5 Indie Games You Can Play If You Like The Persona Franchise

That persona Franchise is a JRPG with many elements as it includes school life, palace dungeons, relationships, calendar days and a story centered around memorabilia and personalities that connect to people’s hearts. The series is unique in that it juggles so much at once, despite having comparable games such as Tokyo Xanadu and Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE encore.

However, there aren’t many similar indie games out there personaand those that are similar tend to focus on specific gameplay elements of persona instead of juggling them all at once. Indie games can be defined in a number of ways. They can be made by a small development team, made on a small budget, made by an individual, made by an independent publisher, made by a studio with no publisher influence, or made with indie logic created by the AAA -Deviates from game standards. Many of these definitions are used by the following titles.


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Originally released for Windows in 2018 and most recently for the PS5 in 2021, CrossCode is an action role-playing game set in a fictional MMORPG with a protagonist suffering from amnesia and unable to speak. It was created by Radical Fish Games and actually crowdfunded. The game was compared to Chrono trigger and secret of mana.

The fight is faster than persona and its genre is Sci-Fi. What does it have in common with that persona Series is its many enemy types, its narrative nature and its interesting characters. Steam reviews claim that the characters are easily emotionally attached and that the density is dense persona. In other words, it also juggles a lot with different tasks and locations to explore.

To the moon

Developed by Freebird Games and designed by Kan Gao using RPG Maker XP, this psychological drama is about two doctors trying to make a dying man’s wish come true. The way they do it is actually very persona-Similar in that they try to achieve this by giving him artificial memories.

Like the characters of persona, To the moon lets its characters explore someone’s inner heart through “memorabilia”. Story-wise it’s clearly similar, but other than that the game is quite different personasince there is no fight or school life.

Legrand legacy

Developed by Semisoft and published by Another Indie, Legrand legacy is a JRPG available on Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One and PC. It’s basically a nostalgic love letter to JRPGs and the like persona, it has turn based battles. NPCs can be recruited that offer similar benefits persona social aspects.

The story is about Finn, who is the leader of a group of travelers. As CrossCode, the protagonist also has amnesia. not how persona, this JRPG takes place in a fantasy setting during a civil war. Legrand Legacy was inspired by games like final fantasy and The Dragoon Legend.

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is one of the most well-known indie games and can appear incredibly different persona On the surface it has elements similar to persona Fans can rejoice. As persona games, the game is based on a day-by-day calendar year mechanism with different days to do different things.

The game also has a social aspect. The player can give gifts to the many NPCs to increase their relationship stats and be rewarded with cutscenes and more information about the characters. The game is definitely worth checking out for those who love it persona‘s day-to-day life is busier in Tokyo than in the combat zones (although Stardew Valley also has Battle in the Mines).

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is another famous game and known to most of the players. However, what a lot of people don’t know is that Genshin Impact is technically an indie game. Genshin Impact is a game developed without publisher influence by an indie studio called miHoYo. This gives the studio a lot of creative freedom.

While the game is different persona In its open fantasy world, it still has things in common. Players can throw a party with interchangeable characters, the game has an anime art style, and great emphasis is placed on character introductions. Genshin Impact also has hangout quests similar to persona strengthens his character relationships.

person 6 will be released at a currently unplanned date.

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