5 best armor sets in Fallout 4 (& 5 worst armor sets)

Survive Fallout 4Post-nuclear wasteland has quite a few impacts. Medical supplies, a trusty gun or two, ammunition for the aforementioned guns, and – of course – a few layers of good armor to place between the survivor and the various claws, the explosion energy, ammo and other malicious objects are looking to cut the adventure through the Commonwealth a little bit.

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Of course, the working term here is “good.” Not every piece of armor is created equal in the apocalyptic ruins of postwar America. And with so many options, a little advice can help you when making a choice. So here are the five best armor sets that hats can buy in Fallout 4, along with five things that should be avoided at all costs. Note, this listing only deals with actual armor sets. Modified clothing with ballistic weave underneath is usually a given set, and power armor is also in a class of its own.

Updated on January 20, 2022 by Hodey Johns: Fallout 4 is seeing a resurgence of players and who can blame them? The open world is just wide enough to make things interesting but not so long that the whole quest becomes overwhelming. Of course, as they journey through this post-apocalyptic nightmare, new gamers will need new gear. When they have a set together, you can totally wonder what’s worth using and what’s worth throwing away. This guide has been updated with stats graphs showing the stats on the heavy version of the device for players to compare and contrast.

ten BEST: Heavy Armor Operator

Fallout 4 Operator Armor
Place Weight Damage Resistance Energy Resistance
Torso 19 27 27
Left arm ten 13 13
Left leg ten 14 14
Right hand ten 13 13
Right leg ten 14 14

It may not be the prettiest armor set on this side of the wasteland, but it certainly gets the job done when less fashionable sets aren’t immediately accessible. Providing an even split of superior protection from both ballistics and mana damage, the player could be much worse off.

The operator can be selected in Nuka-World DLC, from vendors or Operator members that the gamer has decided to offer. There are two style variations that differ only in appearance, and while they don’t seem particularly easy to find, it would be nice to have an option.


9 9. WORKS: Vault-Tec Security Armor

Fallout 4 Vault Tec Security Armor
Place Weight Damage Resistance
The head 2 5
Torso 5 6

Vault-Tec’s security armor is one of the worst in the game, providing only minimal protection. It’s a bit ironic that Vault-Tec became an incredibly advanced super corporation before the war, but they had to cut costs somewhere.

The whole set is simply two pieces: A body and helmet slot. The “torso” core takes up all the slots in its body, meaning it cannot be mixed with other armor pieces to compensate for its tremendous damage resistance.

8 8. BEST: Combat Armor

Fallout 4 Combat armor cut all variants
Place Weight Damage Resistance Energy Resistance
The head 4 ten ten
Torso 45.5 101 101

Combat armor is a definite “midway” set that can be relied upon for good protection most of the time in the game, as long as the player trades in shards for higher tier variants when they have them. available.

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These fragments are commonly found, and they provide solid protection from ballistic and energy damage. The heavy variant of the trunk slit type makes the survivor look like a weird two-legged turtle, but there are worse things that look like when it comes to Fall out The universe.

7 7. WORKS: Armor Raider

Fallout 4 character wearing Raider armor

Place Weight Damage Resistance Energy Resistance
Torso 17 24 20
Left arm ten 11 11
Left leg ten twelfth twelfth
Right hand ten 11 11
Right leg ten twelfth twelfth

Unless gamers just really, really love the whole thing Mad Max Aesthetically, there’s no practical reason to waste time with this piece of trash. It’s consistently bad at every level, providing monstrous protection against almost anything other than the DC Guard armor. Or completely naked. Even then, the latter may be more appropriate.

If for any reason that can’t be prevented from buying a set, it’s not hard to find. Raid players are plentiful, just knocking down a few guns and getting rewards for less than glory. It’s ugly, so you better change to make a move with one of these romance mod of the game.

6 6. BEST: Synth . Armor

Fallout 4 Crouching in Synth Armor
Place Weight Damage Resistance Energy Resistance
The head 3 9 11
Torso 17 37 42
Left arm ten 17 20
Left leg ten 16 19
Right hand ten 17 20
Right leg ten 16 19

Synth armor, with its sleek, futuristic aesthetic, takes the same middle ground as battle armor. But it manages to draw a little ahead, providing slightly better protection from all sources.

If this isn’t clear enough from its title and appearance, the armor can be obtained from synth soldiers. But for those who prefer to spend their hard earned money embarking on a killing spree with robots, set up a tier four armor vendor in one of their settlements, or visit the General requisition by the Institute would also suffice. Comfortable to download a role-playing mod because Synth armor will match.

Fallout 4 Metal Armor is cut
Place Weight Damage Resistance Energy Resistance
The head 3 9 4
Torso 23.1 37 25
Left arm 12.8 22 13
Left leg 12.8 22 13
Right hand 12.8 22 13
Right leg 12.8 22 13

Honestly, metal armor isn’t completely useless. It offers strong ballistic defense at all levels, though it’s ugly as hell and very heavy on the defence. Its energy protection is also staggeringly lacking, so those with its limited charms may encounter cyborg enemies far more stinging than they need.

Metal armor is very popular and cheap. Practically poking around at any place that sells armor or walks through the Commonwealth will yield loads of pieces in one go, if not a full set.

Fallout 4 Disciples Squad
Place Weight Damage Resistance Energy Resistance
Torso 33 44 54
Left arm 19 19 21
Left leg 19 20 22
Right hand 19 19 21
Right leg 19 20 22

In particular, Disciples’ metal armor does not have the same weakness as the energy weapons that typical metal armor usually has. In fact, it has slightly better energy resistance than the other two raider-specific armor sets introduced with Nuka-World DLC, sacrifices very, very little in terms of ballistic protection in the trade.

As can be imagined, the Disciple’s Metal Armor should preferably be removed from dead disciples, although it can also be purchased from Nuka-World supplier if you want to avoid stepping on anyone’s toes. But really, what’s so funny about that? Find some fusion cores and see what this animal is up to.

3 3. WORKS: Trapper Armor

Fallout 4 Trapper Armor
Place Weight Damage Resistance Energy Resistance
The head 57 80 80
Torso 17 26 26
Left arm ten 14 14
Left leg ten 13 13
Right hand ten 14 14
Right leg ten 13 13

Armor made of old tires and rebar? Also why not? The Trapper Armor is a larger, uglier, and more aggressive version of the raider armor introduced to the Trappers of the same name by Fallout 4‘S Far port DLC.

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While it’s statistically better than raider armor, it’s still pretty awful, by all accounts. The only quality point is the fact that it’s a bit heavier than many heavier armor options, but there are lighter armors that offer more in terms of defense. No resistance to radiation, leave it at home when nuclear material cultivation.

2 2. BEST: Sea Armor

Marine Armor fallout 4 far harbor
Place Weight Damage Resistance Energy Resistance Radiation resistance
The head 95 159 158 60
Torso 19 38 38 0
Left arm ten 17 17 0
Left leg ten 18 18 0
Right hand ten 17 17 0
Right leg ten 18 18 0

Marine Armor is the most complete armor when it comes to protecting all types, except power armor, naturally. Offering superior resistance to damage from all sources as well as a little resistance to radiation above, this is the setup to shoot if the best target is a target.

This can be purchased in Far port DLC, with a full set offered by running through DiMA’s Forget the best left task line. It can also be purchased bit by bit from vendors in Nuclear, or for the less careful, taking the bodies of Child of the Atomic zealots. When it’s time to apply the best power modifiers, this is the suit to put it on.

first 1. WORKS: DC Protective Armor

Fallout 4 DC Guard Armor
Place Weight Damage Resistance Energy Resistance
The head first 5 5
Torso 4 15 ten
Left arm 4 ten 5
Right hand 4 ten 5

The Commonwealth’s “wonderful green gem”, Diamond City, can be a bit disappointing when stacked up against other fortresses of civilization that have existed in the past. Fall out The universe. The ragtag militia that defended it were equally disappointing, depending on their choice of defensive equipment.

Is there a worse armor set? Yes, in the strictest sense, but not by much. Its defensive characteristics are poor all around, and the whole set lacks foot slots to boot. Aside from absolutely having to put together a creepy wasteland umpire cosplay, this one is better left to the poor people it was released to. Player debate Skyrim or Fallout 4 is a better game, but no one will think of this animal as a case for later.

Fallout 4 was released on November 10, 2015 and is available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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