2021 NFL playoff picture: Ranking AFC teams battling for wild card slots with Chargers, Colts, Bills lead

AFC remains as unpredictable as ever with 12 teams reaching or exceeding the .500 mark 11 weeks into the season. This playoff race is close to the 7th seed Buffalo Bills only 1.5 matches behind the No. 1 seed Tennessee Titans, showing how difficult the conference is to predict as the 2021 season nears the three-month mark.

With Thanksgiving underway and the AFC playoff race getting wilder than ever, here are the teams that can celebrate over the past seven weeks. First, let’s take a look at the division’s leaders before splitting the wild card candidates.

Current leaders of AFC

The leaders of the AFC for the first 11 weeks. All are now locked into a playoff spot if they win the division crown.

  1. Titan (8-3)
  2. Ravens (7-4)
  3. Patriots (7-4)
  4. Chief (7-4)

Ranking of AFC wildcard candidates

Here is the standings of the teams competing for a wild card spot in the AFC. Only three teams can make it to the knockout stages, so the top three clearly have the best chance of making it through the last 11 weeks of the year.

The Chargers remained in the race for the AFC West title by going on to beat the Steelers on Sunday night. If Justin Herbert On the pitch, the Chargers will have a shot to win every game – despite a rushed defense among the worst in the league. The Chargers drop a lot of points, but they have a formula to win with an elite midfielder and a pass that can score at any time. They’ll be in this race for the long haul, especially since Los Angeles is learning how to win close games.

Remaining schedule: at the Broncos, at the Bengals, vs. Giant, versus Chiefs, at Texans, versus Broncos, at Raiders

Indianapolis is now out of the AFC knockout stages for 11 weeks, but the Colts have won five of their last six and have the best record in football in the United States. Jonathan Taylor. The Colts regrouped from the start of 0-3 to finally cross the .500 mark after smashing the Bills on the road, showing how dominant they are in the trenches. Carson Wentz does not overturn the ball, but tends to make tackles that make fans scratch their heads. Given the way Indianapolis runs football and controls the clock, that doesn’t matter. Violation of the red zone (touchdown rate 53.3%, eighth worst in NFL) and defense (69.7% touchdown, 4th worst in the NFL) remains an issue, but Indianapolis is playing its best football at the right time. The Colts only had to survive facing three division leaders in four games before ending the year with ease.

Remaining schedule: compare to Sugarcane seller, at Texans, Bye Week, versus Patriots, at Quantity, versus Raiders, at Jaguars

3. Invoice (6-4)

Even though Buffalo was held to a draw at home by Indianapolis, the Bills were in control of their own destiny in the AFC playoffs. The Bills have two games against the Patriots for the championship and have one of the easier schedules among the AFC playoff contenders. Josh Allen didn’t have his best game on Sunday, but was still a top 10 quarterback despite a run-in and a working line of attack. The Bills are still the top scorer and second-lowest defense in the league, but they’re only 6-4. This team will definitely make it to the knockout stages, although expectations for this talent pool are a lot higher.

Remaining schedule: in Saints, compared to the Patriots, at Sugarcane seller, compare to Panthers, at the Patriots, vs. Eagle, compared to the Jet

The Bengals have had a bit of a mid-season hiccup, but the team got the “right” game against the Raiders on Sunday. Cincinnati is just one game off the AFC North lead and is currently sitting as the top wild card for 11 weeks. Offense explodes with Joe Burrow, Ja’Marr Chase, and Joe Mixon – as this trio gives Bengali a chance to win weekly. Cincinnati has a top scorer attack and a top 10 defense and will clearly play an important role in the qualifying race. This young team hasn’t been playoff tested yet, but they’re equipped for the next battle. How the Bengals perform in their last three matches will determine the fate of their wild cards.

Remaining schedule: vs. Steelers, vs. Chargers, at 49ers, in Broncos, versus Ravens, versus Chiefs, at Browns

Baker Mayfield wasn’t the biggest problem in Cleveland, as the Browns’ defense – filled with talent – couldn’t stop explosive crimes. Cleveland won the most ugly week, leaving the team looking for answers and wondering if an injured Mayfield is the long-term answer for the franchise. This offense would be better than once Kareem Hunt coming back from injury, bringing a great burden to the game that is passing. Cleveland has a formula for winning football games by running the ball at will. They had to decline defensively throughout the four quarters to achieve their first post-season title in consecutive years from 1985 to 1989. Four of their last six games have been against the AFC. North – the league is there to score.

Remaining schedule: at Ravens, Goodbye, vs. Ravens, vs. Raiders, in Packers, at the Steelers, versus the Bengals

Steelers’ bond against the undefeated Lion could be the difference in post-season make and miss in a wild AFC. Najee Harris made this Steelers offense competent, which shouldn’t happen to all players in skill slots. Something that’s only comfortable with a group that seems to consistently score 0.5 or higher each year. The Steelers have recovered from a poor start to the year, but the offense is out of sync despite all the players. The defense gives way too much yard, not good when facing a division with smashing teams. Pittsburgh isn’t facing a team with a losing record for the rest of the year, making the road to the season all the more difficult.

Remaining schedule: at the Bengals, compared to the Ravens, at Vikings, vs. Titans, at Chiefs, vs. Browns, at Ravens

It’s hard to knock Denver out of the AFC playoff race because the Broncos are just a comeback, but Teddy Bridgewater Being in midfield just wasn’t enough to end a five-year drought. The Broncos have one of the top defenses in the league, but are in the bottom 10 in terms of points scored. All indicate that the midfielder Denver needs to compete in the AFC will bring out the talent they have in the skills and attack positions. If the Broncos are healthy in attack, they will be in trouble.

Remaining schedule: versus charger, at Chiefs, vs. Lion, vs. Bengals, at Raiders, at Chargers, vs. Chiefs

How are the Dolphins – the 1-7 starting team – in the AFC playoffs? Winning three in a row should help in an AFC wild, including a game against Raven in a short week. Miami has its problems, but let’s get on a very favorable schedule next month to be able to get the Dolphins back in the playoff chat. Attack and defense are some of the worst in football, but the Dolphins can really lead to 8-7 thanks to the teams in the schedule they have arranged. Miami can’t have a con for the next month – or the Dolphins can bid farewell to their playoff hopes.

Remaining schedule: compare to Panthers, compare to Giant, bye week, versus Jet, at Saints, at Titans, vs. Patriots

Vegas may be a match well beyond the final playoff spot, but the Raiders are dying fast with a struggle Derek Carr and an interim head coach. The Raiders should be commended for being in the AFC playoffs at this point in the season, but the team has not scored 20 points in a game in more than a month. This year’s NFL is unpredictable, so don’t count Vegas – but it’s going to be tough for this team to grab one of the three Wild-card slots given all the adversities going on in that organization.

Remaining schedule: in Cowboys, versus Washington, at the Chiefs, at the Browns, versus the Broncos, at the Colts, versus the Chargers

Not good enough

None of these teams are good enough to make it to the knockout stages, but they’re not technically going to make it past a frenetic AFC either.

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