5 horror movies found to be underrated

When it comes to the best horror movies around, there’s something to be said for the variety of shots mainly because it can make the audience feel as if the audience is right there. . That is certainly the case when talking about a movies like Cloverfield. Audiences watching the scene of the Statue of Liberty rolling down the street felt like the effect added a little bit of realism to the film. That may be why there have been so many horror movies to be found over the past few years. It can be hard to remember, but there was a time when they were relatively rare. The found footage is even said to be a whole new type of film.


When Blair Witch Project coming for the first time at the scene, it shows just how spooky these types of films can be. It’s not necessarily the movie that’s the first to take this approach, but it’s certainly the one that puts this kind of format on the map. Since then, there have been all kinds of films that have tried to imitate the success of Blair Witch and have had some better success than others.

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There were some, like Cloverfield and Paranormal activity took the format and ran with it and made it even more successful. There are others who have done quite well with footage found but lost in the shuffle. They are horror movies whose scenes are truly underrated that deserve a different perspective for those who love that kind of approach.

Getting Deborah Logan

taking the logan tree deborah

Getting Deborah Logan is one of the best shot horror movies of all time but it simply doesn’t get the respect it deserves. This diary-like film is supposed to be about a family dealing with a woman with Alzheimers. The fact that the woman, Deborah Logan acted oddly is often dismissed for that reason. Eventually, the cameramen began to realize something rather sinister was going on.

Since then, the film that takes viewers on a wild ride has also managed to bring a little different take on the demonic possession genre. One of the reasons this movie ended so well as expected, is because the transformation from a confused woman seemingly trapped by her illness into a lurking monster was made. pretty good now. The other characters don’t see it coming until it’s too late.

Diary Of The Dead

Diary of the Dead

Diary of the Dead is the fifth zombie movie created by the great George A. Romero, and it’s a completely different type of zombie than any of his other zombies. Perhaps because this is his fifth film, it didn’t have much of a buzz, but it did a great job showing how a group of college students were in the woods doing their own thing when the apocalypse saw ghosts can happen. too slow to understand exactly what’s going on. There’s also a pretty good reason why the public, in general, might not be able to adapt to the fact that people die faster. While today’s moviegoers instinctively take their heads out, these kids are still grasping for that reality and are therefore hesitant when a murder scene is required.

While the cast is relatively unknown (except for a brief appearance by a young Tatiana Maslany) they did a relatively good job at convincing the audience that these are desperate people just trying to get through what appears to be the end of the world. There is also an aspect that seems to be ahead of its time when a character talks about distrusting the media. Again, people who’ve seen these types of movies in 2021 know there’s no reason to believe the news lies about the walking dead. However, in the world of this movie, there are some who think the reports are going to come back any time now.

Hell House LLC

hell house LLC

Hell House LLC is a movie similar to something like Paranormal activity with a little twist on that topic. This movie depicts a group of friends who have bought an old hotel and are turning it into what they hope will become the scariest Halloween haunted house around. The problem is that there seems to be a sinister force at work that kills most of the friends and wreaks havoc when the actual guests are touring the facility.

The film is set in the background of a news investigation with interviews from overnight survivors and clips of what happened in the house. It’s a very good approach to an outdated format, and it’s certainly one of those movies that has become extremely overrated these days.



Isolation offers a bit of a difference from the usual zombie movies as it’s not clear if the monsters that are hunting down humans are actually dead and trying to eat other people or not. It seems that in this movie the sick people have some kind of rabies virus that makes them extremely weird and aggressive when they come face to face with other people. This disease is at first a great mystery that a news group led by reporter Jennifer Carpenter Characters are trying to unravel as they pass an apartment complex.

This found horror movie is actually an Americanized version of another movie called Rec. Although that Italian TV series is considered better, this one alone is still very good. Perhaps because the movie is a remake of an existing movie, it’s pretty underrated but totally worth watching.



Antrum is a bit of Witch and a little Rings with Blair Witch Project mix in for good measure. In essence, this is a fantasy about a movie that left more than 60 people dead after watching it. The film itself seems to be about a cult that practices magic and that demon is associated with the film. Sure, this movie is the lowest-budget of all the low-budget movies, but the idea that it kills the very people it’s watching is an interesting one. It’s worth seeing.

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