13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim – Best armament for 1st generation Sentinels

in the 13 Guardians: Aegis Rimplayers control thirteen characters who control powerful robots called Sentinels. Not all Sentinels are created equal, and there are four generations of Sentinels, each with different abilities and weapons. The Gen 1 Sentinels (also known as the G1) are physically strong, melee-based models that are very strong in melee combat.

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Each Sentinel model has a variety of weapons and armor that allow them to fend off the Deimos. While the Generation 1 Sentinels don’t have the most versatile toolkits, they do have a variety of weapons that have their own utility in combat. Here are the best weapons for the Gen 1 Sentinels.


10 Approach

Tackle is a very basic attack that sends the Sentinel charging forward, knocking away any Kaiju in its path. It allows the Sentinel to move while dealing damage to all enemies. It’s a simple, no-fuss step that doesn’t cost much.

For the most part, Tackle is a very small move in the G1 Sentinels’ repertoire, and it lacks both damage and utility. Still, it’s pretty good for taking down a few small enemies as cheaply as possible, or clearing enemies on the way to another larger kaiju.

9 Hurricane Rush

A unique move of Ei Sekigahara, Hurricane Rush is an area attack that hits all enemies near the user. Hurricane Rush is a great emergency move when the user has Kaiju swarming on all sides.

Hurricane Rush is pretty cheap and deals a lot of damage. While it’s not a move for taking out larger boss kaiju, it’s still good for fending off smaller kaiju that get too close to the user or the terminal.

8th Anti-ground multi-lock missiles

While G1 Sentinels are primarily fierce melee fighters, they have a number of ranged attacks that they can use in a pinch. The Anti-Ground Multi-Lock Missiles are one such option, which fire missiles in a cone that hits random targets.

Due to the randomness of the missiles, it’s difficult to use this armament to target a specific target, so it’s better to use it against groups of smaller kaiju. While it can be more efficient to use other weapons, the anti-ground multi-lock missiles can still come in handy occasionally.

7 Anti air defensive flares

G1 Sentinels are best known for their offensive abilities, but they also have some defensive weapons. Anti-Air Defensive Flares launch a series of purple zones, destroying any missile that enters them as well as damaging Air Kaiju trying to get through.

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Anti-Air Defensive Flares are not necessarily used to protect the user, but rather to protect the terminal from long-range missile attacks. In missions where kaiju are seemingly infinite and fire missiles from great distances, this armament is almost critical to success.

6 jump attack

This is another long range tactic that will also get the user far. Leap Attack knocks the target into the air, damaging enemies upon landing. It’s a great move to get G1 Sentinels into the heat of battle as quickly as possible.

Leap Attacks can be risky as players can overstretch their G1 Guardians into Kaiju Swarms, making them vulnerable to their attacks. However, it’s still a good move for jumping into the fray, and it has a very long range.

5 Removal of the limiter

Limiter Removal is a unique ability that only the G1 Sentinels can use. It consumes a lot of XP in exchange for a drastic increase in the user’s attack and speed in exchange for a decrease in defense. The boost is immense, turning even simple attacks into powerful blows.

This step is extremely risky as the user could end up suffering great damage. However, the return is extremely valuable and can trivialize missions if used well. While not recommended for early game when XP is low, it can turn the tide in end-game missions.

4 Anti Air Demolisher Blade

A unique move created by Takatoshi Hijiyama, the Anti-Air Demolisher Blade is an anti-air version of the Demolisher Blade. It’s just as powerful as the original Demolisher Blade, but geared towards targeting flying enemies. Because the Demolisher Blade doesn’t hit kaiju from the air, the Anti-Air Demolisher Blade is great for killing large flying kaiju.

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The Anti-Air Demolisher Blade, while a useful tool, is not essential. EMP weapons can be used to ground Kaiju from the air so they can be hit by a regular Demolisher Blade. Still, the Anti-Air Demolisher Blade remains a powerful attack and can be used when there isn’t time to set up an EMP.

3 EMP attractor

EMP weapons do little damage, but ground Kaiju from the air and briefly stun them. This makes them indispensable for G1 Sentinels as most of their moves don’t hit flying enemies. The EMP Attractor is the basic EMP armament for G1 Guardians that hit Kaiju in a cone.

The EMP Attractor is an important move for G1 Sentinels for the reasons already mentioned. Without them, G1 Sentinels have to rely on other Sentinels to use their EMP weapons, which can be difficult as G1s often move alone.

2 EMP environment

EMP Surrounding is the second of two EMP weapons available to G1 Sentinels. Unlike EMP Attractor, EMP Surrounding affects an area around the Sentinel. Since G1 Sentinels tend to wade into the middle of kaiju armies, this is the more useful choice between the two.

EMP Surrounding has a long range, but there is a dead zone around the Sentinel, so Kaiju who are too close may not be affected by the EMP. Still, EMP Surrounding is clearly the better option overall, although Nenji can’t use that particular version.

1 Demolisher Blade

Armor piercing moves are almost required in endgame as many boss kaiju will be armored. To take down these enemies quickly, it’s important to use an armor-piercing move that deals massive damage all at once.

The G1’s main armor piercing move is the Demolisher Blade, and it’s one of the most powerful moves in the game. The Demolisher Blade can easily shave even the toughest boss kaiju and is a big help in the endgame missions.

13 Guardians: Aegis Rim is currently available for PS4 and Switch.

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