5 anime characters with the darkest origin stories

Your favorite characters from various anime series all have dark pasts and here’s everything you need to know about their pasts.

Anime characters with dark pasts can better bond with viewers. It doesn’t matter if it’s a hero or a villain; If a dark past is connected to their story, people will identify with them and understand why they became the person they are today. But the writers of some characters have taken their past to a whole new level of anguish and suffering.

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Kotaro lives alone | Official trailer | Netflix Cartoons



Kotaro lives alone | Official trailer | Netflix Cartoons






1. Keyaru (Redo Of Healer)

Keyaro experienced extreme hardships that even his dreams could never have. He used to be a very kind and pure-hearted person, but times have changed, so is Keyaru.

Betrayed, imprisoned, drugged, harassed by so many people, beaten and tortured, this innocent guy has had to deal with every nightmare. All of this changed Keyaru into a completely different man. After all those incidents, he turns into an evil psychopath full of hatred and bloodlust.

2. Gyutaro (Demon Slayer)

Devil siblings from Demon Slayer got a lot of hate after appearing in the Arc Amusement Park. But viewers changed their mind after the anime character’s dark past was revealed.

Gyutaro was born into a poor family belonging to the lowest class of the Entertainment District. Poverty had brought him a very bad time; His appearance, unpleasant voice, and uncleanliness added to his suffering. He was often tortured by his mother, who wanted to kill him even before he was born. Then his mother died of syphilis. His sister was the only one he loved, but she was burned alive. Lucking Daki survived, and later, the two were offered to turn into demons.

3. Ai Enma (Hell Girl)

This dark genre anime became even darker after fans encountered Ai Enma’s backstory. Her pain and suffering was so immense that hatred and vengeance still carried her with her even after her death.

Ai was chosen by the villagers as a sacrifice to the mountain god for a bountiful harvest. Ai’s parents opposed the villagers and arranged for her to survive in the forest, where Sentarou helped her.

But her death followed her into the forest when one unlucky day the villagers followed Santarou and found Ai. She is then buried alive, and Santarou is forced to throw the first dirt shovel in her face. She believes Santarou has betrayed her, which makes her even more heartbroken in the face of a painful death.

4. Guts (Berserk)

His bad times started when he was born. Guts’ mother was hung from a tree when he was born. No one cares for the innocent life, and baby Guts is left there, surrounded by a pool of blood.

A group of mercenaries were passing by, and they noticed the infant was left alone. Gambino allows Shisu to take care of the child, just like her mother. But Guts suffered even more, when her surrogate mother, Shisu, was unable to fight the plague.

His sufferings increased as he grew older. One night, he is harassed by a mercenary, who later reveals that Gambino sold him for one night. Guts lost his leg, after which Gambino began to mistreat and curse him. His hatred for Guts became so strong that he even tried to kill him. Poor Guts is devastated by everything going on in his life, then he kills Gambino.

5. Hyakkimaru (Dororo)

Most of the characters start going through a tough life after going through a few years of their lives. But in Hyakkimaru’s case, he started living in hell as soon as he was brought up to the living realm.

Hyakkimaru’s evil father sold his own son’s body parts such as his skin, ears, eyes, and many internal organs to the devil for his own prosperity. Despite being stripped of some internal and external organs, little Hayakkimaru survived. Now, his sole motive in life is to defeat youkai and get his body parts back.

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