5 Outstanding Sci-Fi Shootout Scenes

Science fiction is often a medium that deals with taking concepts from other genres of fiction and moving them to a new place to see what changes. One of the favorite subjects of science fiction writers is the future of combat. Since guns are the weapons of the modern age, it stands to reason that they will also be the mainstay of the future.

The weapon of choice in a work of fiction determines its unique plot. dune wouldn’t be what it is today without its standout knife fight scenes. war of stars is packed with laser weapons, but the lightsaber is his weapon of choice. Other sci-fi stories take a darker route and choose the gun.


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The lobby – The Matrix (1999)

Realism is a fun tool when it comes to gunfights. It’s not a binary, it’s a slider with a million different points. The Wachowskis’ groundbreaking work on cyberpunk fiction features some of the most influential action scenes in cinematic history. It’s one of those movies that’s weird to watch in modern times because everything that’s come out since it was released has borrowed ideas from him. There are plenty of kung fu fights and unique fight scenes that make up the film’s iconic action tapestry, but nothing is more riveting than the lobby gunfight. Neo and Trinity making their way through the metal detectors only to reveal their waist-mounted arsenal and waste a room full of cops is one of the best opening beats of an action scene, and it just builds from there. It’s one of the best scenes in sci-fi history and makes excellent use of the film’s unique dream-like world.

The attack on the MNU – district 9 (2009)

Neil Blomkamp’s directorial debut was praised for a number of well-executed aspects, earning it one of the best-received science fiction films of modern times. Its somber social commentary, brilliant technical detail, and emotionally stirring plot made it an outstanding work of solid science fiction. His action scenes weren’t the first point of praise for any of his fans, but they were still excellent. The film is set in Johannesburg, which is functioning as an apartheid state with a newly discovered extraterrestrial species. Sharlto Copley’s Wikus is a Multinational United agent who is unexpectedly given an alien mutation. Suddenly able to wield alien weapons, Wikus joins well-meaning alien Christopher Johnson in an attack on his former employer’s base. It’s a tense and powerful action scene, which is all the more unnerving for what Wikus and Chris find in it.

crack the code – The Mandalorian (2019)

Although the Star Wars franchise typically prefers to deliver its central action scenes through the medium of saber duels, The Mandalorian features some of the best blaster combat in sci-fi history. There are too many great gunfights to choose from, but one of the earliest entries in its ongoing history features a perfect escalating battle scene. This comes in Chapter 3: “The Sin” where Mando decides to break the rules of the Bounty Hunter’s Guild to protect The Child. This puts him at odds with Greef Karga and his army of bounty hunters. He is forced to shoot his way through countless enemy shooters. He uses a hovering cart as a hideout, smashes enemies into dust with his powerful rifle, and blasts wildly with his flamethrower. It’s a desperate battle against impossible odds, until an army of Mandalorians emerge to turn the tide. It even ends with a quick draw duel against Karga. It’s one of the best fights from this excellent show, and it remains to be seen if the upcoming third season will top it.

Start a revolution – balance (2002)

This underrated dystopian sci-fi action film features some of the most unique gunfights to appear on screen. The film takes place in a world ruled by a dictatorial regime that keeps the population on their toes with an emotion-suppressing drug. Christian Bale plays John Preston, an enforcer turned against his ideology by a twist of fate. As a result, he uses his incredible fighting skills against his former peers. Near the final scene, Preston is captured by his fellow warriors and must shoot his way out of captivity and close to the dictator. It’s a weird and powerful shootout that takes full advantage of the underrated film’s gimmicks.

“Human losses: 0.0” – Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991)

As everyone knows, T2 is one of the strongest sci-fi action movies of all time. While the opening scene, depicting the nightmarish future war between man and machine, is often lauded, there’s plenty of great gunplay. During the scene where Miles Dyson and John Connor attempt to change the future, the T-800 deals with the trade with the massive police army waiting outside. The T-800 was specifically ordered never to take another human life, but it still goes to the window with a minigun and a grenade launcher. Watching it unleash its potential against a massive army and defeating the entire police force without a single casualty is a compelling example of what the T-800 is truly capable of. Sometimes fans just need a great set and heavy ammo.

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