5 heroes in sci-fi movies that stand the test of time

When it comes to the best Science Fiction franchises out there, they all have one huge thing in common. They both have very memorable villains and very memorable heroes. The best of the best can’t really be just one or the other. The best movies need to secure and have both to work together. Of course, even if a movie has good guys and bad guys, there’s no guarantee that the characters in it Science Fiction The film will be memorable for many generations. That’s why there are very few heroes from these movies that really stand the test of time.

There is a certain trait that true heroes that “stand the test of time” should have. Those same traits also allow the love of those characters to pass from generation to generation. Whether talking about Star Wars Franchising, or Star Trek or any other sci-fi IP, the heroes need to be able to stand out from the hero pool already in those movies. These particular franchises feature a lot of protagonists. There’s a reason why these heroes are the most loved of the bunch. There’s a reason why with hundreds of different sci-fi franchises, these five are at the top of the pile.


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Mr. spock

There’s a reason why the phrase “long live and prosper” is even known by people who aren’t necessarily fans of science fiction. In fact, it’s a safe bet that although people may have heard that phrase before, some may not even know why they know it. The reason that Mr. Spock stands out from the many heroes involved in the Star Trek series not only “live long and prosper”. The fact is that he lived a life that others could aspire to and it wasn’t because he was someone who was just “cool”. There’s another phrase that Spock is famous for and that led to… one of his deaths. “The needs of the many are greater than the needs of the few.”

Mr. Spock is certainly accompanied by other memorable sci-fi heroes. James T. Kirk, Dr. McCoy, and even Scott are almost as famous. There’s a reason why Star Trek Franchise is still going on although it is being made by new versions of the classic characters. But while those characters are famous and well-liked, Spock is the one that people who aren’t even a fan of the genre know and cite.

Which doctor?

When Doctor Who is mostly on TV, the character also had a lot of special features in the length of the movie that they allowed them to make a difference. In fact, perhaps none of the characters on the list embody the idea of ​​”standing the test of time” considering the large group of people who have taken on the mantle of Doctor Who.

Like Mr. Spock, it’s mostly Doctor Who’s moral compass that makes them very popular, regardless of the actor playing the part. Regardless of who has appeared on screen as The Doctor, they have taken a hardline stance against hurting people if they can help it. Even when it comes to things the viewer might deem to be hurtful. The fact that the character continues, generation after generation, means that Doctor Who truly stands the test of time.

ellen ripley

While Doctor Who is ultimately played by a woman, Jodie Whitaker is part of a larger picture. That particular character is not referred to as a woman but rather a woman takes on the role throughout the course of the story. The same cannot be said for Ellen Ripley. Sigourney Weaver made it Alien personality What is she like today and she did it by showing a real evolution through a number of different movies. In the first Alien, she was just a bystander when a large, evil creature killed those around her. Through several other films, she has become stronger and more certain of herself and how to deal with creatures. In the end, she even turned into an action hero/killer machine.

In this particular evolution, she showed that the female characters in science fiction movies like Alien doesn’t have to be any kind of “damn me miserable.” They don’t have to be an afterthought. Considering Ellen Ripley first appeared in 1979, it’s neither shape nor established fact in any way. It’s not nearly four decades later and like Mr Spock, or Doctor Who, people who aren’t even sci-fi fans may have at least heard the name Ellen Ripley, even if they haven’t. know who she is or why they are. know the name.

optimal prime number

The only non-human on this list makes it to this list because he might be a robot, but Optimus Prime is a robot with a heart of gold. In his first appearance as a cartoon character in children’s cartoons, he’s grown a lot more than that, partly because he’s always been someone who wants to do the right thing and make relationships. care of innocent children above their own. This character was one of the kids who watched the show and ended up watching the cartoon he was looking for.

He’s also a character that’s popular and likable enough for him to create a series of live-action movies. That allowed Optimus Prime to live much longer than anyone thought he would. While that live-action version may not receive the same cachet as the original, it’s clear that the character has stood the test of time and will continue to be loved and talked about for years and years to come. following system.

Darth Vader

Yes, it is true that most people would consider Darth Vader one of the quintessential baddies in sci-fi, but those people forget that even though the man did some really terrible things, he also made his turn at the end of the first trilogy in constant development. Star Wars Franchising. It’s safe to say that if Darth Vader didn’t end up siding with his son, rather than the emperor, things could turn out very, very differently for the rebellion.

If Darth wasn’t a hero for most of his existence in those first three movies, he was a hero for a minute, and that’s an important minute. There is also little doubt that the character stands the test of time. His very signature breath is something someone can identify pretty quickly, in the same way that horror fans can identify music from it. Halloween.

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