26 Gifts for People Who Love to Cook (or Eat)

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Buying a gift for a foodie can be challenging. They are always smelly things and their spice collection takes up many shelves. You cannot give them something expected, like another Block Boosts. And it’s safe to assume they already own every knife they’ll use in their lifetime.

To make the shopping process easier for all-you-can-eat foodies, we’ve put together a helpful list for shopping and reference. We have options from kitchen to grill and even options for fancy coffee lovers. That said, if this list still doesn’t drop it, get them a good vintage voucher – because there’s nothing foodies love more than control. Go with Food52 or Williams Sonoma, which will cover all bases.

Fancy oils deserve even more exotic bottles, and these are perfect for their favorite oils or homemade sauces.

Because of the inevitable fragments, drips and splashes.

Every month, they will receive a selection of wines from either a Eater Approved or a bartender, with detailed tastings flashcards from the expert and, of course, the wine expert. To give you a taste of what to expect, November is curated by Atlanta-based Korean chef and wine expert Seung Hee Lee. Choose from two to six bottles per month and red or white wines. Anyone who considers himself an expert in the world of wine will appreciate having selections delivered right to their door.

Not all vanilla extracts are created equal: Heilala’s Loved by chefs, pastry lovers and those who regularly make lots of cookies. Its rich vanilla filling will leave these lovely black vanilla bean spots in whatever you bake, plus it’ll get bonus points for being ethically sourced.

A gift that won’t collect dust because it’s a gift from three pounds of bacon. Not just bacon – salt pork from humanely raised pigs. Worth a few extra dollars per pound, if you ask us. Quality is also better. Check out that marble! Easy to freeze, meaning the gift continues to be given.

If they have a sense of humour, they’ll love this charming Japanese bread lamp.

Nothing says “I love you” like the best Neapolitan pie in the five counties.

Anyone who mentions Milk Bar is met with a fascination for its deliciousness and we are sure the foodie in your life has mentioned it many times. Give them these easy-to-eat truffles in two signature flavors.

Do they have a handmade wax roll to bring them in? Even if they’re just honing them at the hardware store, this Georgia roll will show them and make them feel like their idol Bobby Flay.

Whetstone is the food magazine that doesn’t bother with pasta tips or gift guides. It delves into food culture – who grows our food, where it comes from and what is at stake. Founder Stephen Satterfield is the new host of Netflix’s show, High on the Hog.

If you’re feeling particularly generous, buy them this stunning Ratio-designed electric coffee maker. This is the sexiest coffee maker on the market – for a reason it’s sold out on Goop. Don’t worry, you rate the watchdog – it’s also appreciated.

If they’ve been baking the same burgers, chicken skewers, and charred catfish for decades, help change things up with this new cookbook by Rodney Scott, one of the biggest names in the industry. most respected in the country’s barbecue sector.

Smithey’s grill pan makes perfectly charged burgers and chickpeas – and isn’t that all you want from it? But it also looks good on the stove afterwards.

This portable folding oven can stick to the ground next to any campfire/fire pit/beach and become a makeshift Weber – but it’s a lot lighter. It is adjustable up and down and comes with a bag to carry. Don’t forget the mustard!

Everyone loves cheese. Second perhaps with only chocolate, this is your safest bet.

Sharp drawers only get you so far. Store thin greens and any other vegetables that are likely to wilt in the refrigerator in these Vejibags — thick, organic cotton sacks that you moisten before storing. It extends the shelf life of vegetables by days, or in the case of cabbage, by weeks.

Whether your parents’ house has lots of plants in your parents’ house or their windowsill is a small spice garden, they will appreciate taking care of this little citrus tree and growing their own lemon or lime. their own.

Sure they were a little late to the toast party but they’re here now, aren’t they? This bread making tool set is a meaningful gift, surely any of you will enjoy homemade bread in the near future.

The gift of good coffee is classic, but what about the gift of five pounds of coffee at once? A Stumptown Crowd-Delighting Curler, which weighs 5 pounds with a pillow, costs $75, lasts about a month in a coffee-loving two-person household, and is most likely fresher than you’ll find. at grocery stores.

This collection of sauces, condiments, and peppers will keep them busy for months. Try the Zhong sauce with dumplings and sprinkle Mala seasoning over the meat as a marinade (it also makes a delicious popcorn topping). Crispy chili is really good for anything. And finally, the pepper and chili peppers can be transformed into your own chili oil or incorporated into recipes like mapo tofu.

This portable pizza oven gives them a whole new way to cook on the patio.

Delicious, bright-flavored olive oil that they wouldn’t mind displaying on their counter.

This kit comes with everything they need to make Xian Famous Foods’ famous numbing condiment.

This new canned fish company founded by Becca Millstein and Caroline Goldfarb is fun, playful, stylish, delicious and limited edition sales. A tuna sandwich has never felt so enjoyable.

Grab a few of these jars and fill them with spices like vibrant Aleppo pepper, fancy saffron, or truffle sea salt. They make lovely little gifts feel special.

Made in collaboration with New Hampshire artisan Linny Kenney, these hand-dyed plant-tanned leather gloves are meant to last while protecting their hands from hot surfaces.

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