5 Directors Who Could Create The Big Nightmare With Elm . Street Reboot

Like David Gordon Green’s Halloween the film has successfully revived the iconic slasher series, there has been a lot of talk about bringing Wes Craven’s A Nightmare on Elm Street a series of a similar treatment. The Exorcist and Texas Chainsaw Massacre both received Halloweenthe styled reboot will redact every previous sequel – it’s only a matter of time before it happens with every other horror classic.

Instead of simply remaking Craven’s 1984 original or trying to fit in a pile of seven existing sequels, a Elm street reboot can continue directly from the shocking ending of the beginning Nightmare. Robert Englund might even return like an old Freddy.


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The normally great Jackie Earle Haley in the 2010 remake proved that no other actor could play Freddy with quite the same silly menace as Englund. The best way to continue Nightmare The franchise is a soft reboot that brings Englund back. But before that Elm street The sequels proved that Englund’s presence alone didn’t make for a great movie.

Robert Englund as Freddy Krueger in A Nightmare on Elm Street

Craven’s original Nightmare on Elm Street The script has one of the tastiest and most innovative horror antecedents ever conceived. Freddy is the ultimate rogue, stalking his prey on dreamscapes where he has all the control. But a movie with a great premise needs to be well executed to really work. Craven executes his vision masterfully, moving audiences in and out of dreamscapes seamlessly with John Carpenter’s unrelenting horror. Halloween and Stanley Kubrick’s tense atmosphere The Shining.

Any potential Nightmare on Elm Street The revival will require a filmmaker with the tension commanding, visual flair, and passion for horror befitting Craven’s. Thankfully, horror cinema is in an advantageous position right now and has a few strong contenders.

Ewan McGregor looks through the broken bathroom door in Doctor Sleep

Anyone who undertakes Nightmare on Elm Street Reboots need to have their own personal vision, but one that still honors Craven’s traditions. One filmmaker who has proven himself adept at translating another visionary horror is Mike Flanagan.

Flanagan is one of Hollywood’s best-suited boys for Stephen King adaptation, brought both Gerald’s game and sleeping doctor onto the screen. In sleeping doctor, Flanagan not only adapted King’s work – as if that weren’t enough pressure – he also made a spiritual sequel for Kubrick’s iconic (and hugely unfaithful) adaptation of The Shining, signed up for Danny Torrance as an adult. On both turns, Flanagan succeeds.

In addition to his ability to bring familiar horror films into new or modern settings, Flanagan is also an excellent horror director. His breakout movie Silent is tense and terrifying from start to finish.

A demon in the basement in Evil Dead 2013

Fede Álvarez’s 2013 edition about Dead Devil is a rare example of a horror remake that uses modern filmmaking techniques to enhance the horror of the original. 2013 Dead Devil matches the intensity of Sam Raimi’s groundbreaking 1981 original with greater funding and task management.

The remake celebrates the original’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of gore with even more gruesome, worse violence to push those boundaries further. One character cuts off their arm with an electric turkey cutter to stop the spread of evil – and then possession spreads.

Álvarez has worked wonders to instill the greatest fears from Dead Devil with terrible CGI, as well as bringing completely new concepts that filmmakers couldn’t even imagine in the 80’s. He can do the same for A Nightmare on Elm Streetbloody dream.

Florence Pugh screams in Midsommar

Since then his debut feature Hereditary has been labeled this generation’s answer to The ExorcistAri Aster is one of the most exciting new vocals in the horror genre. His Wicker Manfollowed by “folk horror” Midsommar – a strange, gruesome, psychedelic adventure through the murderous rituals of a Swedish cult – proves he’s not a one-trick pony. Horror movies tend to favor night scenes because the dark is an innate fear of humans, but Midsommar manages to scare the audience non-stop in broad daylight.

Aster certainly has his own unique horror vision, but there are moments in both Hereditary and Midsommar That proves he’d be a good fit A Nightmare on Elm Street. Hereditary there are some disturbing nightmare scenes that symbolize Peter’s guilt with images of his sister’s head rolling around in the corner of his dark bedroom. Midsommar there aren’t any simple dream sequences, but from the moment Dani arrives at the commune and she’s given a psychedelic drug, the rest of the movie is a haunting, hypnotic trip full of dreamlike images.

Candyman gives out candy in the Candyman reboot

Although recently Candy man reboot mainly by producer Jordan Peele, it is actually directed by Nia DaCosta. The new film is a direct sequel to the original that brings the iconic killer back, expands on his socially conscious mythology and skips all the sequels that fans hated.

The last social commentary is a bit lustful, but like a supernatural killer, 2021 Candy man is extremely satisfying. When it comes Directing and editing horror scenes, DaCosta has proven that she has an unparalleled instinct for what should appear in the frame and what should be left to the audience’s imagination. This can be seen in a particularly shocking sequence in the new season Candy man The reboot is set in the bathroom of a high school.

With moments like a journalist’s throat slit through the window of her apartment in a hauntingly still wide shot, DaCosta has managed to create brand new iconic images. from the macabre murders of a mysterious killer. If DaCosta can make Candyman scary again after a series of amusing sequels, she can do the same to Freddy.

Dorothy sings in the nightclub in Blue Velvet

A murderer in which unsuspecting victims are killed in their dreams is the perfect premise for a David Lynch movie. It’s very unlikely that Lynch will return to making movies to reboot a franchise – especially after his experiences working with a major Hollywood studio on Sand dunes — but his unsettling cinematic sensibilities would fit this particular franchise like a glove.

In disturbing masterpieces like Eraser, Green velvet, and Mulholland Drive, Lynch created a surreal, dreamy vision of the suburbs and Americana. His atmospheric filmmaking style is marked by macabre images overlaid with background noise. If Elm street rights holders are looking for a filmmaker who will deliver their own idiosyncratic ideas rather than just superficial imitations What did Craven do?, Lynch is their man.

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