2022 Candidate Condemns Black Lives Matter as ‘Terrorist Organization’

In 2022, Congressman Walter Blackman of Arizona is running to represent Arizona in the United States House of Representatives.

However, unlike many of his political colleagues, Blackman will not bite his tongue to win votes. Blackman didn’t flinch when he told it as if he saw it.

And when it comes to the Black Lives Matter movement, Blackman sees nothing more than a “terrorist organization”.

In an interview regarding running to represent Arizona in 2022, Blackman told The Western Journal that both antifa and Black lives are worth it too are “putting the black side first” when, in fact, their agenda doesn’t care about black lives.

“My question to them is, ‘OK, so if black people live the problem, why are there nearly 1,100 abortions a day in black communities. Why so? ‘” Blackman told The Western Journal.


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“Why do 70%, 70% of young men who go to prison come from orphanages? If Black Lives really mattered, the leaders of Black Lives Matter wouldn’t be spending all their money on all the lavish homes they own. “

Instead, Blackman argued, they would “work toward something that would benefit the black community.”

“And not a shot, but an opportunity to succeed. And they don’t do that,” Blackman said.

Instead, Blackman believes that Black Lives Matter hopes to “promote a narrative close to socialism,” one against the nuclear family, against law and order, and against the police. .

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“What they want to do is push it forward and have a black face in front of it. And it’s not true,” Blackman said.

“So as a black community, the black leaders in that community have to stand up, because that’s the only way the black community can realize the real Black Living Matter. is how.”

“And I’ve been calling it a terrorist organization since they came out and they’re on the FBI’s watch list and I’ll continue to do that.”

It’s true that violence BLM Protesters – protesters with political aims – were very broad.

While one report from the Armed Conflict Location and Events Data Project shows that only 7% of protests over perceived racial injustice in the summer of 2020 ended in riots, an additional report from Federalist reviewed ACLED data and found that up to 95% of the riots in 2020 “are related to Black Lives Matter activity.”


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“Of the 633 incidents coded as riots, 88 percent were recorded as involving Black Lives Matter activists. The data for 51 cases lacked information on the identity of the perpetrator. BLM activists were involved in 95% of the riots for which there was information about the perpetrator’s connection,” The Federalist reported.

Furthermore, it seems that Blackman was right in asserting that the FBI looked into it BLM.

According to the 2017 report from Foreign Policy, the FBI tracked various “Black Identity Extremists” who happened to be Black Identity activists, although the term “Black Identity Extremists” later was removed by the FBI after the agency faced harsh backlash from civil rights leaders, The Wall Street Journal.

A follow-up 2018 report from Interceptor also confirmed that the FBI was tracking numerous Black Lives Matter activists around the country.

Based on Republic of Arizona, Blackman received backlash when he first labeled BLM a “terrorist organization”. However, he still stands by his statement.

Some experts believe that the tactics of the BLM are similar to those of other terrorist organizations.

In an interview conducted in June 2020 by Sky News Australia, former Assistant Deputy Director of the FBI Terry Turchie Discuss that the goals and origins of the BLM are quite similar to the goals and origins of various radical leftist organizations from the 1960s and ’70s, such as the Black Panther Party, which he said “have little to do with three dozen police officer murders across the country” and Weather Underground, a terrorist organization with a former member who direct relationship with BLM.

“No one has read what Black Lives Matter has written about their plan and charter, but it bears great resemblance to what the Black Panther Party said back then. The Black Panther Party is a Marxist, Maoist, Leninist organization and this organization comes from Huey Newton, one of the co-founders,” Turchie told Sky News.

“He gave a speech in 1970 at Boston College, and he said, ‘We want nothing more than complete transformation’ – two very important words there – ‘change complete change of the US government and the United States. And he goes on to explain that ‘what we want to do is accept the tension that already exists in black communities and resent it where we can, can create situations. situations if we need to, but let’s apply those situations where there are boxes and really light up the burning country. ‘

“What will the problem be? The problem will be police racism. Police brutality. This was back in the 1960s and early 70s.”

In Turchie’s view, the goal of the BLM was to use “racism” as “an issue to spark revolution”.

“It makes sense and it’s intended to sow division and divide the country.”

https://www.westernjournal.com/2022-candidate-condemns-black-lives-matter-terrorist-organization/ | 2022 Candidate Condemns Black Lives Matter as ‘Terrorist Organization’

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