5 Great Horror Movies Directed by Women

The issue of gender equality in cinema has become a hot topic in recent years, especially when it comes to female representation in the director’s chair. Although there are many female directors in the business, very few have achieved “successful” status. This is especially true of the horror genre.

While there really isn’t top horror directors As a woman, there are many acclaimed films with women as their directors. These tend to be movies that are pretty specific to horror/boom fans and don’t have a lot of blockbuster hits, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t great.


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carnage inside sleep

1982 Slumber Party Massacre was one of the most interesting killers of the 1980s. Not so much because of the movie itself but because of the story and intentions behind the movie.

Directed by Amy Holden Jones and written by Rita Mae Brown, the screenplay is for Slumber Party Massacre initial written as a parody film. It was intended to mock the murderous films of that era, and especially the way women were sexually aroused in them. In the end, it was filmed as an outspoken killer, but it still holds a lot of funny moments and is a lot more meaningful if the audience knows the true intentions. The movie itself has pretty gratuitous nudity and sex, but it’s so absurd that it’s actually funny.

In 2021, there’s a remake, also written and directed by women, premiering on Syfy. It’s a different plot from the original but maintains many of the same themes and the iconic Driller Killer villain, and is even more overt. in its satirical nature.

raw 2016

2016 film by Julia Ducournau Original Not for the faint of heart. This is definitely one of those movies for true horror and scary moviegoers to enjoy, and not so much for the casual horror buff. The story is about a woman named Justine, who has always been a member of a strict vegetarian family. She had just started her veterinary studies and, in a ritual shepherding ritual, was forced to eat raw rabbit kidneys. After that, Justine began to crave meat, including human flesh.

Though gruesome in its premise, Original is a teen drama as much as a horror movie. Yes some scenes are really annoying which reportedly caused some people to faint at the Toronto International Film Festival, but there were also plenty of emotional moments. Overall, it’s beautifully handcrafted and everyone involved is doing their job to the best of their ability.

Most recently, Ducournau directed another French body horror film called Titane won the Palme d’Or at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival.

pet semi-monthly

This movie is a certified classic and probably the most popular movie on this list. Written by Stephen King, who also wrote the book of the same name, and directed by Mary Lambert, the story here follows a family who moves into a new home and discovers a strange pet cemetery in the neighborhood. forest near their home.

Most people probably know the full story here, but it’s a really great movie, so if the viewer has can avoid vandals Up to this point, it’s best to look at going in the dark. Now over 30 years old, it holds up very well and is still very moving and scary. There are some great horror moments here and audiences should watch this and skip the remake.

Lambert is still primarily known for her work on Pet Sematary and its sequel, but she also had a successful career directing music videos for the likes of Madonna and Motley Crue.


The Babadook is a very popular horror movie for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it’s just a really great scary movie. Second, it overcame the horror genre and became a viral meme on the internet – especially among the LGBT+ community. It is also considered the directorial debut of an Australian woman named Jennifer Kent.

The story revolves around a single mother and her young son, who are experiencing some behavioral problems. One night the boy asked his mother to read it to him a book called “Mister Babadook”, which depicts a disturbing monster named Babadook. After reading the book, strange things start to happen to the couple as Babadook takes over their lives in a very cruel way. Although not a huge commercial success at first, The Babadook since then has attracted a lot of fans. It was also one of the first horror films to kickstart 2010’s major trend of using horror as a metaphor for mental health/illness.

Kent has since made another feature film, a brutal revenge film titled Nightingales which is also very welcome.

candy killer

Year 2021 Candy man The sequel was highly anticipated and became the talk of the horror community. It is set nearly 30 years after the original 1992 film but is set in the same universe and same place and is a true sequel, despite its “spiritual sequel” marketing. This movie takes the viewer back to Cabrini-Green, looks a lot different than it did in 1992, and the audience sees someone else being taken over. The Legend of Candyman.

The film is also highly anticipated as it stars Jordan Peele, who serves as the film’s producer and screenwriter. Although its director is Nia DaCosta, a relatively unknown director with only one feature film before this one, but because of the style and sharpness of this film, no one can tell when watching. The film made DaCosta the first African-American woman to have a film at number one in its opening weekend. She is currently preparing to join the MCU, directing Captain Marvel next part The Marvels.

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