5 characters will reappear in X-Men ’97

A few years after embarking on X Men, Disney and Marvel Studios finally ready to put those mutants to work with a warning, that it will be done by resurrecting the beloved X Men animated series from the 90s.

However, the word revive means much if not most of what was done X Men Very cool Saturday morning cartoons are making a comeback into the 21st century, even if Disney’s announcement doesn’t specify to what extent. With that in mind and not counting the core cast of the series, here are some of the characters that were prioritized for a Mutant 97 return:


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Professor X

Professor X dies in bed in X-Men cartoon

Although it sounds like cheating at first glance, how Mutant 97 Disposing of Professor X could very well dictate the entire course of the series because those with good memories will recall the end of the show regarding Charles Xavier’s body being taken away by the Shi’ar. All this leads to a reformed and wiser Magneto was left to oversee the X-Men after so many events near the end of the world straight from the comics.

Yes or no Mutant 97 Being able to survive without Professor X warrants a separate debate, but arguably if Marvel Studios wants to tackle nostalgia, his return is almost a necessity. In that context, it should be mentioned that X Men The animated series ended somewhat hastily due to Marvel’s bankruptcy and Saban Entertainment taking over much of the show’s last season with a clear drop in production and animation quality.

With the series officially ending in 1997, maybe Mutant 97 will want to retcon the series’ finale ends up in something that brings a different fate to Professor X and allows it to continue the way it should have been for the day.

Red Omega

Omega Red from the'90s X-Men animated series

Omega Red was created in 1992 as a quintessential Soviet villain to trace the aftermath of the Cold War. inside X Men cartoon series, he appears a total of four times, and each time he crosses paths with the X-Men, he proves himself to be a mighty adversary who absolutely cannot be killed without instead just frozen to incapacitate him.

What makes Omega Red great is his unique look and blend of powers including superhuman abilities, life tentacles, and death spores, all nicely encased in a trench coat of carbonadium armor. Soviet flash, or Russian adamantium. With Marvel Studios resurrecting the Red Guardian for Black Widow, thawing another relic from the cold war is not a far-fetched idea.


Psylocke from the'90s X-Men animated series

Aside from the more famous X-Men, the telepathic and telepathic ninja is a notable fan favorite, however, most of Betsy Braddock’s non-comic appearances have been disappointing. hope. Naturally, it doesn’t help that the most recent iterations of the character come from two of them the worst thing X Men Film produced by Fox, Last place and Apocalypse.

Psylocke from Last standing She barely resembles the original character in anything other than her name, and while the version from Apocalypse does much better, she doesn’t have any kind of backstory. Initially Psylocke was engaging enough to be playable for a number of times the best X Men game out there and with Marvel looking to use her brother Captain Britain, the studio could easily get two characters for the price of one.


Deadpool in the'90s X-Men animated series

Now this comes with a technicality because Deadpool never really came out in the ’90s X Men, or at least not in any way similar to the big-mouthed mercenary that Ryan Reynolds plays today. See, while Deadpool’s fourth-wall antics have always been intrinsic to the character, his signature sense of humor wasn’t written at the time, so in the X-Men he’s like an easter egg.

These Deadpool flashbacks are still much better than the nasty stuff said in Werewolf mutant, but an animated version of the character could certainly spice things up Mutant 97. Ryan Reynolds would love to play Wade Wilson and his inclusion is sure to bring something new to the series.


Apocalypse in the'90s X-Men animated series

The oldest and one of the most powerful mutants ever in the entire Marvel universe has a somewhat odd treatment in X-Men: Apocalypse. Played by the brilliant Oscar Isaac, Apocalypse is now remembered as a perfect example of how not to do CGI, when the actor undergoes a lengthy make-up process that involves the use of prosthetics to give him a rather human look, rather than the lofty godlike presence he portrays. must have X Men.

Even if he was used in the ’90s animated series, it’s hard to imagine the X-Men without the looming threat of the Apocalypse trying to destroy the world. His moments in the series make for some of the best storylines X Men has to offer, plus animations that can really tap into the endless potential his powers have to offer while also taking his four riders with him on the ride. In any case, even Mr. Sinister would be a perfect addition to the show.

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Animated Spider-Man Captain America and Iron Man
The ’90s Spider-Man animated series was the original connected universe

No Avengers crossover will match the feat of animated Spider-Man in the ’90s, whose powers could even be called the X-Men.

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