(2021 Updated) Power Of Megumi Fushiguro in Jujutsu Kaisen Explained

The manga collection has already revealed the powers of Megumi Fushiguro. It has proven his potential as a strong Jujutsu Sorcerer, acknowledged by Satoru Gojo and even Demon God Ryomen Sukuna. Due to this fact, on this submit, we are going to focus on the powers and talents of Megumi Fushiguro.

Megumi is a tall, dark-haired boy with inexperienced eyes. He’s 15 and a scholar at Tokyo Metropolitan Jujutsu Excessive Faculty. He makes use of the Ten Shadows Technique of the Zenin clan, one of many three distinguished sorcerer households. Megumi’s father, Toji Fushiguro, left the well-known clan and gained notoriety due to his heightened senses and supernatural bodily prowess and later got here to be referred to as the Sorcerer Killer. Conversely, Megumi has inherited the well-known Zenin household method. He’s at present a Grade 2 Sorcerer and in addition a protagonist of the collection.

Cursed Vitality and Methods of Megumi Fushiguro-

Megumi weaves particular hand indicators and manifests Shikigami from the shadows that serve him. Because the method’s title suggests, the person can management and talk with as much as ten Shikigami, every having their distinctive qualities. He summons Divine Canines that may observe and devour curses, an owl-like Shikigami that may fly, serpents, toads, elephants, and rabbits. Nevertheless, Sukuna has already talked about that his willingness to hand-to-hand fight makes him totally different from different Shikigami customers.

Satoru Gojo vs Ryomen Sukuna

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Recyclable Cursed Vitality-

One of many Ten Shadows Approach’s attention-grabbing qualities is that though a Shikigami is destroyed and might now not be summoned, its cursed vitality is inherited by the opposite Shikigami. In different phrases,  a decimated Shikigami’s cursed vitality will get recycled. After Hanami (a particular grade curse) killed Megumi’s white Divine Canine, its cursed vitality was absorbed into Megumi’s black Divine Canine, forming Kon, a completely upgraded mixture of each.  It’s highly effective sufficient to combat with Particular Grade Cursed Spirits.

Cursed Shadows of Megumi Fushiguro-

The Zenin clan being one of many strongest and well-known clans within the collection had an extremely highly effective method referred to as the Ten Shadows Approach. It was inherited by Megumi and is one in all his go-to strikes.

This system helps Megumi to create Shikigamis which assist him in battles towards opponents and curses. He can course of as much as 10 Shikigamis at a time but it surely additionally makes use of quite a lot of his cursed vitality.

That is the power of Megumi whereby he can summon two canines of black and white color. They’re ferocious beasts that may instinctively chase after curses and eat them up.

This was one of the crucial generally used strategies by Megumi within the collection. Every part was properly till Finger Bearer destroyed the White Divine Canine. This led to an odd phenomenon and the traits of White Divine Canine have been handed right down to Divine Canine: Totality.

  • 2) Divine Canine: Totality –
Divine Dog totality
Picture Supply: jujutsukaisen.fandom

If the Divine Canines duo have been ferocious, Divine Canine: Totality is an absolute monster. It’s a lot bigger than them and considerably extra highly effective. It is because it was fashioned after the powers of White Divine Canine merged with Black Divine Canine.

In consequence, it could possibly go one step additional and even take care of Particular Grade Cursed Spirits which are laborious to defeat. We additionally noticed within the combat towards Kirara the way it was capable of pin him down after Megumi discovered his cursed method.

It’s a flying kind of Shikigami that has a eager resemblance to an owl. It’s a useful gizmo for scouting an space to pay attention to hidden enemies. It can be used for offensive functions by commanding Nue to launch a dive assault straight from the sky.

An aerial assault is all the time a bonus because the enemy will discover it tough to pay attention towards two targets. On high of that Nue may also use lightning-based assaults.

If Nue can assault from the sky, the Nice Serpent can assault from beneath the bottom. Much like Nue, it could possibly additionally ambush the enemy all of a sudden and provides Megumi an enormous benefit.

On utilizing this Shadow Approach, an enormous snake will crawl up from the bottom and might bind the goal utterly stopping its escape.

This shadow method permits Megumi to summon quite a lot of toads. In flip, they’ll pin their enemies utilizing their tongues and maintain them in a single place. Megumi has used them beforehand to rescue Nobara Kugisaki.

  • 6) The Effectively’s Unknown Abyss –

It is a mixture shadow method whereby Megumi can mix the powers of the toads with the Nue. In consequence, the toads acquire the power to fly with their wings and launch aerial assaults as a bunch.

Utilizing this method Megumi can summon an enormous elephant that additionally makes use of up quite a lot of his Cursed Vitality. This prevents Megumi from summoning different Shikigamis and in the meanwhile he’s solely restricted to utilizing its base type.

The elephant can cost at enemies with brute drive whereas additionally utilizing its trunk to launch quite a lot of water.

Rabbit Escape
Picture Supply: jujutsukaisen.fandom

It is a distraction shadow method that summons an enormous variety of rabbits. They aren’t meant for offensive functions as they are often killed simply. They’re meant as an escape path for Megumi because the enemy will likely be caught within the chaos of such numerous rabbits.

  • 9) Divine Basic Mahoraga –
Eight-Handled Sword Divergent Sila Divine General Mahoraga
Supply: u/KinguTheWildfire (Reddit)

As a newbie, the person of the Ten Shadows Approach receives two Divine Canines. Then, they assist the person to realize further Shikigami by exorcising them.

The norm is {that a} sorcerer can’t use a Shikigami till they’re exorcised; nonetheless, Megumi can exploit this by summoning a Shikigami that not one of the earlier customers has ever exercised.

He summons a Shikigami known as Eight-Dealt with Sword Divergent Sila Divine Basic Mahoraga, a hazardous tactic that’s highly effective sufficient to problem the Gojo household. It’s the strongest Shikigami, and up to now, not a single person of this method has been capable of exorcise it.

Area Growth: Chimera Shadow Backyard –

Chimera Shadow Garden Jujutsu Kaisen
Supply: u/ZEDEX_IV (Reddit)

Megumi may also mix his Shikigami along with his Area Growth that permits him to develop his cursed vitality into an inescapable dimension. His method known as Chimera Shadow Backyard is flooded with a considerable amount of fluid-like shadows. He can summon a number of Shikigami and even create a double of himself inside his area. Nevertheless, at present, his Area Growth is incomplete.

Megumi actually has among the finest skills within the manga. He may even use ten of his shadows directly. You may think about him utilizing all of his shadows collectively, he can use them as bait or set you up. With skills like these, he’s evidently one of the crucial gifted Jujutsu Sorcerer.

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