If you want to stay healthy and lose extra weight, a cardio workout is one of the best ways to get lean.

Cardio exercise works by increasing your heart rate and burning calories in the form of glucose and fat. It has nothing to do with lifting weights.

Cardio exercise increases your body’s productivity and makes you feel active.

Certain exercises can help improve heart and lung function.

It also helps strengthen bones and muscles.

Energy levels increase after aerobic exercise.

Increases self-confidence and protects against anxiety and depression.


Sprint is the best way to warm up and start working out. I’d be better off running on the treadmill than in the park. This is because you only need to burn the maximum number of calories in a limited time. The sprint is really easy. Sprint to the max and watch your workout pay off. We can use a treadmill if we don’t want to go outdoors.

Benefit: The sprint helps to move every muscle in the body. Not a single muscle in the body is left without work.

Jumping Rope or Jumping Rope

When you were a child, you most likely tried to jump rope for fun. But this time, jump rope yourself, as the jumping rope is the best aerobic exercise you can do indoors or outdoors. Then, just turn on the music and start skipping. Also, do not forget to count the number of passes. Start with a traditional, comfortable slow skip. Then, as your body gets used to skipping, explore other most effective methods for weight loss.

Pros: Jumping rope improves the body’s elasticity and resistance. It also increases heart rate.


I think a little bit of pedaling for your health is a wise decision rather than scrolling through your

smartphone. Exercise bikes are great for cycling at home. At brisk speeds, this can help burn a lot of calories. If you do this exercise consistently, you can get slim and slim in just a few days. There are many ways to incorporate cycling into your daily workout. Do not use your car, taxi, or bike to get to the nearest grocery store or ride your bike as there is a break during this lockout period. Cycling to the nearest place will save you time and help you stay healthy.

Benefits: This is one of the most intense workouts and will help you lose weight faster. It also includes movement of the whole body.


Burpees help prepare you for intense workouts. The best thing about burpees is that you can do this cardio workout when you want. You can do it anywhere in the house, so you don’t need to find a specific location to start this cardio workout. Make sure you have time for this and start running in place for at least a minute. To perform a burpee, bend over and prepare to bow. Now jump into the air and swing your arms. After landing, bend your knees and move toward the floor. When you’re done, start doing push-ups. Try doing burpees for 10 to 15 minutes non-stop.

Benefits: Burpees are a full-body aerobic exercise that helps the body achieve functional health. Your arms, chest, abs, quads, and hamstrings are trained during this cardio workout. After a few sets of burpees, your legs will start to take shape.

Jumping Jack

Jumping jack is a classic cardio workout that burns a lot of calories. It also helps reduce belly fat and tones the thighs and quads. Spread your legs wide and repeat jumping as you rotate your arms over your head and back again. Repeat the same process briefly until exhausted. Remember, you won’t be completely exhausted when doing this cardio.

Benefit: Ski jumping strongly affects the body because it requires speed and energy. If you practice this exercise regularly, you can lose a few pounds a month.


So, go for it and shed some extra pounds from your body. Do not forget to stay hydrated and perform all the exercises in the right way. So you will get desired results within a limited period.

Huynh Nguyen

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