5 actors who will make a perfect MCU MODOK

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is simply full of superheroes. From entire living planets to witches and artificial intelligence entities who wreak havoc on the Earth, there are superheroes that serve as counterweights to many of the superheroes that fans have come to love. and worship. The MCU is about to experience a bunch of new superheroes in some of its upcoming films. There are rumors about Namor appearing in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and Gorr the God Butcher is confirmed because Thor: Love and Thunder.


However, a slightly peripheral superbug could appear in a later project called MODOK (Mental Creatures Designed Just to Kill). MODOK was originally just a scientist named George Tarleton worked for AIM (Advanced Idea Mechanics), a scientifically advanced weapons business. However, the experiment turned the former MODOK man into a killing machine.

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MODOK is a villain with a strange appearance: he is actually a giant floating head with normal-sized limbs. However, he has a formidable power with genius level intelligence and psionic strength. He is also a master at constructing probabilities. So who would Marvel Studios want to cast as MODOK in an upcoming movie or series? Given the plot and the looks of the character, it might have to be an actor who can combine the creepy with a sense of humor and timing. Since MODOK’s most prominent feature is his head, it would also be better if the actor is good at creating emotions with just facial expressions.

Jim Carrey cut

This pick would easily be a fan favorite. Jim Carrey has been cast as the super villain in superhero blockbusters before. During the 1990s, he played the role of Riddler in Batman foreverand recently Dr. Robotinik is the villain in Sonic the Hedgehog.

Jim Carrey’s experience playing the role of mad scientists who turn super criminals will help him portray MODOK well. He’s also an actor best known for his comedic films, especially as Ace Ventura, and this would serve him well for a seemingly absurd character. Furthermore, Jim Carrey’s experience in taking more serious roles such as in Think freer travel and 23 would serve him well in more serious moments when portraying MODOK.

Jonah Hill in The Wolf of Wall Street

Jonah Hill is another actor cementing his place in Hollywood as a fan favorite. He is currently being praised for his performance as Jason Orlean in the Netflix movie Don’t look up, about astronomers frenzied in the media to warn the world of an upcoming planet-killing comet.

Jonah Hill has years of experience showing off his comedic abilities and is also adept at performing in more serious moments. His facial expressions in both the more comical and serious contexts are simply eerie. This one-of-a-kind acting skill will serve him as well as MODOK.

Denzel Washington in Brave under the Fire

Denzel Washington is the highest rated actor on this list. Are from Malcolm X arrive Remember the Titans and Training day, a man known worldwide for his outstanding acting qualifications. Though never known as a comedian, Denzel Washington has also starred in a number of lighter films. Marvel Studios is known for adding appeal to its most serious projects, and the legendary actor will shine here.

Denzel Washington is also likely going to be the most intense and scary actor for the role of MODOK on this list. He brings a certain intensity to the screen can be imitated, but never copied. Additionally, he also has the ability to get the actors around him to ‘start their game’ just by his presence and acting credentials.

Will Smith cut

This is an actor who is no stranger to superhero movies and blockbuster movies. Will Smith is most famous for his role in Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Independence Day, and I’m a robot. He played two roles that will prepare him well for the show of MODOK. The first is as Deadshot, an anti-hero in DC’s Suicide Squad. This suggests he can perform as a ruthless mercenary in a darker role.

Next is Dr. Bennet Omalu in the 2015 movie Shock, on the CTE’s role in NFL players’ suicides and violent tendencies. This role shows that Will Smith can take on a serious, scientific role with gift and grace. Will Smith has shown he can create funny moments as well as heartfelt moments on screen. He would be a great pick for MODOK.

Danny DeVito cut

The last choice on this list is perhaps the most unique. Danny DeVito is less than five meters tall, but simply a giant on screen. Are from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest arrive Batman is back! and It’s always sunny in Philadelphia, Danny DeVito boasts an eclectic big and small screen resume.

His role is the supervisor of Penguin in 1992 Batman is back! proves that Danny DeVito can portray a monstrous-looking villain with charm and menace. His timing and humorous facial expressions also can be second to none. These factors prove why he would make a great MODOK, even as the older statesman of this list.

To get rid of MODOK, Marvel Studios will have to find and then convince an actor who can be both funny and charming. It will be no small task, but MODOK will also be a big change of pace compared to the alien invaders who always want to take over or destroy the Earth.

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