. had terrible circumstances at home and really turned into a guy that no one wanted to get over. One of the things that makes this movie work and keep people interested is that because it’s pre-rendered footage, audiences don’t have to watch everything as the kids gain their powers. The film cuts out and then turns back when they have begun to realize they have new abilities.

Project Almanac

project diary

Yet another teen-oriented movie is a little different from a good sci-fi movie. theme is Project Almanac. This particular time travel act involves several friends who manage to create a time machine which they then use for fun and profit before they realize that there are some There are certain downsides to this kind of power.

Like take note, there were some rumors that Project Almanac there will eventually be a sequel, but the fact that the original is now largely ignored and isn’t appreciated for what it is will probably kill any chance of seeing the new season.

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