13 Pokemon With The Highest Defense

In the mean time, “solely” 893 Pokemon exist. Within the video games, all the Pokemon have their very own set of stats. These mix Assault, Particular Assault, HP, Particular Protection, Pace, and Protection.

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Protection is a stat that decides how a lot harm a Pokemon takes when hit with a bodily transfer. And bodily strikes themselves are (usually) decided by Assault. Normally, Assaults make bodily contact with the Pokemon, and so the highest Protection Pokemon endure or replicate these strikes as a lot as doable.

Up to date August 17, 2021 by Erik Petrovich: Having a excessive Protection stat is vital to lowering harm taken and conserving your Pokemon alive. Many Legendary Pokemon all through the collection have large Protection stats due to their canonical energy, but it surely’s stunning how meek a number of the top-ranked Pokemon are. The Legendary Titans, for instance, rank extremely due to their extremely powerful outer shells, however being crushed out by a Fairy-type Pokemon or a Clam has to sting. Whereas all the Pokemon with the very best Protection are value catching, there are different methods to enhance a Pokemon’s stats with out counting on highly effective evolutions, like EVs.

13 Carbink

Pokemon Anime Carbink and Diancie

  • In line with Pokemon Extremely Solar, “some say that deep beneath the floor of the world, a pack of Carbink dwell with their queen in a kingdom of jewels.”
  • Base Protection Stat: 150

Carbink is a Pokemon first launched in Pokemon X and Y variations that appears like a small rabbit-like head atop a crystalline, floating physique. It is one of many few Rock-Fairy dual-type Pokemon within the collection, and its base Protection stat of 150 makes it a formidable fae certainly.

Its described as dwelling in small communes and recurrently grooming each other with their tender manes. They’re to not be messed with, although, due to their capacity to shoot lasers from the gems embedded of their physique.

12 Registeel

pokemon sword and shield let ring the piercing note

  • In line with Pokemon Sword, “Registeel’s physique is product of an odd materials that’s versatile sufficient to stretch and shrink but additionally extra sturdy than any metallic.”
  • Base Protection Stat: 150

Registeel premiered in Technology III, being the trio of RubySapphire, and Emerald variations. It is a Legendary Metal-type Pokemon with a Protection stat of 150 due to its extremely arduous outer shell – Registeel’s excessive sturdiness truly comes from 1000’s of years spent under intense pressure beneath the earth’s floor.

The Legendary Titans from Technology III (in addition to Technology VII) are usually Pokemon with excessive protection, but it surely’s not the main focus for all of them. They’re shrouded in thriller and troublesome to catch, making all of them the extra enigmatic.

11 Toxapex

  • In line with Pokemon Extremely Moon, “with its 12 legs, it creates a dome to shelter inside. The movement of the tides doesn’t have an effect on Toxapex in there, so it’s very comfy.”
  • Base Protection Stat: 152

Toxapex was launched in Technology VII – Pokemon Solar and Moon variations. Toxapex is a Poison and Water dual-type Pokemon that evolves from Mariane, and its nickname is the “Brutal Star” Pokemon – with a base Protection stat of 152, it is a brutal tank certainly.

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It is a fantastic Pokemon so as to add to the get together as a result of it might endure a beating whereas letting Poison harm tick by on its foe. Its poison sac is described as being so poisonous that even a Wailord has a tough time recovering.

10 Deoxys

Pokemon Deoxys Space

  • In line with Pokemon LeafGreen, “When it adjustments kind, an aurora seems. It absorbs assaults by altering its mobile construction.”
  • Base Protection Stat: 160

Because of the change in mobile construction, Deoxys (in Protection Forme) will get a base Protection stat of 160. Whereas not by way of Protection notably, it does have the very best Particular Protection amongst all of the Psychic-type Pokemon.

Clearly, Deoxys’s design originates from aliens in addition to the nucleic acid double helix or a chromosome package deal. The identify itself is actually an abbreviation of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA).

9 Onix

Pokemon Onix

  • In line with Pokemon Sword, “Because it digs by the bottom, it absorbs many arduous objects. That is what makes its physique so strong.”
  • Base Protection Stat: 160

One can solely surprise what number of arduous objects Onix absorbed to bolster its physique sufficient for a base Protection stat of 160. Actually, of all unevolved Pokemon, it has the very best quantity. (Moreover, Onix is the heaviest!)

Unsurprisingly, Onix is a rock snake, presumably even impressed by the Mongolian dying worm. Its identify is merely a corruption of “onyx” (the mineral).

8 Bastiodon

Pokemon Bastiodon

  • In line with Pokemon Extremely Moon, “This Pokémon is from roughly 100 million years in the past. Its terrifyingly powerful face is more durable than metal.”
  • Base Protection Stat: 168

No matter materials it’s product of, Bastiodon and its face get it to a base Protection stat of 168. Put collectively, Bastiodon has the very best base Protection and Particular Protection!

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Since it’s a Fossil Pokemon, it attracts inspiration from a dinosaur but additionally a fortress. Bastiodon’s identify is a mix of “bastion” and “don,” a suffix utilized in many dinosaur names.

7 Aggron

Pokemon Aggron

  • In line with Pokemon X, “It claims a whole mountain as its personal. The extra wounds it has, the extra it has battled, so do not take it evenly.”
  • Base Protection Stat: 180

It’s no surprise Aggron can endure battle after battle, wound after wound as a result of it has a base Protection stat of 180.

Actually, it’s a dinosaur, extra particularly a Triceratops, however decked out in armor like a knight. Aggron’s identify is a mix of “aggressive” and “iron.”

6 Cloyster

Pokemon Cloyster

  • In line with Pokemon Sword, “Its shell is extraordinarily arduous. It can’t be shattered, even with a bomb. The shell opens only when it is attacking.”
  • Base Protection Stat: 180

That’s one powerful shell certainly as Cloyster has a base Protection stat of 180. Actually, of all of the Water-type Pokemon, it reigns supreme right here.

Origin-wise, Cloyster is a bivalve with a black pearl connected. The identify itself is only a mixture of “clam” and “oyster,” which is fairly self-explanatory!”

5 Avalugg

Pokemon Avalugg

  • In line with Pokemon Omega Ruby, “Its ice-covered physique is as arduous as metal. Its cumbersome body crushes something that stands in its method.”
  • Base Protection Stat: 184

When ice feels as arduous as metal, that is perhaps an Avalugg which has a base Protection stat of 184. With regards to Ice-type Pokemon, that is the very best quantity.

It’s fairly truly solely an iceberg. Avalugg’s identify is only a mixture of “avalanche” and lug” (which means, dragging one thing that’s heavy).

4 Regirock

Pokemon Regirock

  • In line with Pokemon Sword, “Each little bit of Regirock’s physique is product of stone. As components of its physique erode, this Pokémon sticks rocks to itself to restore what’s been misplaced.”
  • Base Protection Stat: 200

Whereas Regirock is made up of mere stones, it has a base Protection stat of 200, making it probably the most defensive Legendary Pokémon in the entire franchise.

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Clearly, Regirock is a golem…a rock golem, that’s. Concerning its identify, that could be a mixture of “regis” (Latin for “royal”) and…nicely…rock, in fact! With regards to the Legendary Titans, that is the highest protection Pokemon of the group.

3 Steelix

The Steelix Pokemon species

  • In line with Pokemon X, “Tempered underground underneath excessive strain and warmth, its physique is more durable than any metallic.”
  • Base Protection Stat: 200

Sure, no metallic out there may be harder than Steelix, which has a base Protection stat of 200. And no Floor-type Pokemon compares, because it boasts the very best quantity in that regard.

Steelix is a metal snake, presumably drawing affect from a wyrm (dragon worm). The identify itself, in case it was not apparent already, is a mix of “metal” and its pre-evolution Onix. Maybe the phrase “helix” counts too right here, contemplating Steelix’s physique.

2 Stakataka

Pokemon Stakataka

  • In line with Pokemon Extremely Solar, “It appeared from an Extremely Wormhole. Each seems to be made up of many life-forms stacked one on high of one another.”
  • Base Protection Stat: 211

Who is aware of what number of life-forms are stacked on high of one another however there are sufficient for Stakataka to have a base Protection stat of 211. Of all of the Rock-type and Metal-type Pokemon, it has the very best quantity. (Additionally, Stakataka is the heaviest Rock-type Pokemon!)

Design-wise, it appears like a fort. And relating to Stakataka’s identify, it’s a mixture of “stack” and “assault.” Its excessive stat makes it one of many finest defensive Pokemon in a celebration.

1 Shuckle

Pokemon Shuckle

  • In line with Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, “Shuckle quietly hides itself underneath rocks, conserving its physique hid inside its arduous shell whereas consuming berries it has saved away…”
  • Base Protection Stat: 230

Whereas consuming berries Shuckle is chilling, as a result of due to its arduous shell it will get a Protection stat of 230. It is the Pokemon with the very best protection, and likewise the very best Particular Protection, out of all of the a whole bunch at present obtainable.

When it comes to origin, Shuckle is an endolith. The identify itself, then again, is a mix of “shuck” (which means a husk or pod) and “turtle.”

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