5 most painful stunts from the movie Jackass

To tell Jackass Forever being the culmination of a major movie story would be a misleading statement, this is not Lord of the Rings, Are not Star Wars entry as well as even Matrix Recovery; However, it is the final chapter in a long and painful career for the entire Jackass crew.

In the lead-up to the movie’s February release, Johnny Knoxville and the rest of the gang recorded that their stunts were starting to take their toll on their bodies, which is quite a claim. matching hospital bills. Jackass has increased over the years. Even if the fans love it Bam Margera barely appeared in Jackass Forever, the trailers released so far promise some of the most terrifying stunts of the franchise, so let’s take a look at the kind of harrowing feat Jackass’ swan song will have to overcome. This time while removing the song simply canonical.


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Cut the paper – Jackass: The Movie

paper cut jackass crop

Since their MTV early days in the fall of 2000, production value for Jackass only increased, something that was greatly boosted when the crew got the chance to make their first movie on a $5 million budget. However, the beauty (and horror) behind “Paper Cuts” is how much pain can be compressed into just a few sheets of paper as the boys take turns swiping between their toes, fingers and toes. their mouth.

Although it is very unlikely to end in an ER visit for the cast of Jackass, “Paper Cuts” feels painful to watch and will probably give many people chills. While it’s simple, needless to say this probably shouldn’t be done at home by anyone.

Lamborghini pull teeth – Jackass 3D

jackass teeth clipping scissors

The first Jackass the movie was very successful at that time Jackass 3D Production was expected to cost over $20 million, and they certainly boosted their profits by pulling out Danger Ehren’s crooked tooth with a Lamborghini. This method of extraction is clearly not medically handled, as the angle of pulling the fishing line is completely different from what a dentist would do, which may be why Ehren later fractured his skull in his eye. .

At the time, the crew had medical professionals on set, however, one of the most interesting anecdotes came from Steve-O about DRILL podcast with Dr. Brady Smith, where he told host Don Vito was actually the first to go through the process. In the end, the stunt scene featuring Don Vito was cut due to him being accused of sexual assault before Jackass number two finished post-production, and although that shot may have been lost, at least Jeff Tremaine had to re-shoot this terrible idea for a third movie.

Riot Control Test 2 – Jackass number two

riot control jackass Cropped

The phrase military-grade weapons aren’t lethal enough to cause fear in most people, which is probably why the I-460 Stingmore Mine used here is often used as a measure. prevent crowd control in large areas. This close cousin to the M18 Claymore (a staple in FPS games like Call of Duty) is capable of releasing some rare tears from Margera, which probably says a lot about the sheer brutality of its use against civilians.

This stuntman’s ex-partner from the first movie shows Knoxville being shot with more brutal and non-lethal bullets, like a Mossberg 500 pistol (Battlefield 5 Style) used to fire the ALS “Pen Stop” rounds. Knoxville’s injury says it all here.

Beehive Limo – Jackass number two

jackass bee limo Cropped

Bee stings are painful, and an angry bee hive thrown at you in a small space is bound to end badly. Knoxville and Margera dress up as beekeepers to release a whole swarm of bees is not a video game about their poor, unsuspecting friends Dave England, Steve-O, Wee Man, Rick Kosick, and the late Ryan Dunn.

Of course, the fact that once everyone stepped out of the limo, they were greeted by a flurry of marbles lying on the floor causing them to drop below the sound of Elvis’ “A Little Less Conversation” was what made the whole show stunt member. that comedy Jackass New voice must be nailed.

Golf Baskets – Jackass: The Movie

jackass cropped golf cart

After going through so many broken legs and concussions, perhaps few things Jackass people are really scared, which is why a seemingly innocent golf cart ride has such a big impact when it’s over. While one could imagine the collision, overturn, and landing of a top speed golf cart would hurt a lot, the guys seemed to have a blast until everything was suddenly… got a little murky after the last jump.

When Knoxville fell back, all the fun and game over when the entire crew realized he might have actually hurt himself. The moment that turns into a real fear is rarely seen in JackassAfter all, Knoxville may have actually broken his neck and the fact that Dunn’s driving is mentioned takes on a different meaning since he ultimately lost his life in a drunk driving accident.

Jackass Forever will release exclusively in theaters on February 4, 2022.

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Bam Margera in the skate park
Bam Margera Sues Jackass Forever Team after being fired from the movie

Margera’s legal team claims the daring stuntman was treated inhumanly by the producers of Jackass Forever, just like Britney Spears.

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