4 Key Moments From ‘This Is My Decision Day’ (RECAP)

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Married at First Sight, Season 14, Episode 7, “This Is My Decision Day.”]

The honeymoon officially ended when the couples of Married at first sight Season 14 returns to reality in Boston for the latest episode, “This Is My Decision Day.”

From moving into a new apartment to seeing each other’s whereabouts, couples are delving deeper into what it means to be married and what it means to question relationships in this important piece. Below, we’re breaking all the movies, so watch out for spoilers ahead.

Move to

Marrying at First Sight Part 14 Katina Olajuwon

(Credit: Lifetime)

After returning from their getaway in Puerto Rico, most couples move into their new shared apartment, starting with Lindsey and Mark. She took charge as soon as they walked in, started doing the laundry, and asked about their next steps in helping Mark get his stuff from the old apartment he was evicted from. Her eagerness was a bit too much for Mark, but he did his best and happily chatted with his wife. Meanwhile, Olajuwon and Katina check out their new kitchen and discuss meal prep, which he expects her to participate in.

Noi and Steve make a new bed with sheets, and she admits that she gets nervous living with a stranger when the vacation together is over. As for Chris, he moved into the apartment for him and Alyssa alone because he couldn’t reach her, even by phone because she never shared her number with him. Michael asks Jasmina about sleeping, and she leaves their apartment to sort out what she will do with her dog before settling into her new apartment.

Get to know your spouse

Marrying at First Sight season 14 Mark Lindsey

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Couples get to know each other by visiting each other’s apartments and houses to pick out things to move in together. The first is Noi, who welcomes Steve into her apartment and introduces her dog Sushi to him. When she sleeps with the dog in their bed, Steve shows some hesitation since he’s not a big dog fan. Meanwhile, Lindsey tries her best to help Mark get his stuff from a bed bug-infested apartment, but her approach is a bit different from Mark’s as she throws away his clothes and other goods. in a black trash bag.

Olajuwon shows off his home gym and other spaces to Katina, who is mostly impressed except when it comes to his design sense, especially with the kitchen curtains. As for Lindsey’s apartment, Mark couldn’t help but notice her fondness for houseplants, as they take up a lot of space. And Steve’s baren living space decorated with LED strips didn’t make much of an impression on Noi. As for Michael’s visit from Jasmina, things don’t go as planned as she reacts badly to his failure to respond first about his having a female roommate.

Non-stop drama

Married at first sight season 14 Alyssa

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In a brief confession video, Lindsey gives viewers insight into Mark’s plight, noting that his life has been more explosive than the eviction from the apartment. According to her, his grandmother’s health was declining, and the stress was getting so severe that Mark acted like a different person backstage.

And then there was Chris and Alyssa, both of whom vented about their situation in separate meetings. Chris connected with a friend who was listening to his story about Alyssa’s hang-up and lack of interest. Meanwhile, she chats with her mother, complaining that Chris disrespects her. It seems Alyssa’s main issue with Chris was a recent social media post he shared about embarrassing the police.

Pastor Cal came to visit

Getting Married at First Sight Part 14 Michael Jasmina

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Now that the metaphorical dust is settling as couples ease into everyday life, Pastor Cal is making home visits to better understand where people are right now. Among the first couples were Michael and Jasmina, who discussed communication. Jasmina also says that Michael’s temper can turn into screaming, and so the expert offers some helpful tips to improve their relationship after their honeymoon hiccups and recent revelations of a roommate.

When it comes to Olajuwon and Katina, Pastor Cal asks about their communication, and she admits it’s not always great because he doesn’t always listen to what she has to say. Pastor Cal suggested that Olajuwon should be more thoughtful and advised the couple to consummate their marriage well as they have not yet completed the relationship.

Noi and Steve discuss their different views on money, and experiencing a tearful moment, Noi explains that income insecurity stems from her experience growing up in a refugee camp. crisis and so it was important to her that if they had children they had to make sure they were financially stable. Can Steve find a full-time job to ease her worries? Only time will tell. As for Mark and Lindsey, things got a little tense and the pair got into a bit of a fight before Pastor Cal showed up. When the specialist arrived at their door, Mark greeted him and Lindsey was summoned from their balcony.

Mark admits that he doesn’t feel like Lindsey always listens to him and that although he appreciates her helpful nature, he sometimes needs things to placate. They come to an agreement to listen to each other more and talk to each other. Around night, Chris and Alyssa met Pastor Cal at what should have been their shared apartment.

When the expert questioned where they were, Alyssa announced that she was ready to give it a try, but it was too late for Chris, who pulled the plug on their relationship, announcing that today was Decision Day. his determination. Alyssa cries, saying she worked so hard to get here, but Chris isn’t convinced when he tells Cal that he thinks Alyssa checked in at their wedding. With that doomed relationship now erased, the remaining four couples must prove whether or not they’re the perfect match. Married at first sight continue. Stay tuned next week to see how things progress after this major reveal.

Married at first sightPart 14, Wednesday, 8/7c, Lifetime

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