2021 is the Year of the ‘Cucks Box’, MAGA Anthrax Attacks, and a significant Biden-hating villain

2021 brings some big opportunities in MAGA-land, as Fever Dreams hosts Asawin Suebsaeng and Will Sommer noted in the year’s last podcast — think Melania Trump’s NFT and ‘Free phone, “basically” rebranding of a cheap Chinese phone “selling for 5 times as much. But. Qux Box (pronounced “Cucks”) received the award as “Favorite Silent Character of 2021”.

Months after it was first promoted by its inventors — a former Infowars reporter and her husband — “I’m still trying to figure out what the Qux Box is,” notes Sommer. “Seems like the best unbranded Roku I can tell.”

Despite orders pouring in from right-wing Telegram groups, the mysterious box has yet to appear in real-life deliveries, despite promises of a fall 2021 launch. But those true believers believe that the box — which is supposed to provide a free Internet experience to Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey — is real: “They thought it was going to change the world.”

Meanwhile, just before the new year, the world finally got some resolution on the story of whether maven MyPillow and Trump supporter Mike Lindell are dating comedian Jane Krakowski, as Daily mail declared. Both Lindell and Krakowski refuse the story and Lindell sues tabloid—But he recently lost his case when the court ruled that the story was not defamatory.

And as the wave of Omicrons hit the United States in retaliation, some rightists believe that the reason they are sick is not because of the new and potentially widespread and near-universal variant of COVID-19, but because … anthrax. That’s right, anthrax, a throwback to the 9/11 era, is a diabolical plot for the election mob — led by a failed treasure hunter named Jovan Pulitzer, supporters believe he was the victim of the aforementioned biological weapon. As Sommer notes, “Strangely, this isn’t the first time what appear to be COVID symptoms has occurred. [construed as] some type of deep state attack. In the fall, we had a bunch of QAnons and other vaccine-hating conspiracy theorists who suddenly died of COVID and people were saying, you know, is the deep state killing them with plutonium? ?… I mean, this is like Jason Bourne. ”

And finally, summarizing 2021 would be like without mentioning “The controversial MAGA falconer”? We’re talking about Alan Parrot, who, as Sommer notes, “promised by the end of 2020 to reveal all this evidence that Osama bin Laden was still alive and Joe Biden had killed all the Navy SEALs. “. It turned out that Parrot – who at one time collaborated with an old person Survivor The contestant who turned James O’Keefe into an agent — never made good on this promise. But Sommer dug deep into Parrot’s background and what he discovered was rather mythical. “I believe he was at one point an informant for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in the hot world of falconry — you know, falcons are so prized, they’re often called. feather cocaine. ”

Parrot, who was accused of “notifying rival falcons in the falcon trade” also sparked protests against Mongolian authorities in the 90s after accusing the government there of smuggling falcons. . Fast-forward to 2021 and he convinces a lot of hardliners on the right that he has secret cargo in a Biden murder cover-up. Will Parrot and his shady falconry past continue to haunt the Fever Dreams podcast in 2022? Only time will tell.

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