10 Most Known Logos in the World

We all live in a consumer society, where brands and companies vie for our attention at all times. Today, there are many products on the marketplace. Companies are paying more attention to visual identities to stand out.

There are many brands that have unique and cool logos. You can even find the history of well-known logos on special platforms. There is a list of emblems that are universally recognized and can be compared to almost any other brand.

This article will examine the ten most iconic logos around the globe. We’ll also try to discover the secret of success, regardless of whether it is in color schemes or shape.

10. MasterCard

MasterCard’s bright, minimalistic badge is made of a combination of yellow and red. It is one of the most well-known payment systems in the world. Red is a symbol of courage, passion and joy. Yellow is a sign of progress and prosperity. Yellow also represents energy and progress. These circular shapes represent unity.

9. Twitter

Twitter is one of our youngest participants. Its logo has been instantly recognized all over the world by the company. The silhouette of the white bird on a solid blue roundel in bright delightful shades represents freedom to express yourself, communicate, and be creative.

8. Amazon

The e-commerce platform’s logo reflects the strength and variety of the company. The logo’s arrow from A to Z indicates that the company has everything it needs. Its resemblance with a smile also adds friendliness to the brand and creates a welcoming atmosphere.

7. YouTube

The simple white triangle to the right is placed on a solid rectangle of red with softened corners, arched sides and softened corners – the logo YouTube is very basic, but has everything it needs to be in today’s list.

6. Nike

The brand’s name stands for the Greek goddess Victory. Its iconic Swoosh logo was designed by Caroline Davidson in 1971 and is a simple representation of strength and motivation. It is funny to note that this logo was only 37 dollars.

5. Mercedes-Benz

The symbol of power over earth, sea and air is the three-pointed star. The logo was created in 1909, and has remained nearly unchanged since 1937. Mercedes-Benz’s logo is a symbol for luxury and quality.

4. Google

Sergey Brin is one of Google’s founders. He designed the logo, which has been updated only twice since 1999. All the primary colors are used for the letters in this simple inscription. Google loves to play with fonts but the color scheme is the same.

3. McDonald’s

Jim Schindler created the McDonald’s “golden arches” logo. It has remained with McDonald’s for over a decade. Six years after the introduction of the original logo, the two arched lines that form a yellow “M”, were accompanied by simple sans-serif letters. The design has not changed since.

2. Coca-Cola

Frank Robinson, an accountant by trade and friend of the founder of Coca-Cola, designed the elegant logotype for Coca-Cola. It was not something they expected to see the badge become the most recognizable and expensive on the planet. You never know.

1. Apple

Rob Janow invented the first Apple logo design, the striped Apple, in 1976. The logo was modified slightly in 1998 and became the iconic symbol that the world recognizes today. The symbol of knowledge with a hint of Adam and Eve’s human enlightenment concept — perfection.

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