5 Foreign Language Netflix Thrillers That Are Underrated

Horror and fear is the Universal language, which is why audiences should look beyond their mother tongue to find new and exciting content on offer. In recent years, horror has been big box office news with IT redo, Halloween the sequel and the latest part of Screaming generate headlines and a relative amount. It could be a sign of the times, or it could be the cyclical nature of trends but in a way the renewed interest in the genre is certainly Bringing fans more content more than ever.


Netflix has been doing its part to contribute new services with its multitude of Originals, including many limited series by Mike Flanagan, and is also working harder to introduce more international horror films more economical in your library. With that, let’s take a look at 5 foreign-language horror movies that are not appreciated on this platform.

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Filipino movies Pagpag: Nine Lives based on the superstition of never going home right after waking up in case evil spirits follow. Apparently, this tradition is ignored and for a group of friends accidentally stumbled upon a funeral While out at night, it becomes a deadly reality as they are haunted by unidentified dead people. Each of the friends inadvertently interacted with the coffin that night, leading spirits to dwell in objects, such as a handkerchief, and causing the untimely death of most of them. all of them.

Stylish and fun, Pagpag It may be light on fears, but it still gives an interesting look at Filipino traditions and how myths are created. The final stage also has some fun ghosting and good realistic makeup effects.


Spanish movies 2017 Veronica is another entry in the category of “Young girl using Ouija bảng board, and it’s horribly wrong “the film subgroup is admittedly quite saturated. However, Veronica is one of the best and most effective films of its kind and is based on a true case from 1991. about a young girl who mysteriously dies then using the Ouija board After Veronica and her friends hold a showcase at their Catholic school, it becomes clear that there is some kind of evil entity Some poison is watching Veronica or has inhabited her.

Although it is not the most original story, what Veronica there is an excellent lead actress in Sandra Escacena and effective pacing. Usually this generation goes overboard with dance scares and demons spilling out from every dark corner, but here it is a much lighter story that builds to a terrifyingly tense climax as Veronica tries to protect her siblings from the evil she has committed.


The child-centered horror is more family-friendly than an Austrian film revolving around a family moving out of the big city for a quieter small-town life. Of course, when they moved into their new home, the youngest Eddi was possessed almost immediately, began to sleepwalk and carving strange symbols into things. Now, brother Henrik and their new friends must solve the mystery of the old house and what haunts it in order to banish the spirit and free Eddi from its invasion.

While Strange house Aimed at a younger audience, it is still a great watch for adults. There are some truly creepy and unmistakable moments Strange things and IT: Chapter One vibe as four kids band together to help souls let go of the past while reconciling their present.


After a ride-sharing app brings them together, a group of strangers find themselves stuck somewhere in the Italian wilderness when a car accident leaves them stranded. The group soon encounters the obligatory creepy house in the woods and evidence of newly made sacrificial rituals nearby. What happens next is a battle for survival as they are singled out one by one by masked cultists.

What’s different about A classic horror story is its humorous approach to the genre. Movies influence from The cabin in the woods and Wrong turn combines elements from both to create a mega-movie that is perhaps trying a little too hard to be clever but is nonetheless an interesting and macabre excursion.

The Guardian is the story of a backup singer who tries to become the center of attention after her backup idol Phuong commits suicide. There were a lot of scary dolls in the beginning Guard. Called Kumanthong dolls, they are a type of guardian angel that brings good luck to those who have them, as long as they are properly blessed. After her death, Ly became obsessed with dolls and their ability to change the trajectory of her life. When she becomes a star, she discovers that it’s all for sure and terrible things start happening around her.

Guardians Is one Super well crafted the suspenseful film travels to unexpected locations, changes genre, and ramps up tension in the third act. An Indictment of the Pitfalls of Fame, Vengeance and Superstition The Guardian is a surprising and hugely gripping film, filled with misdirection and tinged with sadness.

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