5 best moments in League of Legends Arcane Season 1

Part 1 of Arcane ended last month after bringing us nine breathtaking episodes. Set in the vast world of League of Legends, Riot Games’ Arcane Nothing is missing a masterpiece.

Arcane kept us hooked to our seats with the characters, story, music and last but not least, groundbreaking animation. Without a doubt, the entire season of League of Legends The series is great. However, there were a few moments on the show that blew our mind, and in this post, I’ve mentioned five such moments.

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Arcane | Official trailer



Arcane | Official trailer






The best moments in League of Legends ‘Arcane

5. Vander’s War

In the first two episodes, we learn that Vander is considered a legend in Zaun. Everyone in the city respects Vander and considers him as “Underground Hound.”

Vander’s presence and voice on screen was enough to make us fall in love with the character. However, it is also true that most fans are waiting to see Vander fight.

Luckily, we finally get to see him in action in the final episode of Act 1. And seeing Vander completely dominate Deckard with his raw powers is a feast for the eyes. our. Apparently, he couldn’t finish Deckard at first because Silco stabbed him in the back. However, Vander used shimmer in the final moments to put an end to Deckard and save Vi from the explosion.

4. Jinx is here

The first act introduced us to Powder, a girl who wants nothing more than Vi’s expectations. However, she accidentally curses everything she touches, the reason why Mylo gave her the nickname “Jinx.”

inside League of Legends video game, Jinx is a maniac who loves to destroy everything in her path. So every LoL fan is waiting to see Powder finally turn into Jinx. Well, her first appearance in Episode 4 did not disappoint. Honestly, Jinx’s reveal setup in a firelight ambush is a brilliant execution by the creators.

3. Vi and Jayce team up

Vi and Jayce are extremely popular champions in League of Legends. Vi is a character that relies on her fists to fend off enemies, and we’ve seen her fighting skills in the first two Actions. However, in Episode 8, we finally get to see her using the powerful Hextech gauntlet. On top of that, she teams up with Jayce, who destroys everyone in her path with her legendary hammer.

Watching Vi and Jayce fight together is a delight for every LoL fan. From the animation to the fight choreography to the music, everything about the setting is breathtaking.

2. Vi’s second fight with Sevika

I hate it Sevika for betrayal Vander and sided with Silco, so she was the first Vi fought when she returned to Zaun after all these years. As expected, Vi overpowered Sevika with her punches, but Silco’s right hand used Vi’s emotions to turn the tide in her favor.

After that, every Arcane fans have been waiting for Vi’s second confrontation with Sevika, and we finally got that fight in the final episode. This time, Vi had Hextech gloves to compliment her punches. Honestly, watching Vi take down Sevika and scream her victory is one of the most powerful scenes of Season 1.

1. Jinx vs Ekko

For us, the best moment from Arcane Part 1 is definitely the battle between Jinx and Ekko. Of course, watching two childhood friends try to kill each other is heartbreaking. Furthermore, the fact that Ekko fell in love Flour when he was a kid makes that scene even sadder. However, no one can deny that watching these two characters fight made everyone take their seats.

The transition between Jinx and Ekko’s childhood and the current fight was brilliantly done in that scene. On top of that, the unusual animation style and music make it one of the best fight scenes in the animated format.

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