5 80s Horror Movies You Should Do Again

The 1980s were a great decade for the horror genre, creating Classic, timeless gems like Thing, Beetlejuice, and A Nightmare on Elm Street. However, some great horror movies from that era can look outdated, awkward, or just need a fresh take – something that can be easily rectified with a modern remake that can add a breath of fresh air. into dusty but promising features.

In recent years, there have been several successful remakes of ’80s horror, including My Bloody Valentine, Night of Terror, and Woman wearing black. These 5 thrillers are excellent contenders for a modern remake.


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The Wraith . movie poster

This ’80s horror film written and directed by Mike Marvin is a thrilling mix of old-school road racing, a ghost story, and a supercar on a killing track. It stars young Charlie Sheen, Sherilyn Fenn and Nick Cassavetes and features everything from clear nod to the classics like The Thing, Mad Max, and Close encounters of the third type to brotherly love, mysterious romance and a brilliant plot of revenge. The story follows Jamie Hankins, who returns from the dead in a sleek, impenetrable Turbo Interceptor to seek revenge on the gang that murdered him and at the same time win his girlfriend back.

While there have been rumors of a possible remake, nothing concrete has been announced so far. The best thing fans of this ’80s horror gem has to offer is Lionsgate’s Vestron Video Collector’s Series Blu-ray. The remake may add some Fast and furious speed and action, enhanced the violence/gore element, patched some plot holes, and delivered a recognizable, modern cast. In the hands of Justin Lin or Robert Rodriguez, it is possible to create a sublime roller coaster, full of life and supercharged of a ride.

Seth turns into a fly in The Fly

A pretty decent remake of David Cronenberg’s wildly successful classic with notable performances from Jeff Goldblum, Geena Davis and John Getz is long overdue. Interestingly, the film itself is a remake of the 1958 horror film, starring the genre’s icon, Vincent Price, which was inspired by the sci-fi short story of the same year of the same year. 1957 by George Langelaan. Cronenberg’s version pays homage to the original while enhancing romantic elements, adding comedy, psychological torment, dramatic gore, remarkable makeup (which won an award) Oscar) and a epic Howard Shore soundtrack.

The film tells the story of an eccentric scientist, Seth Brundle (Goldblum), whose teleportation experiment goes badly, gradually turning him into a human-fly hybrid. What begins as a quirky rom-com turns into a grisly shape-shifting thriller, fueled by madness, a desperate need for acceptance and love, and action. serious. After the failed 1989 sequel, there were discussions about a 20th Century Fox/Disney remake with Sleight’s JD Dillard is at the helm, with the director hinting at a more emotional role and even a potential female lead. However, nothing has been set in stone yet.

End of Lair of the White Worm

Ken Russell’s underrated adaptation of Bram Stoker’s novel of the same name is a prime example of the macabre, original, and eccentric British horror genre. Starring Amanda Donohoe, Hugh Grant, and Peter Capaldi, the film follows an archeology student (Capaldi) who discovers an unusual snake skull and unlocks an ancient curse. Despite being an acquired taste, the story has everything needed for a successful modern remake – a charming vampire, a snake-like demon priestess, a lovable protagonist, and a dark final plot twist.

Fans discovered that Russell originally intended Tilda Swinton (and not Donohoe) for the role of the snake-worshiping priestess, and that this would still be an excellent casting choice for a remake. Guillermo del Toro can turn it into a beautiful gothic story just like Crimson Peak, while Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez could come together to make a blood From dusk until dawn-Horror action style.

Christine's evil car caught fire

John Carpenter’s famous adaptation of Stephen King’s novel of the same name become an iconic killer robot movie and a modern classic. It follows the story of a vintage 1958 Plymouth Fury who gets jealous and becomes possessive of his new owner, Arnie (Keith Gordon). The vehicle continues its killing spree, methodically eliminating anyone it considers a threat to Arnie, and mysteriously repairing itself following any damage. Carpenter creates an eerie and chilling atmosphere that blends seamlessly with heart-pounding action, nail-biting suspense, occasional gore, dramatic realistic effects, and ’80s soundtrack. a killer.

While Christine has become an iconic ’80s horror masterpiece, some elements of it seem outdated and would benefit from a fresh remake. Fortunately for the fans, Sony Pictures and Blumhouse Productions seem to be working. It has been confirmed that Bryan Fuller, who previously worked on Hero, Hannibal, Beauty God, and Star Trek: Discovery, will serve as writer and director, while Jason Blum will serve as producer. While other details remain shrouded in mystery, the future of the remake seems to be in good hands.

Universal Monsters in Monster Squad

While this quirky horror comedy, co-written by two classmates, Fred Dekker and Shane Black, hit the box office upon release, it has gained a cult status and a loyal following over the years. The story follows a group of teenagers, the Monster Squad, who worship classic horror movie villains. However, when true Universal Monsters such as Mummy, Gil-man, Wolf Man, and Count Dracula appear, the children work together to prevent them from taking over the world.

Monster Squad bursts with loads of classic horror movie references, does a great job of resurrecting beloved classic villains, and has warm twists and undeniable appeal of the decade. ’80s. While there were discussions about Paramount launching a TV series remake, the project never materialized. Dekker was worried that it would too close to either Strange thingsThe series was released shortly before the studio’s offer or It, if the remake was to show the members of the Monster Squad as adults. Perhaps, with the right timing, the right script, and a fresh cast, the hit ’80s B-horror movie could be back. This is hope.

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