5 best changes made to VALORANT in 2021

By VALORANT biweekly updates, balance changes and new features set it apart from tactical shooters. The game is constantly evolving, improving, and tweaking to create an enjoyable, rewarding and competitive experience.

From fighting AFKers to rebuilding the economy, here are the biggest and best changes made to VALUABLE in 2021.

Solve AFK . problem

riot reduce AFK rate in half in 2021, fixing an issue that has long plagued the tactical shooter community. The AFK rate — the percentage of players leaving or not participating in the game — remained at the same level in 2020. But after the developers created an improved AFK detection system and introduced penalties to the players. recidivism, it has decreased significantly.

Changes made to the game in March made it possible to detect players who have disconnected from the game or been completely inactive for an extended period of time. A sophisticated tracking and AFK rating system that captures “AFK behavior” is also implemented, contributing to a better overall player experience.

KAY/O debut

Image via Riot Games

Yoru, Astra and Chamber all have their merits and each brings something new to the table, but KAY/O is the team’s pick for 2021. Introduced as an agent that takes players “back to the basics,” his kit focuses on gunplay.

KAY/O is a fun and familiar agent for players with a background in FPS. Complete with a flash grenade, a fragment grenade, and a blade and ultimate that suppresses and nullifies enemy abilities, he forces players to shoot first and question later.

Classic right click nerfed

riot beat Classic’s punch in Patch 3.09, nerf one of the most powerful weapons in the game. A nifty little gun like the Classic (which is free, by the way) should never be capable of killing people while jumping. Excelling in close to mid-range encounters while jumping or on the move, the gun has pushed its boundaries well.

The developers dug into the Classic’s stats in November, increasing its walking error from 1.95 to 2.5, its running error from 2.1 to 3.2, and its shot error when jumping from 1.1 to 2.1. This practically made running, shooting, jumping and shooting activities obsolete, bringing guns back to Earth.

Toxins restored

Image via Riot Games

Viper has gone from being one of the worst agents in 2020 to one of the best in 2021. Riot strengthens this agent on By VALORANT The squad is buffed with Poison (passive), Poison Cloud (Q), Venom (E) and Cobra (C).

One update going live last month VCT Masters Reykjavik leverages what makes Viper unique while still resonating with her theme. The changes took effect almost immediately, giving her the final ingredients needed to perform on the international stage.

By the time VCT Champions came out, Viper was one of the most chosen agents in the game, behind only Jett, Sova, and Astra. She’s picked 100 percent of the time on Breeze and Icebox and mostly undisputed on Bind.

On money

Riot has crashed By VALORANT economy in Patch 3.0 and made sweeping changes to weapon and skill prices. These changes aim to emphasize gunplay and allow players to create more flexible strategies and payloads. The prices of skills like Jett’s Bladestorm, Raze’s Showstopper, and Sage’s Resurrection have increased, while the prices of guns like Marshall, Operator, and Guardian have all decreased.

This, coupled with the introduction of KAY/O, made it clear that the developers were dead in bringing the game back to its tactical shooter roots, where shooting mattered most and ability Create tactical opportunities and simply enhance gunplay.

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