5 best sci-fi performances of 2021

Matrix Recovery possibly the biggest and most awaited advertisement Science Fiction movie in 2021 but that doesn’t mean the Wachowski sisters take away the limelight from others in the industry. In fact, with a lot of delay Matrix There’s even competition on HBO Max with Denis Villeneuve’s Sand dunes.

When it comes Science Fiction, it’s hard to compete with the stage offered by adaptations of genre-defining works like Frank Herbert’s masterpiece, yet it’s even harder to define what exactly is science fiction. since its range can always be stretched. For the purposes of these proposals, the concept of science fiction will be limited to a wonderful quote by Arthur C. Clarke, about his vision of the genre: “Science fiction is what is possible. It can happen – but usually you won’t want it to come. Illusion is the impossibility, even though you often just wish it could.”


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Stellan Skarsgård – Sand dunes

Dune Warner Bros. Villains

Timothée Chalamet is amazing in Sand dunes, he’s the star of the film, though the same praise can be bestowed for Rebecca Ferguson’s portrayal of Jessica Atreides. However, in a film that favors slow and subtle revelation, few characters stand out like its two protagonists, and one of them is Baron Vladimir Harkonnen, who has succeeded in creating gives off some pretty dark and eerie vibes every time he shows up, courtesy of some great aesthetics.

Chalamet has been one of Hollywood’s best actors in recent years but Skarsgård has been honing his craft longer than the young star is alive, so it’s a surprise to see him shine when he hits the corner of House Atreides. Skarsgård is the perfect villain for Sand dunes and it’s his power and lofty ambitions that make Paul’s plight of saving the house all the more convincing to the viewers. Bigger things will come Sand dunes part two.

Melanie Laurent – Oxygen


In any preceding year, Netflix’s sci-fi champion will be Dark, the German time-travel thriller that surprised the world, however, since do Arcane fit the sci-fi mold slightly tense and the dubbing is harder to judge, Mélanie Laurent gets a nod for Oxygen.

French actor best known for his role in Godless Basterds and anyone unfamiliar with the rest of her work will miss out on her stunning talent that has come to fruition in this French sci-fi thriller. That’s because Alexandre Aja’s claustrophobic setting and sparse cast created the perfect lab environment for Laurent to shine in. seriously underrated sci-fi movies should tick all the boxes for fans of the genre.

Ryan Reynolds – Free boy

Free Guy poster

While Reynolds has certainly blurred the line between film and reality like Deadpool persona continues to merge with its social media activity, Free Guy goes back a bit making Guy the perfect NPC to explore the Free City. Sci-fi comedy is a rare combination but Free Guy’s Video games tropes and references hit in all the right places to create a fun ride.

Naturally, Reynolds is a big part of why the movie works in the first place instead of something like 2018 Ready Player One, because of Free boy don’t take yourself too seriously. In any case, watching Reynolds fight himself in this scene makes this feel-good movie worth watching.

Jared Harris – establish

Jared Harris in Apple TV +'s Foundation

Few big names in the world of science fiction are like Isaac Asimov but sadly the author’s work doesn’t always do its fair share when it comes to movie adaptations, with the most recent being division I’m a robot starring Will Smith that still left a mark of loyalty for those who liked it.

In this case, your Apple TV establish continuing that tradition as it is a complete departure from Asimov’s establish trilogy, though still a fun show that looks like a simulation Westworld’s appeals and political conspiracies in Game of Thrones. Harris leads the way as math-savvy Hari Seldon in a reality where humanity can predict the fall of empires thousands of years before it happens, and he’s joined by a brilliant cast no less makes this special establish way more interesting it should be.

Tom Hiddleston – Loki


By most standards, the superhero genre doesn’t meet the requirements. However, in the new Disney Plus era of the MCU, there’s plenty of room for experimentation and Loki exactly that: it’s Marvel’s sci-fi series. Realistic dystopian? Test. Unexpected future for humanity and the multiverse? Test. Science fiction inspiration? Test.

Director Kate Herron said she wanted to Loki to “become a big love letter sci-fi movie”, with the show’s aesthetic and overall tone borrowing from things like Blade Runner, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, A Clockwork Orange, and Sevenand it’s safe to say she accomplished that much more than that. Hiddleston’s charm as Loki needs no introduction and here he may shine alone in a detective adventure that sees him chase variations of himself. It really doesn’t get any more sci-fi than that,

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