5 indie games to favorites for the new year

Looking for some Indie games for your New Year’s wish list? Check out this list of upcoming 2022 releases from independent studios around the world!

Game releases are always exciting events to look forward to, and 2022 will be a year filled with top-notch launch events and announcements. This year we see indie games like Kena: Bridge of Spirits and East popularity skyrocketed among the three-A giants.

As if there’s any doubt, the indie scene really is something to watch, and 2022 will be no different. Here’s our rundown of some of our favorite indie games for 2022!

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk | Official trailer 2



Bomb Rush Cyberfunk | Official trailer 2








Beautiful rendering in watercolor style, Dordogne is a story-rich French adventure game that follows the protagonist Mimi. When Mimi’s grandmother passed away, she left behind a collection of letters and riddles that would make her drift with the flow of memories.

Set in both the present and the past, you’ll explore both the soothingly colorful city of Dordogne and the now-empty house of Mimi’s grandmother. What’s particularly endearing about this game is that you affect both timelines when completing a mission. By creating stronger memories of the past, you can positively change the present and thus help the adult Mimi to reconnect with her childhood self.

Looks like this is going to be a poignant game that focuses on memory and family, and don’t we need more than that these days?

Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus & Butterfly

From Toge Productions for PC, PS4 and Switch

With the first Coffee Talk With such success, it’s no wonder Toge Productions has moved on with Episode 2! Carrying the same visual novel format, Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus & Butterfly is a casual sim game. Focusing on genuine conversations with coffee shop customers, this is a game that helps build warm friendships along with warm drinks.

This time around, the episode will introduce a more diverse cast of fantasy characters and a more varied cast list. From latte art to delightful flavors to heartfelt stories of amazing locals, this game is sure to give you a good time.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk

From Team Reptile for PC and Switch

Fun, poppy and full of attitude, this stylized game is the perfect 3D platformer for music lovers. You’ll be able to ride around the city armed with a jet pack and a graffiti box to build up your REP while facing off against the urban police. With different moves, dances and tricks, Bomb Rush Cyberfunk looks like an eclectic game that pops off the screen.

What’s more interesting than the game’s visuals, though, is its soundtrack. Composed by Jet station and Sonic Rush composer Hideki Naganuma, Bomb Rush Cyberfunk bursting with vibrant and energetic beats.

Goodbye Volcano High

From KO_OP for PC, PS4, PS5

Combining elements from rhythm games, interactive movies, and choice-based narration, Goodbye Volcano High tell the story of the apocalypse. Perhaps surprisingly, that story is a love story.

The player controls Fang, a non-binary dinosaur raised through the pain and change of high school. Unfortunately, when they finally try to put their lives on the right track, the world is closer to its end than ever. Through this, Fang – and the players – rethink what it means to grow and reconnect through the power of community.

Additionally, whichever relationship you choose to follow in the game affects the overall outcome, making each choice impactful and personal. It is visually captivating with love from its own soul, making Goodbye Volcano High one to play.


From BlueTwelve Studio for PS4, PS5 and PC

Ever wanted to explore astigmatism online, but through a cat’s eyes? Then look no further Lost! Play as a stray cat separated from his family, wandering through the dark alleys of an unfamiliar city. While it’s largely an adventure game about trying to get home, you’ll also uncover mysteries in the neon world that could lead to salvation – or if you’re unlucky, meet hazardous.

Of course, playing as a cat has its advantages. You can equip a variety of playstyles, from stealth to daring, to interact with the world around you. Plus, you’ll have the help of a B12 drone buddy along the way, creating unexpected gameplay and environmental interactions. Lost definitely stands out for its aesthetics and character, which is why this game should be an indie game shortlist in 2022.

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