5 movies that are expected to be in development hell

Dark purgatory, known as development hell, which refers to the frustrating state in which a film is stuck in an endless process of script repetition, delays in casting, swapping directors and production companies, problems legal and everything else, disappointing fans, making the film impossible to see the light of day. However, some movies are lucky enough to get out of that abyss – only to flop at the box office and completely let fans down.

There are movies, like Deadpool, The guard, or Lord of the Rings, that one, finally released, delivered everything they promised and was worth the long wait. Unfortunately, there are others who have lost their identity somewhere along with the 100th rewrite that, ironically, ended up being rushed, or lost momentum and relevance. These five movies should still be pretty dreams, unattainable, and never out of development hell.


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Sequel to Independence Day 2016

When it was released in 1996, the action and effects sci-fi movie, which was Independence Day was a great success with both critics and fans alike and became a blockbuster classic. Director Roland Emmerich’s original plan was to follow it up with two sequels, which he intended to shoot continuously. However, they entered development hell and were suspended until 2009. The new script was intended to bring back the original cast, but the film’s lead character, Will Smith, refused to return (as said). was asking for $50 million that the studio couldn’t afford), so the revised concept focuses on a mix of new and old characters.

Independence Day: Rise, which stars Liam Hemsworth, Jesse Usher, Bill Pullman, and Jeff Goldblum, has too much of a cliché, lacks the charisma and unrepentant cheesy of the original, and Will Smith’s intelligence and charisma (who has been replaced by too many main characters). When it finally hit theaters in 2016, the film bombed the box office, horrifying reviews, and killing any possibility of a sequel.

2017 adaptation of Stephen King's The Dark Tower

Stephen King adaptations are always a struggle for both the screenwriter and the director. While some results have become modern classics, such as Carrie and It, others, like Thinner and Night shift, were written down as awkward mistakes. Adaptation of 8 epic books of the same name, Dark Tower, is an ambitious project. It has been stuck in development hell for over ten years, with various filmmakers like JJ Abrams and Ron Howard sticking with it at some point and even a spin-off TV show being canceled along the way. Street.

In 2015, Sony finally announced that the movie was made. It was intended to be the first installment in the multimedia series, which never happened due to the film’s critical and box office failure. While many fans believed that Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey brilliantly played the lead roles of Roland and his arch-nemesis, The Man in Black, the film’s premise undermines it right away. from the beginning. Instead of following the franchise’s winning formula like Harry Potter used the traditional book-by-book format, Dark Tower works as a sequel into the series and tried (unsuccessfully) to compress King’s expansive fictional world and rich story into a single film.

2004 Catwoman Batman spin-off

The great success of Michelle Pfeiffer’s iconic performance of the notorious sexy cat thief in Batman is back! created the perfect launch pad for a spin-off. While lead actress, director Tim Burton, and screenwriter Dan Waters originally wanted to make it happen, Warner Bros. unconvinced with the new, less familial script and delayed the movie, throwing it into development hell. . In the end, Waters, Burton, and Pfeiffer jumped ship, leaving Halle Berry as the lead actress and conductor Pitof as the music video director.

Catwoman Strong deviation from the source material and completely changed the main character, portraying her as Patience Phillips (not Selina Kyle), a graphic designer working for a cosmetics company run by an evil warlord. Instead of being a thief, she was resurrected by a magical cat and developed cat-like superpowers, similar to Spider-Man. Catwoman was a blatantly critical and box office failure, grossing $20 million less than its production budget, and was nominated for 7 Razzie Awards, winning 4 (including Worst Picture) .

The 2004 crossover franchise Alien Vs. Carnivores

Trying to convert a franchise is always a risk. On the one hand, it could potentially double its audience, attracting both fan camps. On the other hand, cross must live to double expectations. While the formula for facing big baddies has worked for people like Freddy Vs. Jason, it is not the case for Aliens Vs. Carnivores.

The idea of ​​a crossover appeared in 1993, and with the success of the comics of the same idea and the buzzing Easter Egg showing an Alien skull in Predator 2, 20th Century Fox is ready to move on. However, AlienThe lead Sigourney Weaver, as well as James Cameron and Ridley Scott, didn’t like the concept, and the studio halted it. Finally, the film, which was released in 2004 and directed by Paul W.S. Anderson, lacked scale, effects, and originality and was criticized for not doing justice to the legendary monsters. The sequel has been released, Aliens Vs. Predator: Requiem, which led to an even worse reaction, which resulted in the studio splitting up the franchises again and prequel release Carnivores and Prometheus instead of, replace.

Harrison Ford and Cate Blanchett in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

The iconic adventure trilogy seemingly finished in 1989 The Last Crusade. But fans couldn’t stop hoping for the talented archaeologist’s return, and almost 20 years later, Lucas and Spielberg once again come together to manufacture Indiana Jones And The Crystal Skull Kingdom. In it, Indiana faces the Soviet Union during the Cold War when it tries to return an artifact to a sacred temple in the Amazon. Although the film was an undeniable box office success (based on fan loyalty and decades-long anticipation), it was a serious failure overall that is still considered a major hit. One of the worst franchises ever made.

In 1993, George Lucas began working on the idea of ​​a sequel that, oddly, featured aliens – which received much criticism from fans as well as critics – from the start. The project was stuck in development hell due to constant rewrites, conflicting schedules, and both Ford and Spielberg’s reluctance to participate. The last movie released in 2008 suffered from excessive CGI, over-the-top plot devices (even for Indi) – Jones hiding in the fridge to avoid being blown away by a nuclear explosion that still leaves most fans heartbroken – and a weak story. Worst of all, it turns Indi into a laughing stock, a tired and cranky old man who just sticks to the trip with his dressed son. With Indiana Jones 5 in the works, however, fans are hoping for the opposite of all hope in the famous felt-hatted explorer making the return he deserves.

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