5 Johnny Knoxville’s Performance Was Underrated (It Wasn’t Jackass)

Johnny Knoxville is a man of many talents. Up to this point, the charismatic star has been in Hollywood for more than 20 years and his name has only been recognized since his debut. While perhaps best known as the head of the Jackass gang. Has starred in four theatrical films, a TV series, multiple video games, and a theatrical release. Bad grandfather spinoff movies, he definitely didn’t overlook the raucous content Jackass brand promises.


With the new Jackass movie slated for release in the coming weeks, Knoxville fans will likely be watching the previous films over and over again with anticipation. However, it’s important to note that Knoxville has appeared in many other films in addition to his flagship series over the years. With over fifty acting credits to his name, the industry mainstay has made his mark on various genres. Here are the best Johnny Knoxville movies that have nothing to do with Jackass series.

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johnny knoxville men in black 2 Cropped

1997 comedy/sci-fi film Man in black is a cultural phenomenon. Its relentlessly quoted dialogue, relatable characters, murderous soundtrack, and engaging performance have made it one of the most rewatched films of the past 25 years. Taking in nearly $600 million on a $90 million budget, it’s no surprise that the three sequels and many other properties according to the original. While none of them surpass the charm and originality of the first, some of them are underrated gems.

Men in Black II, to five years after Barry Sonnenfeld’s Man in black, is considered a huge disappointment, especially when compared to the first. A relative retelling of the story of the first season, this follows Will Smith’s “Agent J” as he has to reintegrate Jones’s “Agent K” after his brain is wiped clean at the end of the film. before. Of course, there’s also a nasty villain who shows up to make things difficult. That’s where Johnny Knoxville comes in.

As “Scrad/Charlie”, an alien with a normal size and a miniature head, Johnny Knoxville perfectly fulfills the comic book position here. However, when a movie is mostly comic during its 88-minute run, it can be easy to lose an actor in the process. While the movie certainly can’t be as good as the first, it’s a passable sequel with some gut-wrenching laughs. Knoxville is at his best here as the baddie’s main sidekick, and every time he’s on screen, we’re reminded of his unruly personality and ability to laugh… to be honest… not much to say. Arrive MIB II for Smith and Jones, but stayed in Knoxville.

Walk high johnny knoxville dwayne johnson Cut

Long before Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Fast and Furious Day. into his increasingly possible personality. He’s no less than a 6-foot-5-inch-high brick wall in durability and discoverability, and that’s awesome. While this High walk the remake isn’t quite as good as the 1973 classic, it’s a fun action/thriller with some good performances.

Chief among these fine performances is Johnny Knoxville as Johnson’s best friend and confidant “Ray Templeton.” He’s basically playing himself here as the goofy, sly guy who wants to do as little as possible to get through. However, when caught up in the dangerous escape of “Vaughn”, he must get into action and help his friend defend the city they call home. Although the two characters are great friends, their motivations change partially as Johnson’s character begins to give “Templeton” easier in the law.

By letting Knoxville mock himself and smirk in his scenes while Johnson exudes near stoicism, High walk do wonders when this duo is together. While the movie itself isn’t too special, the scenes that Dwayne Johnson and Johnny Knoxville share make one longing for a buddy franchise with these two in the lead. High walk It’s a quick and ultimately not-so-memorable piece about American justice, but what pushes it off-limits into recommendation territory is the way The Rock and Knoxville’s respective chemistry confronts each other.

parsons grand theft

This low-budget indie, directed by David Caffrey, was a festival darling upon release. Premiered at the 2004 Sundance Film Festival, Knoxville gets the best reviews of his career. The film, based on a true story, follows Knoxville’s “Phil Kaufman” as he steals Gram Parsons’ body because of a promise the former made to the latter before his death.

A film that is tortuous and inconsistent in tone, Grand Theft Parsons nonetheless a cinematic gem because of the erratic cast. Featuring Christina Applegate, Michael Shannon, Gabriel Macht and Robert Forster, each scene in Parsons delivered another interesting performance from another interesting performer. A kind of chase movie, “Kaufman” is chased by Parson’s ex-girlfriend, father and the police, Parsons is a pleasant movie that weighs more than the sum of its parts.

Knoxville leads the film with ambiguity, and American audiences get to see for the first time the superb acting the film’s main man possesses. his reckless tendencies. Running from sadness to joy to anger, it was an acting exercise that Knoxville prioritized. While the movie is hard to find, Knoxville fans will do well to find it Grand Theft Parsons.

we summon the darkness of Crop

While what he does with his body Sure to be scary, Knoxville has yet to star in a horror movie at the time of its 2019 release. We summon darkness, which was released as a festival in 2019 and then VOD in 2020, gave Knoxville the opportunity to play the role of a powerful preacher with a lot of henchmen under his command. While watching Knoxville play a member of the holy tribe was funny at first, he was able to convey a sense of intimidation and unpredictability that made his brief appearance in this film worthwhile. more than the entrance fee.

The plot of We summon darkness follows “Alexis Butler” by Alexandra Daddario and two friends as they try to evade a religious cult with murderous tendencies. While The story sounds familiar At first, a few nifty jumbles make the movie more effective than normal VOD horror fare. Daddario proves herself to be a worthy screaming queen here, and her surrounding cast, which includes Keean Johnson, Maddie Hasson, Austin Swift, and Logan Miller, is absolutely worthy of the task.

As mentioned earlier, Knoxville’s “John Henry Butler” doesn’t appear until relatively late in the film. However, his absence from the screen only contributes to enhancing his time in the limelight. As his words grow less and less, the actor transforms into something he’s never been before… an effective villain. We summon darkness is a horror/comedy film, a full stop, but Knoxville helps give it an edge that’s hard to shake.

johnny knoxville in last place Cut

Part of a Arnold Schwarzenegger’s career revival, Last place join the ranks of Escape plan, Sabotage, Maggie, and Consequence as some of the turning points towards the end of Schwarzenegger’s reasonably productive career. This is the first lead role of the Austrian rock since 2003 Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, is one of the more interesting movies the star has Released in the 80’s. As Ray Owens, a small-town cop reluctant to take action after a drug gang infiltrates the city, Schwarzenegger shines. As Lewis Dinkum, a weapons collector who must join forces with Sheriff Owens, Knoxville is even more awesome.

As a gun-obsessed man with the chance to shoot as many bad guys as he wants, Knoxville is back. High walk form here. Needless to say, it works. Playing the rock-faced Schwarzenegger has been the bread of many actors for forty years, and Knoxville isn’t surprised to have the role taken out of the park. The film only made $48 million from a $45 million budget, which deserves a re-evaluation. At a time when movies like The Hitman’s Bodyguard receiving a sequel, Last place may have been ahead of its time.

With a supporting cast that includes Forest Whitaker, Jaimie Alexander, Peter Stormare, and Luis Guzmán, Schwarzenegger and Knoxville are unmatched, this isn’t the only fun to be had in the Kim Jee-woon-directed action flick. this show. With a simple plot, disposable bad guys and about a million bullets, Last place is a perfect introduction to Knoxville’s trademark swagger and ruggedness. One of Schwarzenegger’s Last Great Movies been born for decades, fans of loud action and tongue-in-cheek humor may endorse this.

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