13 Aug Wordle Answer 420

There’s another great five-letter challenge from the New York Times Games for Wordle fans, and some may not be familiar with this word at all.

Wordl is a free word guessing game by the New York Times Games. This simple game has been one of the most viral games of 2022 so far, but some word puzzle fans are yet to play this game and may need some help.

How to play Wordle

Wordl pits players against a single mysterious five-letter English word each day. Although it is very easy to learn the game, some people who are curious about the game, who may have heard a lot about it, still have to learn the rules of the game. Here you are:


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First go to the New York Times Games Wordl Website. There are plenty of copycats and clones out there, but this is both the original and the subject of this article. Other versions have different answers and may even have slightly different rules.

After reaching the correct side, players must choose a start Wordl Word. This word:

  • Must be five letters long and a real English word.
  • Cannot be a proper name.
  • Should contain many common letters Wordl Puzzle.
  • Shouldn’t be a potentially offensive word, as removed by The New York Times when it bought the game.

Take the seed word and type it into the website. Press enter. This causes the letters of the word to change color, giving players some clues as to the true word of the day.

  • If a letter turns green, it is correct.
  • If a letter turns grey, it’s wrong and won’t appear in the final puzzle at all.
  • Yellow letters are correct but in the wrong position in the word.

Given these hints, choose another word to try; Enter it on the next line Wordl Network. Press Enter and the letters of that word will also change color. Players have a total of six attempts to get the Word of the Day. There’s only one puzzle a day for everyone, so the word is the same for everyone playing. Puzzles reset daily at midnight local time.

Notes for the Wordle 420 for August 13, 2022

Today’s Wordl Word is one of the most challenging words out there, mostly because of the many words that are spelled like this and the loose definition of the word. If a player’s native language isn’t English, they may not know that word at all.

  • Today’s Wordl Word of the day is an informal adjective.
  • This five-letter word ends in a Y.
  • It contains a U
  • This word is usually only used to describe men.
  • This word rhymes with JUNKIE.
  • It also includes a K

Answer for Wordle 420 for August 13, 2022

Still need the answer? Whether players try to cheat Wordl or not, the full spoiler is just below the image.

The answer to Wordl Puzzle 420 is HUNKY.

Wordl is available for every browser.

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Source: Wordle, Reddit

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