5 Great Bisexual Dating Apps/Sites – Know Before You Go

People misunderstand bisexuality. They think bisexuals are promiscuous, always want threesomes, and live their lives only to get new and more sex. It’s laughable if it weren’t so sad. 

That said, bisexual dating can be a challenge. You get attached and finally break the news that you are bisexual, even if you have never “cheated.”. Their response could kill what was becoming a beautiful thing. 

With this in mind, you might want to look for a partner online, via bisexual dating apps or sites. You both know your gender identities upfront and can focus on other things.

Here are five top bisexual dating sites or apps to try.


This app is a lot like the heterosexual app Tinder, but it is set up to meet the needs of LGBTQ+ men. Register, set up your profile, and swipe through potential matches. Once you have an interest or someone shows an interest in you, you can engage in more conversation. The free account provides a lot, but there is a premium version too. In fact, you will find that bisexual dating apps have free versions or trials. 

Among the pros of Grindr, you can remain anonymous until you find a hookup you want to match with, there are over 27 million registered users, and has been around for a long time with a decent reputation.

The cons? Grindr is male-only, and it has a rep for users who only want casual hookups rather than serious relationships. If you are looking for something serious, look elsewhere.


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Bicupid has a huge user database which is natural for a dating app that has been around for almost 20 years. Signup takes about five minutes, setting up a profile with details of who you are and what you are looking for. You will be required to give your age, gender, ethnicity, and a few other things, and there are fields for you to give more information about yourself with character limits. It’s a good idea to answer these so that others have a little more information before they select you as a potential candidate. Plus, the app algorithm uses these to find matches for you. You are asked for your phone number, but that’s optional. You can always give it later to someone you have selected.

Among the pros is the obvious huge selection pool. Chances are you’ll find several to take a closer look at. And the app is super easy to navigate. Among cons, this is not a free app but has a free trial membership. Another con is that more users are looking for casual sex and some experimentation rather than serious, more long-term relationships.


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Taimi is a huge LGBTQ+ dating app, with all sorts of other resources and cool features. In fact, it is the largest dating app of its kind in the world – about 11.5 million registered users from all over the world. Start for free, set up your detailed profile, and wait for the sophisticated algorithm to present matches. You can swipe to accept or reject matches – a super-streamlined approach. Once you describe yourself as bisexual and what you are looking for, the matching process is carefully targeted for you.

A big pro for Taimi is its huge user database, the fact that it is in 138 countries, and you can therefore meet your ally wherever you may be or plan to be in your travels. And there are lots of other resources, as well as live chat and live streaming features.

One con of Taimi is that, with such a huge database, you will have to be very detailed about yourself and what you are looking for. Otherwise, you will get more matches than you can possibly go through.


10 Best Bisexual Dating Sites

In terms of being a comprehensive dating site, you will find it here. When you begin your registration process (free trial first), you will do as the shot above says. As a bi, you will enter that as your preference. Then you will be prompted to answer a series of 9 questions to give more personal information. The matches begin immediately, and you will get more than you can study quickly. Filling out additional information fields will narrow the matching, so complete those. The good thing about Zoosk is that you can narrow searches to hookups, casual dating, or more serious relationships.

Pros are important – over 35 million accounts, about 3 million messages going back and forth every day, it’s affordable, and more. Among cons, if you take the free trial be prepared for lots of ads, and there are almost too many options – learn how to navigate all of the search options.


Two lesbian women on cover of eHarmony websiteeHarmony is a full rage dating app for all genders and identities. It is one of the top dating apps all over the world. If you are looking for short-term hookups, this app is not for you. It is definitely for singles looking for serious relationships.

Register and set up your profile, narrowing your preferences by all sorts of criteria, so that the matches presented to you are aligned to your wants. While this is a paid app, you can start with a free trial first.

eHarmony has a good track record, boasting 2 million+ matches, is user-friendly, and has recently added a video communication platform. In look at cons, eHarmony is more expensive than many others and the registration process takes a while.

Are There More?

Oh yes, there are, and you will want to check them out too. Possible apps for your bisexual preferences may also be Pink Cupid, Elite Singles, Match, and more you can check out. You can find one to meet your unique wants.

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