14 Pro Tips for Diamond Dynasty Mode

Diamond Dynasty is the Madden Ultimate Team equivalent of baseball. Legendary players are taken back to their glory days MLB The Show 22 where they stand alongside the All-Stars of today’s game. It’s a fun concept that sometimes doesn’t translate into gameplay for new players.

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There is something for everyone in Diamond Dynasty. MLB The Show 22 has made it a bigger feature than previous iterations as they add more players and out of mode challenges to the mode using the Diamond Dynasty team.

Updated August 5, 2022 by Hodey Johns: With a fresh look as the weeks go by, not many games out there stay as fresh as MLB The Show 22. Of course, most modes are pretty standard and can be experienced within a month or two. But Diamond Dynasty stays fresh and exciting with new maps, events and tournaments almost every day. For those who are just starting to understand the mode and for those who have been playing for a long time, four sections have been added that will massively improve the experience. This is the kind of thing that can make a new player look like a pro in a week.


14 Log in daily

If players don’t log in for a few days, they’re missing out on more than game time. There are rewards that are given. Are they mostly bad? Secure. But even bad cards can be sold for a few butts or added to a collection that becomes an elite card.

That is the worst case scenario. In the best-case scenario, there is a chance of getting hold of one of the best catchers in the game. And remember, each sign-up counts toward a pack each week.

13 Attend every event

Many of the best Diamond Dynasty cards in each position have to be bought with a lot of cash since there’s no realistic way to play long enough and get the stubs required to do so. But these are just a few cards, some of the best are awarded at events.

Of course, these events have bonuses for those who do well, but sometimes the elite cards and prizes are awarded through nothing more than simply participating. Even if the team is likely to lose, try. Bad teams get lucky sometimes, take the chance instead of waiting in the dugout.

12 Look beyond the OVR

Usually, when players talk about the best starting pitchers, they only measure it by OVR. But not all statistics are created equal. Who cares if a reliever has a lot of stamina or a first baseman has very little arm strength? This is not often relevant.

Look at each card for key stats. For pitchers, these are K/9, H/9, and HR/9. As a hitter, get the contact and power high up. Also look beyond the stats for pitchers who have a confusing release, this throws pro players way off their game.

11 Replace starters quickly

Most of the games in Diamond Dynasty are single-player, head-to-head matches. In regular baseball, it’s important to keep the starter pitching for as long as possible because it gives the helpers a break. It doesn’t matter if the entire team resets until the next game.

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Use other pitchers once the starter tires. Bring in a left-hander to pit left-handers and right-handers against right-handers. Gamers have plenty of closers ready, maybe even different starters. A bad helper is better than a good but tired starter.

10 Don’t completely ignore Diamond Dynasty

Not planning to play Diamond Dynasty? That’s perfectly fine, many who pick up the game have no interest in the mode. Judging by the performances, gamers who play even a single game in the mode are in the minority. But there is still an important value here.

Those who aren’t interested in playing against friends will still find that various challenges take advantage of the Diamond Dynasty team at specific moments. Also, there is a pack and some cards that you can earn just by following the tutorial after opening the mode for the first time.

9 Make a budget from $0 to $100,000

It’s no secret that this game mode will cost competitive players a lot of money. At the moment there are videos of players spending $3000 on cards just to get a single player. Lineup takes twenty-six, for perspective. And remember, more will be added as the season progresses.

Players who don’t purchase stubs can still enjoy Diamond Dynasty. It’s possible to earn stubs quickly in Road to the Show and spend those stubs on elite talent. But keep in mind that tournament winners will have spent up to six figures or more over the course of the year. For those without that budget, focus on having fun and don’t go broke.

8th Maps will gradually be added to the game

It’s important to remember that players are added as the season progresses. The best cards today probably won’t be the best cards in two months time. And then those maps will be out of date again. So what can be learned from this knowledge?

Patience is the key. If the players available just can’t make it and the next upgrade is too costly, don’t be afraid to wait a while for the next wave to come out. The price of good cards falls dramatically every time better cards are released.

7 Don’t be afraid to use simpler settings

Most streamers and veterans use the hardest settings. There is an advantage to using these settings as changing the throw settings can guarantee that no error will occur as long as the movement is performed correctly. But don’t feel too disadvantaged by using simpler settings.

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Keep in mind that the accuracy rate is in the 97% range for most players. That’s not a significant price to pay for using simple controls. The settings can be made more difficult later after you get the hang of it, but don’t rush it.

6 The gear is cosmetic only

It never happens that someone buys the most expensive gear every year with their hard-earned money and then finds out that none of those attributes count in Diamond Dynasty mode. The warning only occurs once the items themselves are equipped.

After you’ve assembled one of the best teams in the game, it’s only natural to make sure they look good. This includes the equipment. But please don’t go out and buy the most expensive racquet or glasses only to learn that these items have no practical use.

5 Create a team identity

Similar to real baseball, the team needs an identity. It might sound good to just pick the best players for each position, but if the entire team is right-handed, one right-hander will take the mound and the game becomes a blowout.

Think about each player before adding them to the roster. Does the team have speed at the top and power at the back? Do left-handers and right-handers rotate? The team should be a complete entity and not just a collection of the highest OVR cards.

4 Choose a ballpark that suits the team

Baseball stadiums play a bigger part in the game than most might think. At least once per game there will be a hit that would be a home run in one ballpark and a flyout in another. Yes, the ballpark will be the same for both teams, but that doesn’t mean it’s “the same” in the full sense of the word.

A team loaded with power hitters might want a smaller outfield with short fences to get their hammering done. A team with great fielding and outfield speed may want a large outfield that works to their advantage both halves of the innings.

Many veterans have a rule about swinging. First, they get ready to swing for power and choose a spot to aim at. When the ball is there, swing. If not, don’t do it. After a shot, switch to a regular shot, then get ready for pitches in a general area. After two shots, queue up a contact swing and hit anything near the zone.

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This formula allows players to get a free home run or two in most games if they correctly guess the position of the first pitch. Even smaller players will knock a ball off the hard if they line it up. This equation also serves to protect the board and reduce puncture and weak contact.

2 Put player out of position

Just because the card says “Third Base” doesn’t mean the player has that position exclusively. A great example of this is the Mike Trout card, which is great in the center as listed, but the true OVR actually increases as you move to right or left field.

Moving players requires some thought. Right-handers are favored at the second, third, and short stops, while left-handers have an advantage initially. But as long as the skillset matches the position, plug them in.

1 Paint the corners

Any pitch that is not at the corners of the record should be considered off. Veterans of the game wait in the center and on the side of the plate to crush one from the courtyard. A mistake in these areas will be penalized by these players.

Stick to the corners. Shots right on the line generally don’t leave the court, even with solid contact and perfect timing. And on two shots, throw to the outside of those corners. Protective batsmen will try to save the at-bat.

MLB The Show 22 was released on April 5, 2022 and is available for Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PlayStation 5.

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