2022 should be an incredible year for fighting games

The pandemic has led to a change in fighting games. The need for better online came into the spotlight and began to spread among hardcore players, which has seen a shift in some companies’ online policies. Older fighting games like Killer Instinct and Skullgirls begin to receive recovery, and Skullgirls even get new content. As Super Smash Bros.The backing is over, the stage is set for new cross-platform fighters to take its place. EVO tournament series has been acquired by Sony and some of its founders are working on League of Legends fighting game. Even the genre giants Mortal Kombat 11 and 5 . street fighter supported longer than the developers planned.


While offline competition is still a gray area, the future looks bright and FGC won’t have to wait long to survive. Next year looks set to be the culmination of everything fighting games have been and is about, with some exciting releases coming back and more coming soon. . That’s not getting the indie and fan projects expected or ongoing. Assumption COVID doesn’t delay anything, 2022 has to be the year the best fighting games have been in a long time.

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Big fighting game released in 2022


A wave of betas and announcements has hit the fighting game community over the past few months. Second letter King of Fighters 15 open beta run on that same weekend Duel DNF there was a beta, along with a reveal of the recovery netcode, mechanism, and release date. KoF15 will expire in a few months, and Duel DNF will be released in the summer of 2022. Going with open beta is the right move for both of these games, as they already have more fans. King of Fighters 15 has been declared back to form by longtime fans, and Duel DNF offers more madness than the average modern fighter thanks to the efforts of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Eighting developer.

It’s not the only fighting game coming out in 2022, and Duel DNF not the only one from Arc System Works. Atlus has decided to re-release ASW’s Persona 4 Arena Ultimax on modern hardware, much to the surprise of many. It’s unclear if there will be any netcode changes, but the game will be updated to the former arcade-specific final patch. Some other games slated to launch in 2022 include Rumbleverse, battle royale arena-fighters from Iron Galaxy and Epic Games; and MultiVersus, an asset-collecting platform fighter that Warner Bros. own. These are big-name titles, but they don’t just represent exciting collaborations.

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blazblue fantasy novel center cover visual artwork

Rumbleverse and MultiVersus intend to make great strides. Rumbleverse It wasn’t the first melee-focused battle royale game, but it was most concerned with simulating a fighting game. In the end, Iron Galaxy and Epic’s hope is Rumbleverse will bring fighting game and battle royale audiences together. There’s a good chance that Killer Instinct Iron Galaxy veterans hope some of its success can return to the casual fighting game community.

Meanwhile, MultiVersus is increasing to replace left open by Super Smash Bros.. Sports the free-to-play model similar to the wildly successful model Brawlhalla, there’s obviously no cost saving to set this game up for success. These two games with Riot’s LOTS project fighting game – whenever it comes out – will bring new success to the fighting game genre that is already trying to build a wider community.

Next year could also crystallize recovery netcode as a permanent fixture in fighting games. Fans of the broader genre have been waiting for this boost for a long time. Apart from the unknown that is Persona Arena 4, any upcoming announced fighting games will use the recovery netcode. Also older titles like BlazBlue: Fiction Center and BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle is receiving rollback updates in early 2022. This will expand to further titles released by genre leaders Capcom and Bandai Namco, because of the fighters’ online scene. increasingly competitive.

Large-scale fighting game events possible in 2022

Street Fighter 6 Luke

Even with all the confirmed developments of 2022 and their impact, the FGC still has more hype about what could happen. 6 . street fighter has been rumored for a while and is said to have rebooted following negative focus tests. Now then 5 . street fighter finished adding new content, everyone is looking at the Capcom Cup 8 in February for the long-awaited announcement. 5 . street fighter improved its reputation among players over the last two seasons, but those who dropped out years ago will really want to see a new Capcom fighting game.

The sheer potential of 2022 isn’t just limited to unreleased games either. Dragon Ball FighterZ and Granblue Fantasy Versus continues to receive new content, with Granblue adopt a new pricing model. DBFZIts development has officially ended, so the sudden announcement of Android 21 (Lab Coat) as a new character has the community buzzing with many questions. Also abuzz is the competition scene for Super Smash Bros. and Melee combat, the team is receiving their first official round thanks to the partnership between Panda Global and Nintendo. This is unprecedented behavior from Nintendo, especially considering Melee combat is part of this series.

Even if all the releases and potential 2022 has to offer aren’t to someone’s liking, they might still be interested to know that a recovery netcode is being developed for a Nintendo Switch emulator. That will bring latency-based Switch games into a retrograde revolution that sweeps the classic console, Dreamcast, and console scenes. A lot of good things for fighting games happened in 2021, and 2022 looks to be even brighter.

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