5 best animated shows in 2021

Cartoons aren’t just for kids, and after over a year with so many people spending extra time at home, a lot of people may have gone back to cartoon content after they’ve run out of other things. streaming had to provide. Whether you’re a newbie to animation or just a seasoned fan, 2021 is filled with epic cartoons on television.

Of course, grouping all animated shows and movies into a single group is a bad thing for a craft that isn’t just another genre, but rather, like cartoon, more than an artistic medium used to develop concepts and stories that can be ridiculously expensive or feel comfortable only in live action form. 2021 is sure to be a great year for Netflix, Disney Plus, Adult Swim, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, so let’s take a look at some of the best that each movie has to offer.


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What if…? – Disney Plus

Guardians of the Multiverse formation What if...?

However, it is almost impossible to avoid the looming specter that is the MCU in modern pop culture, Spider-Man: There’s no way home The numbers testify that most people love superheroes. So if Marvel’s live action adventure movie doesn’t live up to everyone’s expectations, What happens if…? offers an interesting proposition to enjoy all of that superhero action as its multiverse approach taken from the comic book of the same name removes the MCU’s ongoing obligation to tie together its productions. yourself with the next big thing.

What if…? there are both well known plots from that plot as well as some new original twists of its own, however, such use of highly recognized characters and the whole proposition of the series allows it to be quite interesting even for those who don’t get up to the minute details of what happened in Marvel’s Infinity Saga.

Most importantly, the nine episodes of the first season make it pretty easy to watch through and for anyone to pick their absolute favorite from the bunch as it even features zombies. As a bonus, anyone who likes What if…? can then seek refuge in Disney Plus’ collection of older Marvel cartoons ‘like X Men and Spiderman cartoon shows from the 90s.

Demon Slayer – Adult Swim and Skateboard Games

Anime about Demon Slayer 2019

Rules are meant to be broken, and Demon Slayer season two, is currently rolling out on Adult Swim, and Crunchyroll certainly guarantees that. At the time of writing Demon Slayer”The Entertainment District Arc “released three episodes with most reports putting the total at 10 or 11 episodes Shōnen anime action.

Why is that so Demon Slayer worth seeing? Well, aside from the show’s primary focus on epicly choreographed fight scenes that combine more modern effects with traditional Japanese animation, Demon Slayer has become a worldwide phenomenon. Anime feature films Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba – Movie: Mugen Train broke all records in Japan and the United States, with the ability to attract a wide audience without necessarily being die-hard anime fans.

Demon Slayer The first part is widely available worldwide and although Demon Slayer the series is definitely worth watching, the first part of the second season, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba – Mugen Train Part, which also covers that part of the story with some additional touches in the music and animation department. Overall, play catch up with Demon Slayer 2022 will be quite thrilling.

Castlevania – Netflix

Castlevania Sypha Trevor and Alucard

As long as they don’t get called Resident Evil, video game adaptations keep getting better day by day and Castlevania has been going strong for Netflix for four years now. The year 2021 has seen The final season of Trevor Belmont’s story fans of the franchise, with so much excitement and a satisfying ending that leaves many wanting more of the Belmont bloodline.

Luckily, Netflix is ​​eager to deliver as Richter Belmont will star in a new entry to the franchise that will adapt the classic game. Rondo of Blood, after dropping the head of writer Warren Ellis. Castlevania will delight anyone remotely interested in anime, video games, or just some old vampire-themed fun.

Invincible – Amazon Prime Video

The invincible guardians of the world can make a fun video game

In addition to the family-friendly plots, the MCU has a new frontier, even beyond DC’s darker, superhero stories written for adults found in comics like Invincible . Luckily, Amazon is savvy enough to choose Invincible as its cartoon counterpart for Boys.

As a bonus, JK Simmons ‘Omni-Man is an outstanding character that promotes darker stories that take place in a world plagued by skepticism, and perhaps a bit of inspiration from Zack Snyder’s work on DC productions. Invincible is a different kind of superhero story and that alone makes it worth watching.

Arcane – Netflix

Arcane Season 2 League of Legends Netflix

The Squid fishing game of cartoons has completely taken the world by a storm. It’s rare for an animated show to dominate the Netflix charts but it’s based on one of the biggest video games in the world which makes it even more exciting and that’s exactly what Riot Games does. achieved. People are watching ArcaneIt’s not just video game lovers, and that means there’s no second best animated show to watch this year.

Suffice it to say that these millions of viewers won’t go any deeper stories of League of Legends’ many championsInstead, it’s pristine animation, compelling stories, and most of all, the amazing world-building that has made them the biggest achievement of the series that’s no stranger to the likes of the movie has never been played League of Legends’ fit in their lives before watching it.

Arcane also stars the lovely Hailee Steinfeld, whose voice is just right for her bullseye performing as Kate Bishop in Marvel’s Hawkeye, so that’s just another reason it’s worth checking out before the year ends.

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