5 blockbusters nominated for best picture

With the latest round of Oscar nominations fast approaching, the year’s strongest contenders are emerging: Licorice pizza, Nightmare Alley, West story. Despite another year of being hit by the pandemic, there are still plenty of wealthy people who can take home gold.

Not many people in the industry predict that F9 or Godzilla vs. Kong or Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings will get the Academy’s attention this year, as the Oscars tend to dismiss blockbusters. The Academy tends to favor small, prestigious historical films over big, noisy, action-packed, crowd-pleasing fare. The idea is a movie whose existence is motivated by the need to expand the profit margin of a corporation, such as a Batman movie or Star Wars film, nor can it be a thought-provoking work of art.


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But the “art versus commercial” debate really doesn’t hold up, because all movies are art and commercial to some extent. Winners of prestigious Oscars such as There will be bloodshed is still a product that is being sold to the audience, like an action blockbuster like Spider-Man 2 can still have thematic depth and emotional resonance. Some movies are more commercial than art, like Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, while others are more artistic than commercial, like Remover.

Frodo holding the ring in The Lord of the Rings Return of the King

The head of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige, recently told The Hollywood Reporter that his superhero blockbusters are always “in deficit” as the season approaches, due to “a genre bias that inevitably exists” in the Oscar voting community. But the Academy hasn’t always been opposed to high-concept films with huge fan followings.

Some of the highest-grossing films ever were nominated for Best Picture, and some even won. Rocky, Titanic, and The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King all take home a giant boat at the box office, then take home Best Picture at the Oscars. It’s rare, but sometimes the tastes of ordinary moviegoers and ordinary Oscar voters magically match.

Sheriff Brody in front of the shark in Jaws

By Steven Spielberg Jaw considered by many to be the first blockbuster. After the thrilling story of a everyone cop protecting his seaside town from a bloodthirsty great white shark became the highest-grossing film ever made in 1975, every studio Everyone wanted a high-quality animated movie that they could release in the summer.

In addition to sinking opponents at the box office, Jaw was recognized by the Academy as one of the best films of the year. It lost to Miloš Forman’s One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, a sobering meditation on mental illness featuring one of the creepiest villains in cinematic history. Since then, from Raiders of the Lost Ark arrive ET the Extra-Terrestrial, a few others Blockbuster directed by Spielberg was nominated for Best Picture.

Han, Luke and Leia hide behind Chewie on the Death Star in Star Wars

After Spielberg’s Shark Thriller became the first blockbuster, space opera by friend George Lucas Star Wars solidified the high-concept genre franchise into Hollywood’s favorite currency. Industry experts – including the studio executive in charge of producing the film – had assumed the film would flop. And of course, after that, the film defied those expectations and became a global cultural phenomenon. It passed Jaw for the title of the highest-grossing film of all time and changed the entire business by making speculative franchises the norm. The widespread influence of Star Wars can still be felt almost half a century later.

The original 1977 film, regardless of changes, “Special Edition”, is a timeless masterpiece with a fun, humorous tone, engaging adventure story, and colorful cast of characters that still captivate audiences. fake to this day. No wonder Lucas ‘game changing gem was nominated for Best Picture. Unfortunately, it lost out to Woody Allen’s fourth breakout romantic comedy Annie Hall.

Jake and Neytiri use bows in Avatar

After Titanic becoming the highest-grossing film ever made and winning Best Picture (and a bunch of other Oscars), James Cameron almost did it again with his stellar 3D sci-fi epic. Avatar. Thanks to a host of exciting new filmmaking techniques used to transport audiences into the world of sci-fi, Avatar managed to attract enough ticket buyers Titanic is the highest-grossing film.

It was also nominated for Best Picture at the first Academy Awards ceremony, where the Academy expanded the category’s nominations from the standard five. This move is believed to be a response to By Christopher Nolan the dark Knight shunned in the previous year. However, Avatar lose Wound Locker, directed by Kathryn Bigelow, Cameron’s ex-wife.

Leonardo DiCaprio watching the gyro in Inception

Between the second and third Batman movies, Christopher Nolan took a break to prove to audiences that blockbusters unrelated to the franchise can still exist with his trippy dream sci-fi epic Start. After becoming one of the highest-grossing films of 2010, Start was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture, but ended up losing The King’s Speech.

The Academy’s nomination of a major sci-fi action film is a surprising move, but Nolan’s dreamy work is cinematic and thought-provoking enough to earn a spot among the nominations. is different. Despite being one of the most famous directors in the world, Nolan has yet to win Best Director (and he just nominated once, for Dunkirk). academia is looking for.

Michael B Jordan as Killmonger in Black Panther

Although he has criticized the Academy’s “genre bias”, Feige himself was nominated for Best Picture in 2018 for producer Ryan Coogler’s Black Panther. Coogler’s film escapes the pitfalls of the original MCU films with strong themes, mythical storytelling, and an incredible villain.

In the end, it lost the prize to its hands Green Book, proved to be a controversial move. Rome, Favorite, BlacKkKlansman, A star was born, and really Black Panther all are considered stronger movies Green Book, which has to endure preaching, greedy messages. But on the contrary Black Panther addressing colonialism from a Negro’s perspective, Green Book deal with racism and discrimination from a white person’s perspective.

Timothee Chalamet holding a sword in Dune

There has been some Oscar talk around recent blockbusters. Denis Villeneuve’s vivid images and unclear subject matter Sand dunes earned it a spot among this year’s Oscar contenders. And while There’s no time to die probably won’t get the nod for Best Picture, there’s some speculation that Daniel Craig’s emotional final performance as James Bond could bring him his first Best Actor nomination in the history of the franchise.

Chances are that blockbusters can prosper at the post-pandemic awards ceremonies. COVID hastened the inevitable slow death of the mid-range studio genre that the Academy typically nominates. All that will exist are giant blockbusters like Spider-Man: There’s no way home and the mini-movies gradually build up fan bases on different platforms throughout the year, like Smart book. Since the average Academy voter tends to miss sleepy reviews like Smart book, Uncut Gems, and Portrait of a woman on fire, they might end up just being blockbusters.

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Oscars awards next to the logo
Movies will have to be more diverse if they want to win an Oscar

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has set new standards for diversity and inclusion for eligibility for the Academy Award for Best Picture.

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