10 Ways Uncle From Another World Hilariously Parodies Isekai Anime

Most anime fans are familiar with the quintessential Isekai formula, in which an unsuspecting hero is suddenly transported to another realm and is subsequently responsible for saving the world, and possibly finding love in the process! There is generally (but not exclusively) a strong one role playing game Incorporates a video game element into these narratives, taking the “first-person” experience to a whole other level.

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Uncle from another worldalso known as, Isekai Ojisan, unveils the signature tropes of Isekai adventures by delivering an awkward, grumpy otaku character who takes the lead. Where most Isekai heroes could succeed, Ojisan doesn’t seem to pick up the slack (or understand the situation) and leads him down a series of comical paths on his journey back home while fans laugh at his progress Netflix.


10 The Ork Factor

In general, the Isekai hero is a handsome fellow with a particularly appealing charm, but he’s also not without his fair share of enemies. The typical isekai icon usually starts out as an outcast and soon finds allies (usually including a love affair) along the journey.

In Ojisan’s case, however, his facial features are so unfortunate that he is regularly mistaken for an orc (which is the case Not admired, to say the least!) Having been sold into slavery for just three coins, Ojisan seemingly faces severe fantastical racism in every city he travels to, instantly angered by his looks alone.

9 Mundane Appropriation

Not all heroes who return from “another world” do so with their powers intact, but Ojisan is one of the lucky ones who still has access to his magic after awakening from his coma. Some may have used these superhuman abilities to change the world, but Ojisan has other priorities!

Magic seems to be the best alternative to special effects and together with Takafumi, Ojisan starts to make a name for himself as a magician youtube Content Creators. His mystical abilities are also very useful for long distance delivery, air conditioning and the perks of being an attractive woman.

8th The anti-hero mentality

Completely in contrast to Kirito from Sword Art Online, Ojisan doesn’t exude a knight-in-armor vibe, quite the opposite! This hero is on his own mission, and while he may help some people along the way, in many cases he also causes damage and destruction, often without remorse.

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Although Ojisan appears relatively invincible, his exploits are often overshadowed by his prickly personality and unattractive face. This regularly results in the victims Ojisan had saved either chasing him or fleeing in fear rather than displaying any unnecessary gestures.

7 Split sequencing

Most video games (especially those with RPG characteristics) give the player an element of freedom, however there is a sequence of tasks that is highly recommended if you want to be successful. A typical quest has several, usually non-optional, steps that must be completed before facing the big boss, and the same rules apply to Isekai tropes in general.

Ojisan clearly has trouble following instructions, not to mention an attention span of not being able to see the RPG plot to the end. Not only does Ojisan ignore Mabel’s frost blade and slay the dragon with his own weapon, but he also persuades the fair damsel to return to her life of solitude when she pleases. Ojisan is the Shrek of the anime universe, in more ways than one!

6 There’s no place like home

Inhospitable seventeen years in Granbahamal inspired no sentimental ties to this mystical realm of Ojisan; and who could blame him? However, it seems that Ojisan’s eagerness to return reality would have occurred regardless of the hostile circumstances; unless he managed to stumble across a SEGA console in Granbahamal!

Unlike some Isekai anime, there’s no doubt where Ojisan would rather be; no drawcard that made him wonder if he Yes, really wants to return home. Despite his possible prospects with the ladies or the potential to become a celebrated hero, Ojisan’s craving is to be reunited with his sweetheart SEGA Saturn and check who wins the console wars.

5 The unnoticed harem

Both Takafumi and Ojisan are unaware of the effect they have on certain ladies, ironically noting the others’ apparent love interest but not their own. Despite his orcish looks, Ojisan still ends up with a harem of powerful allies consisting of a mystical priestess, an elven swordswoman and an ice-driven maiden, but he seems to lack the potential for romance in all three.

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Ojisan’s elf companion embodies the stereotypical Tsundere character, and while Yousuke seems aware of this appearance, he’s still unable to make the connection to the elf’s intentions. Ojisan clearly has a one-track mind that doesn’t take any provocative detours!

4 Flashback storytelling

In most Isekai anime, the whole point of the story is to allow viewers to join these otherworldly adventures and then transport them to another realm along with the main character. However, Uncle from another world essentially starts at the end, and the audience is fully aware that Ojisan comes out alive.

The only time fans catch a glimpse of Granbahamal is during Ojisan’s flashbacks, with audiences painfully aware of the disrupted timeline as Ojisan uses a magical “television screen” to tell his story. The disjointed feel is further enhanced by the changing styles, as the dark and bleak present (Japan) also contrasts starkly with the bright and exciting Granbahamal, while also alternating between anime and 16-bit graphics.

3 The fragmented community

Although the general populace of Granbahamal castigates Ojisan, he meets some characters along the way who show great potential as allies, but the disgruntled man makes no attempt to cultivate any of those relationships and goes to great lengths to avoid the feisty Elf.

In most Isekai adventures, a small group of friends forms reluctantly, who grow to rely on each other as the story progresses, and when they eventually break up, it’s usually not of their own free will. These bonds essentially keep everyone alive, however, Ojisan is adamant that he can do anything on his own and is reluctant to team up with anyone.

2 Futuristic Wisdom

In many Isekai tales, where the character in question is transported both in time and space, their advanced intellect proves to be quite advantageous. “Futuristic” knowledge often gives them the upper hand and inspires respect and awe in their new society, as in the case of Myne Rise of a Bookworm.

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Ojisan demonstrated his scientific understanding by creating an endlessly flowing jar of water, using reverse water electrolysis to create the effect. However, the drought-stricken community did not celebrate his achievements, opting instead to burn him at the stake as a witch, destroying his “magical” artifact in the process.

1 Search to save the world

While it’s undeniable that Ojisan is in a perpetual state of “survival mode” while trapped in Granbahamal, there doesn’t seem to be (so far) any apparent end-of-the-world catastrophe to spur his adventures. While viewers witness some of Ojisan’s missions, a sense of an overwhelming and imminent threat is generally lacking. It’s as if Ojisan is caught in a loop of minor side quests without facing a significant opponent.

That Ojissan Isekai The story mode feels more slice-of-life than a death-defying action-adventure that similarly pokes fun at the stereotypical trope Isekai Quartet. Ojisan suffered undeniable trauma in Granbahamal, but that’s not to be taken seriously because the world isn’t in danger (and in this case, apparently never!).

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