5 Future Sci-Fi Movies That Will Happen Ever

Science fiction is an interesting genre for many reasons, one of which is that many of these films already have expiration dates. Whether in the near or far future, these films must place them at a great distance from the present moment so that all the scientific advances, or the unreliable, can happen reliably. trust. The problem that comes with this is that time continues to pass, and eventually, time catches up with all these movies. There’s a lot of sci-fi futures that, according to the movies, could’ve happened by now.


Science fiction has long been a genre that shows the horror and progress of science. At its core, science fiction has always been a genre that many people dream of. The creators sit around considering what the future might hold, whether it’s good or bad. The limiting factor, and often the hardest to consider, is how far into the future these stories should be set. Audiences need to believe that what is being shown is still going on or they need to be amazed at what the distant future may be.

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This future is quite far from our future, however, it is not quite as advanced as some other sci-fi movies. This movie instead a backward future in which Manhattan has been turned into its own prisoner island. Fortunately, this didn’t happen, and microchip injections that can kill you after a certain amount of time doesn’t seem to be something common. This is a future that is probably best left undone, as it doesn’t look like such a fun time in general.

This film follows a group of astronauts venturing on a mission to Jupiter after an alien monolith is discovered. Although it doesn’t show much about the world in this movie, a lot can be determined based on what the crew shows. A manned mission to Jupiter introduces an advanced space program far beyond our own, because NASA is still actively working even how to send a manned mission to Mars. The sentient supercomputer, HAL, is another advance that scientists are working towards but has yet to be completely cracked. It’s possible that some progress has been stymied by the warnings given by movies like this about the dangers of sentient AI.

Doc and Marty in 2015 in Back to the Future Part II

This future, set to be seen seven years ago, will have really fun to watch. While not everything is perfectly predicted, it is a cohesive future that shows real progress has been made. Flying cars, 3D billboards and more mark an innovative future that sadly doesn’t seem to be over yet. Cars are still on land, billboards don’t create a hologram of sharks that eat you, and clean energy is still being studied. Maybe all of this is still being worked on, but it doesn’t look like kids will be riding on real skateboards any time soon.

Arnold Schwarzenegger as Terminator

Obviously, this future never happened, because nothing remarkable the nuclear annihilation of humanity. A post-apocalyptic future filled with armed robots looking to wipe out all human life doesn’t sound like the most exciting thing to ever happen. According to the original movie, this future should have happened in the last 25 years or so. However, if the sequels are to be believed, it’s possible that this future is still on its way and only continues to be pushed back thanks to the heroes’ war. That means laser guns can be a sad path.

net Netflix-best-action-movies-blade-runner-1982

Maybe it’s a good thing in this future that never happens, because life seems difficult in Ridley Scott’s vision of the future. Set in a near-apocalyptic future where corporations have taken control and the graying of morality has colored everyday life, this future seems to be one without a lot of things. to aspire. Unfortunately the constant rain and large corporate logos are not as far away as one might think, however, it will probably be a while before androids that are indistinguishable from humans are created.

Is not every future projected in science fiction most promising, with many catching up with the downward trend that the world seems to be facing. However, there are things that suggest a future in which things are better and the world has evolved. The modern world has made some amazing advances, many promising, so some of these futures may not be as far-fetched as we think. These ideal futures may have passed, but they may also have sparked someone’s impetus to make them a reality. Only time will tell.

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