5 Legendary Moments from Hunter x Hunter

Anime series may come and go, but only some anime leave a lasting mark on our hearts. Hunter X Hunter is one of those legendary anime series that has made its mark in aspects of storytelling, soundtrack, brutality, comedy, character development and anything else an anime buff looks for in a series.

Hands down, every scene in Hunter X Hunter presented well, but there were a few moments where our eyes were splayed when we first saw them. And to this day, those scenes make us drop our jaws.

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Tiger & Bunny 2 | Main Trailer | Netflix Cartoons



Tiger & Bunny 2 | Main Trailer | Netflix Cartoons






5. Killua overpowers Youpi

Calling Youpi powerful would be an overstatement. As one of Meruem’s three Royal Guards, he was one of the strongest Chimera Ants that ever lived. His dark appearance and aura made even the top Hunters sweat.

Just before Youpi was about to kill Knuckle, Killua surprised him with her Thunderbolt attack, paralyzing Youpi for a brief moment. As the other hunters tried to maintain distance from Youpi, Killua faced him without thinking twice. Killua is all charged with his nen powers and reaches a stage called Divine Speed. With her powers unleashed, Killua literally moves from one location to another in the blink of an eye.

Punching, kicking, electrifying and dominating Youpi without much effort made this scene Hunter X Hunter’s one of the most legendary moments. Witnessing Killua’s true power surprised Youpi as well as the viewers.

4. Killua Killing Johness

In this scene of the Hunter Exam, it’s clear that messing with Killua could be a death sentence. Johness The Dissector, a Zaban City serial killer, is incredibly powerful, or at least he seems to be. Johness warns Killua that he will crush him to death without showing any mercy towards him. To this, Killua confidently replied that it would be a death match in that case.

At first glance, it seems like this is the last time we’ll see Killua, but soon the little boy turns the tables. In fact, it’s not even a match. As the match began, Killua stabbed Johnesse in the heart with his deadly sharp claws and put the poor man to rest once and for all. With the exception of Gon, everyone was stunned by the boy’s actions and tried to keep their distance from him, quite clearly.

3. The plan to destroy Netero and Zeno

From the outset, it’s clear that the old men of this series have exponential strength. But what exactly is power? Well, this legendary moment from Hunter X Hunter showed us a bit of their power. In order to separate the Ant King from his royal guard, Netero and Zeno plan to make a move that forces Neferpitou and Shaiapouf to leave the palace. This is where the fun begins.

Zeno used his ability to create an aura dragon that carried him and Natero above the castle. Neferpitou sensed both and took action, after which the dragon separated and began to plunge towards the earth like fiery arrows. The particular scene was a pivotal moment. The beauty of the scene doesn’t end here. Zeno’s attack injures Komugi, thus enraged the Ant King. Meruem agrees to fight Netero, but both Netero and Zeno are shocked to see Meruem’s human side.

2. Gon’s Transformation

This sight gives us chills to this day. Seeing Gon in his new form is certainly a blessing for us, but at the same time, it’s horrifying to see the series’ most lively and spirited character suddenly transform into a demonic form. weird.

Gon is filled with sadness, and he constantly blames himself for Kite’s death. While crying from grief, a dark aura surrounded the boy. Even Neferpitou began to sweat when he saw Gon turn monstrous. Gon begins to collect all the things that he will ever have in his life, which turns him into his older self. Gon brutally kills Neferpitou without showing any mercy. Somehow Neferpitou was able to cut off Gon’s arm, then he took his severed hand and beat Neferpitou to death.

1. Netero’s Ultimate

Every moment in the fight between Netero and Meruem is a legend. Not just the best fight in Hunter X Hunter, but one of the best in the entire history of anime. Other than that, this is the first time we’ve seen Netero truly capable. Being able to pray and unleash his power despite losing his arm, different attack patterns, the conversation between Meruem and Netero, there’s a lot to see in this fight.

Despite being the strongest human alive, Netero was unable to cause any major harm to Meruem. Even with his strongest attack, 100 Type 100 Guanyin Bodhisattva Hands, he was unable to defeat Meruem. Such great strength of Ant King even dismayed Netero, and it was like the total defeat of the old man. But soon, Netero chuckled and told Meruem that he shouldn’t treat humans as weak.

A very black aura began to surround Netero, and this was the first time Ant King experienced fear. Before long, Netero stabbed his heart with two fingers and caused an explosion known as the Miniature Rose. The big explosion poisoned the king and nearly killed him. Meruem is saved by Youpi and Shaiapouf, but the effects of the poison soon kill the Ant King.

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