10 Most Beautiful Pokemon in Shining Diamonds & Shining Pearls

With the refreshed and remastered Sinnoh for the Nintendo Switch, players old and new alike will be looking for Pokedex perfection once again. A unique quality of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl is that every Pokemon in the Generation 4 National Pokedex can be caught in the two games.

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However, as with any Pokedex, some Pokemon will be a real pain to get hold of. Legendary Pokemon have their own set of challenges, but finding them isn’t usually too difficult. Those are other random Pokemon that can’t seem to be found.


Pokemon TCG Kecleon Card Art

A Pokemon that is often forgotten by Game Freak, still cannot be found in Pokemon GO, and is rarely seen in Pokedexes in the area, Kecleon is in disguise in these games. The bright side is that there are two ways to get hold of Kecleon, but both can be problematic.

Firstly, it is dedicated to Brilliant diamond. From there, it can be found in the Prairies, Riverbanks, Still Waters, and Sunlit Caves of the Grand Underground. However, only after the player obtains their National Pokedex. Another way to get it is to use the Poke Radar on the Northern part of Route 210, with an encounter rate of 12%. But again, Poke Radar is only obtained after getting the National Pokedex.



Pokemon Castform

As a Pokemon that changes with the weather, Castform is a bit rare in every game it appears in. It usually requires suitable weather effects to appear or is simply given as a gift to the player. Thankfully, locating it in this game isn’t too difficult, but getting to grips with it is essential.

For Castform, the player will need to use the Trophy Garden behind the Pokemon Mansion on Route 212. Each day, the owner, Mr. Backlot, will mention a rare Pokemon he saw in the garden that day. This is random and can be one of 16 Pokemon, of which Castform is one. Once Mr. Backlot mentions Castform, it will have a 5% chance of encounters on the grass of the Cup Garden for that day.


People who played the original Diamonds & Pearls will remember the macabre events surrounding Rotom’s capture. It is presented almost like a Mythical Pokemon, with the circumstances surrounding the encounter. These players will be happy to know that it is still intact in these remakes.

After obtaining the National dex, the player must go to Old Chateaux next to the exit of Eterna City of Eterna Forest. Venturing around here will lead the player to a TV displaying a still and creepy image. Interacting with it will cause Rotom to attack. After catching it, the player will receive a Secret Key, which they can bring to Veilstone Galactic’s Headquarters to obtain Rotom’s various forms.

As above

pokemon ditto bean bag

A friend to Pokemon breeders and members, Ditto is a hot commodity whenever a new Pokemon game comes out. Although Ditto is available in-game, players will need to wait until they have obtained their National dex before venturing out to find it.

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The first place Ditto can be found is at the Stargleam Cavern in Grand Underground. This is the huge cave at the center of the Underground map, which can only be reached by going underground from Celistic Town. Another way is to use Poke Radar on Road 218 to get it with 12% encounter rate.


pokemon anime porygon retun

In the original games, the best way to get Porygon was through the Veilstone Game Corner. However, due to the change in the ESRB rating policy since then, Shining Diamonds and Shining Pearls not allowed to include this due to it being gambling. To avoid having their kid-friendly game get a 12th rating by the ESRB, ILCA has replaced Game Corner with a clothing store.

This meant that Porygon had to be moved to another place, and their place of choice was the Cup Garden. Porygon is among the 16 Pokemon that Mr. Backlot can speak to the player every day. This makes catching it relatively simple, although it will require some patience.



A Pokemon that has grown in popularity since the original games, Eevee is an important part of Generation 4, as it features new evolutions in Leafeon and Glaceon. That said, it’s actually not part of the Sinnoh Pokedex and might be a bit harder than expected to keep track of.

The first way to get it is another Pokemon Garden Trophy, which means talking to Mr Backlot more. However, there is another way that requires obtaining the National dex. Once this is done, just talk to Bebe, whose home is next to the Pokemon Center in Hearthome City and she will give one to the player.

All Pokemon Starter


Starter Pokemon are often a rarity in Pokemon games, especially those of the region where the game is set. However, this time the designers have been very good and players can get every starter Pokemon in a single save file without trading.

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Players must obtain their National dex, then navigate the Grand Underground to find them all. Each type can be found in different caves and all are fairly rare encounters.

  • Types of grass – Meadow, Riverbank, Tranquility & Sunlit Cave
  • Types of fire – Volcanoes, Sandsear & Typhlo Cavern
  • Types of Waters – Fountains, Waterfronts & Water Caves

(Bulbasaur can also be found in Swampy & Bogsunk Cavern).


soul in nature

A notoriously annoying Pokemon to get whenever it shows up, Spiritomb is a strong Pokemon found his way home to the Sinnoh Region and the Tower of Sanctification again. The first thing the player must do is get the Odd Keystone, given by Blackbelt on Street 208, just before reaching Hearthome City.

With this item in their pocket, the player must then interact with a pile of rocks southeast of Route 209. It will then become the Tower of Sanctification. The next step is a bit tricky, but the player must go into the Grand Underground and talk to 32 different people. However, these remakes are easier than the original, as NPCs now count towards this total, and the online mode makes it very easy to find others. Catching this Pokemon as soon as possible will help the game a lot the biggest challenges.


Pokemon Feebas

While later Generations would cool their jet back to Feebas, it was a huge pain in both Generations 3 and 4. Generation 3 remakes, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, gave players a break by changing Feebas’ encounter mechanics. However, these Generation 4 remakes did not.

The first step is to go into Mount Coronet and find a cave full of mist. Using Defog here will reveal a large lake. In this lake, 4 water bricks contain Feebas. These cells are decided at random and change Daily. Furthermore, the tiles that Feebas appear on only have a 50% chance of encountering them, which means players will need to check every tile in the lake multiple times to make sure they haven’t accidentally missed it.

Honey Tree Munchlax

Munchlax & Professor Burnette

This, the rarest Pokemon, arguably in the entire franchise, remains a feature in Shining Diamonds and Shining Pearls. While Munchlax is now available in Grand Underground, players of the original will recall the pain of trying to get one purely using Honey Trees, which they can still do in the remakes.

The way honey plants work is simple, apply honey to the plant, wait for 6 hours and encounter a Pokemon from a random pool. However, Munchlax is extremely horrible as only 4 random plants out of 21 in the game can spawn it. Furthermore, 2 of these trees are identified by the secret ID of the save file, which the player can never know without hacking. However, it is worth noting that even if the player locates the correct tree, the Munchlax encounter rate is an unfortunate 1%, meaning it will take days or possibly months to find.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl released on November 19, 2021 for the Nintendo Switch.

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